India Adopting Digital Modes In Healthcare

The telemedicine healthcare market in India is still at its nascent stage but it has a great prospect to tackle serious healthcare issues. Numerous healthcare applications like Doctor Insta, Lybrate, Practo, and Portea aims at providing instant medical help anywhere, anytime in India.
These apps work 24×7 and aids to make a voice or video call to a selected doctor. They can be accessed via any smartphone over Android and IOS powered devices. Initially, they entail for a free registration after which one can schedule an appointment or ask a question. There are multiple categories like Psychology, Medicine, Diet/Nutrition, Pediatrics, etc.
The online Indian healthcare industry has a market of approximately $25 billion out of the total $126 billion healthcare industry. As the Indian masses increase in awareness, they are demanding access to a better healthcare. And since the conventional healthcare cannot keep up with this demand, there is a rising gap in healthcare services in the country.
Telemedicine offers remote diagnosis and easy monitoring and treatment of patients via video conferencing. It has a promising platform which can provide emergency consultation across numerous categories. Also, for disabled and senior citizens, it will be a boon as traveling for them is taxing.
In 2000, the potential of telemedicine was recognized by the Government of India. Since then they have been working on creating telemedicine infrastructure all over the country. The initiative was formulated by the Government of India with the contribution of Department of Information Technology (DIT), the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, various state governments, and numerous leading technical and medical institutions all over the country.

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