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Established in 1967, living by New Thinking New Possibilities, Hyundai Motor Company a megastar in its sector is all set to enhance its business competitiveness; future-readiness; and innovative management & organization.  With its range of world-class vehicles and mobility services offered in more than 200 countries, the company has already made its global footprint with paramount excellence. For the year 2019, it is striving with full pace to place its best foot forward to expand its global outreach and disrupt the Automobile industry like never before!
The group is setting up peak targets for itself aiming to outperform own milestones with upgraded profitability from regional HQs. Its latest discovery NEXO is the first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV across the planet. It has a crisp and clear goal – enhance the product line-up with vehicles helping to roll out solutions for a more sustainable future.
Hyundai is making concrete efforts to empower its in-house business fundamentals alongside optimizing operations for spurring profitable outcomes across the board. The way it has disrupted the industry so far, it is planning to launch multiple models this year with the same supremacy. It believes that these modes would not only take the charge of the U.S. and China markets, but will also attract the eyeballs of India and ASEAN countries as well. It will also boost its global outreach with many electrified models, enhancing annual sales and pilot operation of autonomous ‘Robo Taxis’ in the near future. As such, the company is making smart moves to pursue and explore partnerships with various global industry leaders in order create a more robust niche showcasing safe, sound and innovative autonomous driving technologies.
The group is stirring high-end profiles to reinforce diversity and expertise as well as maximize shareholder & customer value through the proactive communication in the longer run. With its ‘selection and concentration’ approach, it is aiming to re-centre its business portfolios and maximum efficiency to attain prominent viability of operations across the global market.
– Rahul Niraj, Editor
Disclaimer – Some of the information have been gathered from various sources for reference

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