inventarchitects: Pioneer in Crafting Iconic Designs with Contemporary Outlook

Planning and designing plays a vital role in crafting any landmark structure. Meticulous attention while project planning and its execution, precise material proposition, listening to client’s needs, ability to create trendy, robust and sustainable design with timely delivery is something every client expects from an architecture firm. inventarchitects is one such organization which is fulfilling all the characteristics of an ideal architecture firm and has crafted many iconic structures for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Infrastructure projects across the length and breadth of the country.
Chennai-based inventarchitects is a contemporary design firm, founded in the year 2008 by the celebrated Architect Vivekkumar; with the vision of conveying cutting-edge consultancy services in architecture, planning, interior, landscapes and product design. The firm has vast experience in designing and planning and has been successfully transforming innovative ideas into reality.
Meticulous attention in each project from its early stage of conception (regardless of its size and importance) along with the fusion of complex elegant design into the same projects makes inventarchitects a distinctive force in architecture industry.  The organization also gives special emphasis on building personal rapport with its clients; since it believes that building personal connection helps them in better understanding of the client’s needs and this ultimately leads towards better service delivery and client satisfaction. Qualitative service along with credibility helps the firm to maintain a long term relationship among its clients.
Factors of Success
Elegant and Innovative Design: The firm gives prime importance to “Design Process” in any project; they believe a contemporary design along with better client’s collaboration makes every project a huge success. Their commitment to design with a personal touch and looking beyond economics on a project are the main attributes for their success.
Robust and Artistic Taskforce: For any organization, their personnel’s capability and strength, decides more about the Company’s future than any other factor. The firm has a robust team of young and dynamic personnel’s with a passion for innovation and deep expertise in designing. The team has an average experience of 9 plus years in design and project execution.
Along with these facets, timely deliveries of qualitative service without compromising onto the design quotient are some of the core strength of inventarchitects; which are contributing towards its success.
Creative minds are leading the Organization
Renowned architect Vivekkumar is the Founder and Principal Architect of inventarchitects. Since his early age, he has developed a creative bent of mind with a deep passion for crafting innovative designs; which led him to pursue Bachelors of Architecture. After honing the required skillset to become an ace architect from the school of architecture and planning, he started his professional journey by working with Rajendran Associates and managed the design and execution of industrial and infrastructure projects.
Upon gaining numerous business insights in the architecture industry finally in the year 2008 with the passion and vision to create stylish and inventive designs, he founded inventarchitects. Apart from professional work, Vivekkumar has a profound passion for teaching. He has served as a visiting faculty and has been a jury member for numerous examinations in various institutions.
Architect Nanda Devi is the other eminent personality of inventarchitects. She is one of the “Principal Architect” and crucial business partner in the firm. She became the partner at inventarchitects in the year 2010 and ever since she has been working as a principal architect along with Vivekkumar at this renowned architecture company. She has deep expertise in crafting residential architecture and interior design. She is a conceptualizer and spearheads the design team in the development, refinement and transformation for most of the projects at inventarchitects. Apart from her professional work, she has a deep interest in teaching and over the years she has inspired a lot of college students with her views and ideas. Nanda Devi is a versatile individual and has a natural skill as speaker and orator. She has operated as a presenter in several public functions related to architecture and has given numerous speeches at various institutions.
Current Industry Scenario from the Eyes of Industry Experts
For the past 10 years, the standardized construction rate for many specific ranges of projects has not changed much. So, the expected quality within the same cost has become a challenge for many firms. About the ongoing state of construction industry, the organization believes that the construction industry is slowly picking up and in the coming days it will become better; even qualitatively.
Future Perspective
The world is changing very rapidly; socially, economically and technologically. With this fast changing world, new sorts of challenges are also coming on the way of every organization. To deal with those challenges; any organization needs innovation, diligence and deep passion for learning as their core strengths. inventarchitects has these traits and is confident to face any future challenge to expand its business even into the unchartered territory and is passionate about crafting much more sustainable elegant designs for its clients across India.

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