Ravi Gadre and Associates: Delivering Resolved, Dignified and Authentic Architectural Designs

India is developing very fast and the social, economic, and cultural values are rapidly changing. People are in a dilemma between ‘Tradition and Modernity’ which has created many issues and restrictions also in architecture. In the contemporary times, Indian architecture is converting ‘Restrictions’ into ‘Limitations’, Architect Ravi Gadre’s architectural journey can be called as An Enjoyment with Adversity.
A Company Inspired from Nature
M/S Gadre Limaye and Associates, a partnership company was Founded by Ar. Ravi Gadre in 1979 and later he founded Ravi Gadre and Associates in 1998. The company provides consulting services for Architecture and Interior designing. They strongly believe in ‘Modernism’ for its capacity to generate new forms and spaces with rationality. It is clearly evident in his designs, the use of geometry and pure forms. This makes the structures dignified, resolved, and authentic. The inspirations taken from nature, makes his structures stand out in the surroundings like a flower, not necessarily merging in it.
Climate responsive logic, beauty and dignity, and truthfulness are the lessons Ar. Ravi learnt from the nature. Drawing caricatures and cartoons is also a source of inspiration for his architectural thinking. For climate based issues, Ar. Ravi often thinks of vernacular architecture that proved its efficiency in the past with an intelligent use of available building materials and techniques. The effective transformation of traditional aspects and values, in essence, in the spaces created are physically as well as psychologically comfortable. His structures are easy to use and may be complex to look. They are user and also viewer friendly, responsive to the climate with unconventional combination of contemporary conventional materials and techniques with economy.
The Born Architect
Right from his childhood Ar. Ravi was fascinated about architecture. When he was young, he used to get awards for making Killa in Diwali from the local municipality. Therefore, when he was in the middle school his father decided that Ar. Ravi should pursue a career in architecture.
Today, Ar. Ravi Gadre is the Founder/Proprietor of Ravi Gadre and Associates. He has over 3 decades of experience in the field of architecture and interior designing. He graduated from A.K.V. College of Architecture Pune, by receiving a special medal for Throughout Excellence in Design in the final year. Prof.Ar. Vaikunth Sardesai and Prof. Ar. Vijay Padhye were his GURUS in college. After working briefly with local Architect Shashikant Chavan, he started a practice in 1979. For last 35 years, he has designed and executed projects ranging from houses to temples, factories to hospitals, hotels, and resorts to educational buildings. He is an amateur caricature and cartoonist, and also a recipient of several Architectural Awards like JK, JIIA, AESA, AICA, IIA, DURIAN, and many more, at national and international level.
Patience is the Key
Ar. Ravi says, “If the client have faith and belief on my design philosophy and gives liberty to my designs, then the results are fantastic. My design style and working pattern makes me different from others. I have developed a distinctive language of my own, and give personal attention in designing and attendance on site. In building industry there are ups and down. But remaining balanced and having patience is the key to sustain for long time practice. In this case I take lessons from nature. I believe that nature changes and modifies itself as per the climate changes but still sustain.”
The Road to Success
Ar. Ravi thinks that he is not in a rat race and at the same time doesn’t bother about the competition. He believes in his ability, capacity and knows his weaknesses, and thus takes advantage of his strong points and performs accordingly. He accepts any work offered by the clients at his will and not through competition.
Ar. Ravi accepts any projects whether it is small or big and executes it without compromising in the quality and service. He also refrains from any illegal practice, but accepts the work on his terms and ensures the design freedom.
Desire to Create Architectural Culture
According to Ar. Ravi Gadre, future architecture will be more relying on technology, irrespective of its location, social and economic conditions. He says, “It is becoming more global and universal, and iconic; especially the public buildings. India being in a tropical zone, still we believe in natural form of living than in controlled environment. At least in metro cities it is becoming more artificial and superficial but in rural India we still have better chances to live with nature. These are the challenges I am trying to address in my designs.”
Ar. Ravi is all prepared for the future and the challenges, but along with this he wants to design buildings which will create the best Architectural Culture of his home town, the city Pune.

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