Infosys wins large contract from US investment firm Vanguard

Infosys| US investment firm

Vanguard has signed a massive, multi-year IT agreement with Infosys to provide technology-pushed tactics to manage and shape the retirement system for its sponsors and members.

Close to 1,300 Vanguard roles currently supporting full-service client management, operations, and know-how functions will be changed to Infosys. All Vanguard staff currently performing these roles will be provided with equivalent positions at Infosys and in the vicinity of Vanguard’s workplaces in the United States.

Infosys said that the transition staff will receive the exact salary and similar additional benefits for a changeover period of 12 months, plus significant incentive opportunities.

Collectively with Infosys, Vanguard will provide a cloud-based document-trying to maintain the platform, enabling greater insights and customization to help deliver far better outcomes for just five million individuals and 1,500 sponsors. Vanguard manages more than $1.3 trillion in assets.

Infosys at present serves 50 % of the prime 20 retirement support corporations in the US.


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