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Panchshil Realty

Panchshil Realty is one of India’s finest luxury real estate developers renowned for its leadership and excellence in real estate development. Established in 2002, the company has successfully delivered over 21 million sq. ft. of prime real estate, with 20 million sq. ft. under development across multi-asset classes. Panchshil Realty aims to bring the best of the world to Pune city and our country India. From the best construction practices to global technologies, the company offers its clients the finest products in the market.

Panchshil’s portfolio spans across high-end residential developments, IT parks, built-to-suit office spaces, special economic zones (SEZ), hotels, convention centers and luxury retail malls. The company’s developments comprise of some of the key landmarks of ‘Tomorrow’s Pune’, such as India’s first Trump-branded residences – Trump Towers Pune; yoopune by Philippe Starck; EON Free Zone in Kharadi – a 6.5 million sq. ft. IT & IT-eS SEZ spread over 57 acres; the International Convention Centre – South Asia’s largest trade and convention center; World Trade Center Pune; and an award-winning built-to-suit office campus for Cummins India amongst others.
Panchshil’s 360° approach covers everything from planning, construction, architectural and design services to infrastructure development, automation, and facility management services. Sustainability is core to Panchshil’s philosophy, and therefore each project is constructed with an aim to create spaces that improve the welfare and well-being of the community at large. In line with their vision to create wealth for the city of Pune, Panchshil partners with global designers and partners like YOO, The Trump Organization, JW Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Oakwood and World Trade Centers Association amongst others and follows international
standards to build not only landmarks, but also to introduce the finest of lifestyles.

The Frontrunner
With his acute business sense and motivation to provide only the best, Mr. Atul Chordia, Chairman of Panchshil Realty, has redefined the concept of luxury and lifestyle and has been instrumental in transforming the way real estate is perceived in the country. A strategist with extensive entrepreneurial skills, Mr. Chordia has spearheaded Panchshil to play a significant role in putting Pune on the world map.

Under Mr. Chordia’s aegis, Panchshil was the first to bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the real estate sector with Merrill Lynch. Possessing strong business acumen, foresight and an ability to bring together various stakeholders, Mr. Chordia is the driving force behind Panchshil’s global partnerships and alliances with The Trump Organization, YOO, JW Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Oakwood, World Trade Center’s Association, amongst numerous others. In collaboration with Blackstone, Panchshil has also acquired First International Financial Centre, BKC, Mumbai and the iconic Express Towers at Nariman Point, Mumbai.

The Philosophy
Panchshil has always believed in the philosophy of “Promoting the City”, rather than just a project or business. True to this belief, the company has invested in developing Pune’s urban and civic infrastructure, and also the finest social and public infrastructure around its properties, for the holistic development of the entire area and community.

Back in 2002, when India was still waking up to the IT boom that was largely restricted to Tier I cities, the company was amongst the forerunners to recognize the major role that Pune could play as an economic powerhouse of India’s growth. At that point, Panchshil built the International Convention Centre (ICC) that would go on to change the manner in which trade and business was conducted in Pune.
While most developers across the real estate industry in India have adopted the business model of ‘Build-Sell-Exit’, Panchshil Realty has always maintained a principle of ‘Build-Lease/Sell-Manage’ model.

The Innovation
Thanks to its Build-Lease/Sell-Manage model, Panchshil maintains a lifelong relationship with the clients and works endlessly towards ensuring that they are satisfied with their investment.

Panchshil has always been amongst the first to incorporate global technologies in its projects. The company introduced “The BathPods”, a first-of its- kind innovation for the premium and luxury residences segment of the Indian Real Estate at Panchshil Towers, Wagholi. A bathroom pod is a three-dimensional self-supporting element of structure that is prefabricated offsite, with a floor base frame, walls, and ceiling. It is delivered to the site directly, complete with all architectural fittings and fixtures. TheBathPods significantly reduce construction timelines. With this innovative technology, clients can look forward to the timely delivery of projects. Additionally, Panchshil has also adopted “Dry Construction Technique” which helps in creating high-quality, low-cost, time-effective as well as eco-friendly projects – a major selling point today. This is a signature technique being followed in Panchshil projects. DCT is 8-10 times lighter than the traditional brick and cement work and allows up to 70% saving of construction time. The width of the wall constructed with DCT is only 80 mm in comparison to the 200 mm standard walls made of brick, leading to an increase of the carpet area in the process.

The Success
We dared to dream big. A dream to build not just homes, but lifestyles. A dream to create integrated workspaces, and to shower hospitality with gilded luxury,” – Atul Chordia
The company’s approach is focused on planned development, creating value assets for the city, and to become a leader in its sphere of business. Over the years, Panchshil properties have become landmarks of Pune. Panchshil has ushered in not only the best construction practices, but also the world’s best brands to Pune, and in the process has changed the city’s skyline.

The credit of our success goes to our partners, investors, clients, and our thousand-strong workforce who make us one of India’s finest luxury real estate brands,” – Atul Chordia

Panchshil’s developments are finer in every aspect, commanding appreciation in value, and identity. They aim to maintain high-quality standards in architecture that not only adapts in harmony with its surroundings, but also promotes life, creativity, and happiness. Their timeless way of building ensures that the designs endure, and the quality outlasts.

We know the road ahead is long and exciting. We have many more milestones to establish. However, every milestone takes us back to where our story began: a vision, a dream,” Atul Chordia

The Community
The Panchshil Foundation fosters a strong sense of community belonging and ownership. The company believes that better communities are built when people lead better lives and better lives are built around basic needs and necessities. Education, Health, Sports, Arts & Culture, and the Environment around us are integral to building and leading better lives. In these dimensions, the company focuses on the individual and the community alike. Panchshil strongly believes in the adage that charity begins
at home. The employees are considered an integral part of the family and thus they are the first to benefit from the company’s social initiatives. One of the core focuses of Panchshil is facilitating education for all and in keeping with that, Panchshil sponsors the tuition fees of all of its employees’ children from class I until XII.
We shoulder the responsibility of being accountable and transparent to the community such that, with our endeavors, we may set benchmarks in all our social initiatives and be a source of pride for all stakeholders,” Atul Chordia.

The Future
Starting its journey with Pune, Panchshil’s aim was to introduce global lifestyles to the city by way of its developments. The company has further forayed into India’s financial capital – Mumbai, with the acquisition of the iconic Express Towers at Nariman Point, followed by First International Financial Center at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Additionally, the company looks forward for acquiring strategically located properties in Mumbai and to leave its mark on the maximum city. Ultimately, the aim is to develop properties across India, which is at par with the best in the world.
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