Intech Online Private Limited: Connecting India with Digital Revolution

Intech Online Private Limited

Evolution of Internet service provider (ISP) industry has come a long way from dial-up connectivity to high-speed fiber connectivity in the last few years. Once, accessing data was the forte of a select few and was heavily restricted by providers. But now it flows freely at breakneck speeds. Issues like buffering are passe, while streaming is in and Wi-Fi promises to make it even more accessible. Intech Online Private Limited is that one brand which made the digital revolution in India more accessible to every household.

Anchor of Intech
Amol Nalawade, MD of Intech Online Private Limited is a first generation entrepreneur who has been a constant guiding force for the organization. Since he connected his first Broadband customer, Amol has always embraced technology as a means to customer satisfaction, striving constantly to make the organization better for its customer and team. Amol believes in being a hands-on MD, learning new technologies first, sometimes even before his team. Whether it is wireless or fiber, he can engage in discussions regarding its pro & cons. He believes in taking his team forward with him and Intech has grown tremendously in size, he is keyed in with all his teams and constantly motivates them to do better.
When opportunities for Citywide Wi-Fi networks were in their nascent stage, Amol took it upon himself to develop equipment for the same. It resulted in Thane Municipal Corporation Wi-Fi project; and today the company has succeeded in creating the first citywide free Wi-Fi network.

Overcoming Hurdles Effectively
The emerging players are helping the markets to expand but the only worry is related to non-licensed players who have no expense towards license fees and taxes, so can offer ridiculous rates to customers. But the brand is very conscious about their market status saying “Otherwise we love competition.

Calibrate for a Better Connectivity
Intech Online Private Limited is a company focused on Internet Protocol-based data services. The entity offers a plethora of solutions in Internet Bandwidth, Network Management, Data Centre Solutions, OFC connectivity, Application Integration, Hosting & DDOS protection solutions. Incorporated in 2000, Intech holds an ISP license as well as IP level 1 license for Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa circles, and it is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001 certified organization.

Some of their services are internet Connectivity for Broadband & Corporate, Wi-Fi Services for complexes and city-wide networks, Data Centre – Hosting, Virtual Servers, Cloud-based solutions, DDOS Protection, Application Security solutions, DNS Infrastructure security etc, Fibre connectivity solutions and so on.

The Speedy Progress
The phase between 2001 and 2005 was the initiation of establishing fiber network in Thane and today they have a 100G fiber network to serve the customers. In 2006 the first network outside Thane in Airoli was established and Amol says “Today our network encompasses areas from Navi Mumbai to Panvel, Kalyan District, Pune, Satara, Latur and other parts of Maharashtra. We have moved out of Maharashtra into Goa as well.” 2012 was one of the most vital years for the company as we first Peered with Google for user experience enhancement and  Today we have peered with all major players including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and Limelight etc.
2015 was another promising year as Intech set up its own Data Centre with the idea to provide complete solutions to corporate customers. Its data center was recently adjudged amongst the “Promising DC’s In India’ by Silicon Magazine. The DDOS protection systems were set up in 2017 and the Application Integration team has successfully implemented various projects including the Thane Municipal Corporation Wi-Fi Project.
It is 2018 and Intech was the successful bidder for Thane Municipal Corporation Project for Free Wi-Fi and Surveillance and have set up its own Wi-Fi network all over Thane. Currently more than 300000 users are using this facility in demo phase. Inaugurated by Thane Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Jaiswal, it has made Thane the first City in India offering free Wi-Fi services to its citizens.  Intech has also became the first ISP to offer 100Mbps unlimited connectivity to our users.

Present Market Condition
As India is booming on the digital front, the Government is also pushing for the same and its smart city projects offer tremendous opportunity for enhancing networks. Broadband is spreading exponentially and users are getting used to blazing speeds thanks to the content being available on devices today. Amol adds, “We believe that ISP’s who understand this and work at keeping their network on top of everything will be able to get to the next level. Competition is fierce, everyone is trying to eye the same pie, but the competition that creates growth is good. The captive audience is still growing rapidly. We believe this is very good for the industry.
But connectivity is still a pain-point, and the Government is trying to address the same with its Bharatnet Project and is also helping a lot on regulations, however, the threat of non-licensed connectivity is still very much alive and needs drastic attention as it is eating into the revenues of taxpaying license holders.

The Future with a Vision
The future is bright for those who concentrate on the networks. Capabilities have to be enhanced to handle competition. “We are now working actively at content aggregation and at our corporate offerings as customers are best poised to take maximum advantage of our redundant fiber network. We can offer good uptimes, robust connectivity and DDOS protection is the cherry on the cake. Our data center is also gearing up for the next level. We intend to use our expertise in Wi-Fi to garner more mileage in the Internet domain,” adds Amol.

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