ICT Health: Reinventing Technology to Bring Better Quality and Convenience to Healthcare

Growing economic pressure of the ever-increasing healthcare costs and the suboptimal health outcomes are driving the search for new approaches towards health management. Innovation and new technology adoptions are crucial for better and faster outcomes in healthcare. Today, technology affects every single aspect of the modern society and is creating a revolution in the way healthcare is being delivered. From the widespread adoption of electronic medical records, to advances in bio-medical engineering and technology, modern healthcare and its delivery methods are changing at an ever increasing rate.

Among these technologies, Electronic Health (e-health) is a novel and proficient method for providing medical and healthcare services to the society and developing relations between specialists, patients and all the users of healthcare ecosystem. Use of e-health becomes more essential in developing countries where healthcare resources and medical services are not distributed well. Even if e-health would bring these types of efficiencies to the healthcare system, there are still challenges around investment and implementation that needs to be addressed. Execution and use of digital health services are questioned by many, mainly due to the ambiguity in patient privacy and security of data.

Today, patients demand a higher value of care and a better quality of services. Thus healthcare providers are compelled to contribute greater value towards the communities they serve. Comprehending this requisite, ICT Health, a leading integrated clinical-technology company, offers end-to-end solutions for healthcare domain including Information Systems related to Patient Administration, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare ERP, Imaging Solutions, Clinical Automation and Medical device technology, IT Infrastructure and Managed Services, as well as outsourced clinical services including Hospital Management and Quality Accreditations.

ICT Health operates across the IMEA region and is looking to empower care practices and their operations with smarter technology accelerators that directly result in improved outcomes. More than a hundred healthcare providers have harnessed ICT Health’s experience of nearly three decades, and have availed services from their locally based technology and consulting specialists.


  • Recipient of Frost and Sullivan Award – UAE Healthcare IT Company of the year 2017 Enabling Healthcare Technology (South Asia & Middle East), 2013.
  • Awarded ‘Arab Strategic Web Award’ in 2016 for Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman by Pan Arab Excellence.
  • Recognized by Silicon India as the ‘Company of the year’,2014

An Invigorating Frontrunner

A renowned “thought leader” in the domain of healthcare informatics and clinical technologies, Gautam Dey is the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of ICT Health. He is entrusted with the direct ownership of conceptualization and implementation of strategic plans in order to drive growth whilst simultaneously being accountable for the profits within the company’s operations.

With over 25 years of presence in the healthcare and educational sphere, Gautam’s repertoire spreads across experiences in Clinical Technology, Business Strategy, Profit Center Management, Quality & Performance, and Merger & Acquisition. He is an honors graduate from BITS-Pilani and holds a Strategic Management Diploma from IIM-Ahmedabad.

Gautam is a regional leader and has a firm vision of converging new age healthcare and advanced technologies for the enhancement of end-to-end clinical services. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to focus on frugal innovation. “No solution should ever be more expensive than the problem,” states Gautam.

Widely travelled and an erudite orator, Gautam has the skill to evaluate situations and environments, intuitively identify areas of focus and drive teams and organizations towards delivering results. Moreover, he is an astute speaker on the subject of Healthcare and Technology and has evoked excitement, interest and action across the IMEA and is widely sought after for his sharp wit and imaginative insights.

Proffering end-to-end Solutions

ICT Health is in the business of reinventing technology by conferring the power to do more with less, thus enabling the healthcare industry to extract more value out of the available resources.

ICT Health’s HINAI platform provides comprehensive functionality encompassing patient administration and Electronic Health Records. HINAI is an enterprise-class next-gen platform designed for the cloud. It incorporates all the current interoperability, privacy and security guidelines and is a world class systems integrator that provides a holistic view over the continuum of care.

Although designed for the cloud, HINAI can be installed on-premise, as an enterprise class Hospital Information System with integrated ERP and Revenue Cycle Management. Crafted using core java technologies and accentuated by mainstream open source platforms, HINAI helps hundreds of care providers routinely deliver safer, high quality healthcare services enriched with differentiated care experiences.

HINAI has been adapted to various functions across healthcare industry.

