SI-UK: An Industry Leader Supporting Indian Students for UK Education & Assisting Secured Students Scholarships with the UK Visa


In high rising technical world, everyone depends upon digital information that is present on the websites as well as the education forums. Through internet, students gain exposure to the methods and techniques for learning the STEM related programmes. Virtual tours of universities help them to decide their future study destination before jumping blindly into an educational path. And they mostly take summer school programmes to get global perspectives. The students are even making effective use of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and keeping themselves connected to the groups having same goal thus remain well-informed. Despite of their profound & explicit research, the Indian students are being tricked by unscrupulous agents shouldering the responsibility of supporting students to gain international education. Indian students must be careful about while choosing the agent, course and university.
A leading global education provider, SI-UK is trusted over the years for providing free independent advice and supporting international students who are applying to prestigious UK Universities. Since 2006, SI-UK has built a reputation as an industry leader by helping thousands of international students in joining the UK Universities. With twenty-three global offices in fifteen countries, they have reached the target of IELTS scores and students to have secured scholarships with UK Visa.

Associating Skill-Enhancement Leaders
Dwayne Gallagher is the CEO at SI-UK with a vision to provide international students an easy access to UK education and has spent over ten years in UK, Europe & Northeast Asia. He has worked closely with the reputed UK Universities & British Council and responsible for overseeing the global management of SI-UK.
Puneet Soin is the Director at SI-UK, India, who is a self-entrepreneur and alumni of the University of Warwick. Puneet is associating in fulfilling the vision of Dwayne and directly involved with the SI-UK operations, marketing and expansion program. He also focuses on developing long-term capabilities of SI-UK by facilitating exposure of international students to UK Universities and team-building & skill-enhancement of counsellors.

Generous Assistance Services
SI-UK is a young & dynamic company with highly compatible tech-savvy staff that understands the desires, interests, values, strengths and weaknesses of the young generation. They boast their strong connections with the globally-acclaimed UK universities and far-reaching accessibility to the students residing in posh, urban or remote areas. They also feel proud in providing Oxbridge service to hundreds of competent students per year. Thus, they are enrolling them successfully in high-ending UK Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial with their easily accessible locations of SI-UK offices and 24 hours connectivity with clients through social media.
SI-UK’s highly skilled UK University trained consultants are committed to the expertise in providing an appropriate guidance to students through each step of application process to any UK university, college or language school. Generous assistance is being provided for writing the personal statements, interview preparations and visa applications. Having offices in the UK’s biggest cities – London and Manchester, SI-UK’s continues to extend any further assistance with applications in the UK.

Overcoming the Hitches with the Light of Digital Technical Skills
SI-UK is facing that post Brexit students are thinking about other English speaking countries to pursue their higher education.  With the abolishment of post-study work visa in 2012, securing employment or switching visa category remain difficult for international students. Limiting migration and strict visa rules are leading to the negative perceptions amongst students.

However, UK remains the most desired higher education destination with outward-looking, welcoming, international institutions. The international youth still have good faith in quality education that UK provides in the light of huge demand for digital and technical skills, global business acumen & science and engineering qualifications.
SI-UK strongly believe that in the coming months new regulations will be introduced in the wake of Brexit and British universities will remain culturally diverse welcoming large cohorts of students from around the world.

An Ever-Lasting Desire
A student from South India wanted to pursue Marine Engineering from the University of Glasgow. This was his ever-lasting desire being captivated with the sea and floating vessels still due to poor preparation for visa interview he got rejected 5 times. Although he has approached another consultation agency after his second visa rejection but still his efforts brought despair to his long lasting dream. When he approached SI-UK last year, SI-UK counsellor worked on his profile and helped him write his personal statement suitable for the course and the university and above all prepared him for a perfect visa interview. The game-changing service was to counsel him for a bright future as he was lacking confidence and had submitted himself to his clinical depression thus had lost every hope to succeed. Their services brought the much-needed confidence in him to face visa-interview and finally he got selected for Marine Engineering in the UK.
SI-UK organises Education Fairs and UK Universities Education Day multiple times at a short interval in a year in the metropolitan cities. The expert education development team conducts seminar& counselling in higher education institutes and schools weekly. To solve this problem, SI-UK highly talented IT team is developing mobile App that will enable students to gain readily available information about the universities, courses along with their eligibility to proposed programmes and their status during application process.

Expanding Business Development through User-Friendly Techniques
SI-UK believes that good advice and support can make all the difference between rewarding decision and bad choice at major decision point of higher education for a young adult. They strongly believe that international students should have access to the trusted, expert advice about UK universities and courses; hence they are working on their expansion. Currently, SI-UK has five offices in India and is planning to open seven more offices in coming couple of years. With the dedication and commitment, they are looking forward to expand their offices by 2021 thus extending their reach to students in twenty cities within a short span of time. SI-UK business development team is engrossed with the research upon proposed cities and making strong connections with educational institutes and schools and evaluating the outcome of marketing through user-friendly techniques.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Overseas Education Consultants

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