IBA and Associates: Furnishing Topmost Creative Design Solutions

Architectural design is no longer an isolated domain of professionally trained architects. Nowadays, while creating an architectural design of large projects, it is crucial to consult an extensive design team that includes structural and MEP consultants, social anthropologist and environmental scientists who help create a sustainable and meaningful environmental design in close coordination with the architects.
Policy-makers are also consolidating with these teams in a view to create a more holistic perspective of an environmental build and create a comprehensive change. The architectural industry is currently witnessing a market maturity that would bring more mature design works and an advanced understanding of building performances. The recent technological advances have made it possible to re-imagine the field of architectural design and construction industry as a whole.
IBA and Associates is one such pioneer with a comprehensive approach to design and with the most innovative design practices amongst the budding breed of design professionals. In a short span since their inception, they have exceled in creating design practices that go beyond the paradigm of delivering design as a product. At IBA, they understand and analyze the thought process of the clients and bring their ideas to fruition in the most professional way.
IBA’s approach is considerate towards the place, its environment and the culture. They often combine the latest technological advances with practices drawn from age old traditions and believe in amalgamating their skills, enthusiasm and knowledge to that of the client’s needs and the surrounding communities to create a favorable habitat.
A Leader who Inspired Change
Akkhilesh Seth, the Founder and CEO of IBA, comes from a very humble background and has a passion of living close to the nature. Architecture was his preferred career of choice because his mother, who was an architect herself, showed him the colossal impact an architect can trigger.
With IBA, Akkhilesh is living his passion and indulges in soul searching every time he creates a design. His design philosophy revolves around transforming client’s ideas into reality through innovative and functional design space parameters. His association and affinity to designing, execution and project management has imbibed in him a unique taste and understanding of design that is seamlessly acclamatory. Being the Principal Architect of the firm, Akkhilesh holds a huge responsibility to be constantly ahead of the trend and have enabled IBA to bring state of the art technology and experiences in market.
Akkhilesh strongly believes that an efficient execution of the design is a must for the success of any work. He therefore, strives to complete and carefully execute the projects within the well-defined time-period after overcoming all the constraints of Cost, Scope and Time. He started IBA four years back with an idea to be different; this idea was just a genesis of his search towards creating a difference for his clients. Akkhilesh has experimented a lot with work and ideas, but one thing remains constant; the strive to achieve excellence.
An Inspirational Philosophy
IBA strongly believes in being agile, trustworthy and focusing on core competencies. Their business philosophy embraces the triple bottom line approach which enables them to function within three mutually independent bottom lines i.e., people, planet and profit.
IBA considers success as a shifting goal post and that’s what keeps them motivated. Being in the company of veterans where the wealth of recognizing deceits, seeing value in critics and doing work helps them touch the society reforms areas. This enables them to create a deeper and admirable benchmark leading them to success.
Setting Benchmark with Remarkable Offerings
IBA offers exceptional services in Interior Designing and Architecture. They believe that communication is the key to productive and meaningful relationships. Hence, they provide value to their clients by updating them on every single aspect of the project in real-time. They continuously strive to add value to their services by never hesitating to discuss a consequential idea of change, while keeping the long term requirement of the client in view.
IBA strives to build their relations through simple yet effective actions. They emphasize on inculcating the value of honesty with accountability and transparency and deem that a good architect, when in a dispute, will always draw a path and design for a sustainable future.
What sets IBA apart from others is that they are always willing to break the rules and design almost anything with a touch of uniqueness. “People are the reason for what we do, hence our design have always been people centric and will always be,” assures Akkhilesh.
In today’s scenario, when the portfolio of services has enlarged so much, IBA is striving to become an indispensable part of this long value chain. Akkhilesh feels that this is the biggest challenge as well as opportunity, as it requires continuous learning and adaptation all the time.
Forthcoming Intends
Future depends on you and so does the opportunities that it brings along,” says Akkhilesh. Currently, as architecture is no longer an isolated profession, IBA aims at working on creating synergies so that their end product can be admired not just by the client but also by the society.
To make sure that they are ready to deliver more than what is asked for, IBA is building themselves as a solution provider rather than just being an architect.

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