Electronic Health Records: HINAI EHR’s single page architecture brings together all aspects of care into a single customizable window which helps improve patient care through better clinical support, care coordination and patient engagement.

Medical Image Management Solutions for Radiology: HINAI ImageNET brings patients, providers and diagnostic centers on a collaborative platform allowing access to images anywhere and anytime ensuring quick turnaround, thereby transforming care interventions and thus lowering the cost.

Laboratory Information Systems: HINAI Lab automates and streamlines the complete workflow and procedures and updates them to the EMR. It provides delta checks and automatic verification of test results based on predefined limits. It can also be configured for telepathology applications.

Patient Administration: HINAI PAS leverages the mainstream CRM and ICT technologies to enable organizations achieve a high level of patient satisfaction, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage. It automates the patient administrative processes and workflows to achieve optimal resource utilization and higher efficiencies by eliminating redundancy and duplication of work.

Hospital Information and Management Systems: Through the HINAI Web platform, ICT Health provides a comprehensive Health Information and Management System which has been exclusively designed to manage the business needs of modern healthcare enterprises.

Pharmacy: HINAI Medics address the complex needs of the modern hospital pharmacy and enable users to achieve the benefits of a fully integrated and automated workflow including prescription, dispensing, review, and refilling, along with the effective monitoring of drug therapy.

Revenue Cycle Management: HINAI RCM is a fully integrated billing module that provides a complete end-to-end revenue cycle management. From patient authorization checking to managing claims, they offer a wealth of technology tools that enhances the capability to access medical billing and financial reporting to streamline the entire operations.

EZR.care: EZR.care is an ICT Health’s initiative is a common thread woven across the healthcare continuum to improve scheduling, information exchange, appointment show rates and increase overall efficiency by establishing an optimal referral management platform which is essential to patient safety and coordinated care. EZR.care helps care providers to build a private health network that makes it easier to access care, deliver care, earn from care & regulate care.

ICT Health also provides some value added services like mobile healthcare solution, social media solutions, systems integration, managed services, and consulting.

HINAI at a Glance

  • HINAI solution manages more than 6000 beds across 50+ facilities on a single instance.
  • HINAI system facilitates more than 5 million patient encounters annually.
  • HINAI Web is certified as a Complete EHR as per ONC 2014 standards with a usability score of 8.5/10
  • Nearly 400,000,000 medical images are made available for reporting on HINAI ImageNet.

“Inform, Collaborate and Transform”

Every solution designed at ICT Health is aimed at creating a differentiating factor towards their customers/partners in terms of the quality of service and the engaged patient experience. It helps them build a sustainable competitive advantage in the market by addressing the constantly changing regulatory environment, growing patient needs, increasing business complexity and evolving technologies.

Additionally, their clients are benefited immensely from the granular visibility of their operations including revenue and costing analysis. Moreover ICT Health also provides increased patient convenience leading to higher levels of patient engagement and also helps the hospital achieve and maintain accreditations like NABH. In its very essence, ICT Health looks at its clients like partners in the healthcare ecosystem.

We believe that benefits are not just realized by our clients, we as a vendor organization also benefit from them in terms of keeping the product and technologies current and up-to-date,” says Gautam.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The biggest challenge ICT Health has faced as an e-health solution provider is that the clients expected them to provide a solution which had the next-gen technological architecture but exactly mimic the exiting processes, which in most cases was not in line with the patient’s expectations.

ICT Health accredits its success primarily to their accurate interpretation of the industry and technology trends. They are pioneers in creating cloud native technology and today, their customers are able to leverage cloud, social media and analytics to achieve a very high level of operating efficiency along with strong patient engagement.

Upcoming Endeavors

ICT Health is focused on leveraging digital health communities to empower collaboration and e-commerce. Their upcoming products are designed to take healthcare beyond the hospital boundaries into home healthcare and building the ecosystem of a digital health community. Gautam strongly believes that blockchain will take over the world of healthcare. They are already working on the next generation of the platforms which incorporates blockchain technology into the technology stack.

ICT Health has a strong academic partnership with top colleges in India which allows them to receive suggestions and ideas from a dynamic student community that are not burdened by constraints and are more comfortable with exploring the latest technologies like machine learning, IoT and blockchain.