Kenstar Web Solutions: The Power of Connecting the World with Real Internet Speed

Kenstar Web Solutions

The Internet Service Provider sector has transformed over the last decade by introducing salient modifications to experience hassle-free internet connectivity. The Internet and Broadband Service Provider companies have integrated effective measures for setting up a well-defined system which is convenient and extensively available with impeccable service offerings.
One such company with an aim to provide quality solutions in the field of Information Technology and ITeS is Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Established in the year 2007, the company began its journey by commencing BPO services to the clients located mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Further, it expanded its service offerings by presenting web design and development techniques to its clients abroad.
In the beginning of 2013, the company ventured into a new thriving business of providing quality and reliable Internet services through wireless technology. Having received a very good response in this field, Kenstar Web Solutions began to offer faster internet services by implementing the fiber network through GEPON. The company consistently and massively invests on its Information Technology Infrastructure by procuring latest Routers, Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches from brands like Cisco and Juniper as well as the client end devices.
An Adroit Leader
A diligent and resourceful personality, Dr. Javeed Siddiqui is the Managing Director at Kenstar Web Solutions. He has completed his Ph.D in Information Technology Management and has an extensive experience running over two decades in Advanced Information Technology and Communication. Javeed has various IT specialty certifications under his belt like MSCE, CCNP, MCITP and ITIL. His sheer contribution and dedicated-self has successfully led the company in providing remarkable services in the ISP field and making it the company’s core business. Helping him along the way is Dr. Tanveer Fatima, Director, who looks after the strategic decisions of the company to ensure its smooth and stable working.
An Excellent Service Provider
Kenstar Web Solutions has installed twenty-seven towers on an average in each city to offer its services. These towers are connected through fiber optic in Ring Route, which ensures in case if one fiber to the tower is cut then the other route gets online and if both the fiber cable gets cut off then its network is still live on wireless APs and Station. This guarantees that in any situation there is no interruption to the service at the customer end.
The USP of the company is its security and privacy of the computer and user. The customers often fall prey to cheap plans by local ISP’s that are created in a LAN environment and their devices are vulnerable to be hacked. The company has integrated effective measures to ensure that the data communicated from the customer’s computer or device is secure and encrypted and it’s only communicating with the main server and not visible or accessible to other subscribes.
Tackling the Challenges Effectively
The market is constantly flooded with emerging players and the competition in the industry is also increasing day by day. With changing times a drastic transformation can be seen in the internet plans, the Giga fiber plans are seen in many developing or developed cities in India. In the survival of the fittest race, customers are the biggest assets and one can’t afford to lose customers in this huge competitive battle. In order to surpass competition and create a benchmark in this industry, one of the most important aspects is customer satisfaction and retention and that’s possible by providing top-notch service offerings.
Kenstar Web Solutions believes in offering services in a personalized manner by customizing the internet plans in a cost-effective way. It also extends the internet plans of its customers in case of any inconvenience regarding internet services.
An Overview of the ISP Sector
The ISP sector has come a long way and has experienced a massive transformation with prompt responses over the last decade. From 32 kbps dial-up service plan on copper phone lines in the year 1998 at 500 rupees per month for 30 hours to having 50 mbps plans in the same rate with more data usage, the industry has completely transformed. Technology has played a major role in the ISP sector.
The import duties on technological equipment were reduced and this helped Indian companies to take advantage on acquiring trending equipment’s. Also, the cost of the wireless devices was reduced and this turned out to be a great help of bringing a huge change by implementing various Wi-Fi projects in many cities and towns.
An Existing Picture of the ISP Industry
The present scenario of the ISP Industry looks very promising and filled with new opportunities. As 85% of the Indian population still isn’t connected to fast broadband services, this ensures that there is a huge potential in this market. With the prices of the internet services going decreasing day by day, it attracts new customers to get connected to internet by the means of broadband services.
Strengthening with Time
The future of the ISP industry looks good but is challenging as the profit margin is decreasing and maintenance cost has increased. The company plans to introduce Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services soon with the option to get a telephone along with it. “I am sure, whatever change that will come to the technology, it will be for good “concludes Javeed.

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