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Inteliment Technologies
Inteliment Technologies

In today’s rapidly growing and evolving age of digital platforms, social media, mobility, analytics and cloud technologies, collaboration between external and internal stakeholders in organizations is increasing. This has provided customers with an uninterrupted access to the information on the go, thereby helping them make more abreast decisions. A crucial shift towards using advanced technologies, which allow businesses to search, analyze & share diverse data, is evident in the industry today. In this era of rapidly growing age of technologies, Inteliment Technologies is leading and is at the pinnacle of analytics industry. Inteliment has been named as the ‘Analytics Solution Innovation Partner of the Year 2017’by SAP India.
The Journey of Inteliment
Inteliment is a leading provider of Advanced Analytic solutions that helps enterprises in unlocking the power of the enterprise data coming from diverse sources using BI & Analytics, and allows them to make data-driven business decisions based on strong insights.
Founded in 2004 by first generation entrepreneurs, Inteliment is an innovative company that effectively syndicates the ‘Data Science & Art’ into a Multi-Disciplinary Analytics to deliver Insight, Integrity & Impact. Inteliment has been on the path of synchronized value co-creation and innovations for some of the most powerful and impact-making companies in the world.
The company has a strong focus on providing innovative customer-centric solutions and application services in areas of Data Science, IoT, Industry 4.0, Bigdata, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Smart City areas.
With its core competency in BI technology, Inteliment offers strategic industry analytics solutions & services to its global Fortune 500 clients through an analytical perspective of their data and by partnering with leading global technology vendors. Inteliment’s engagement approach involves working collaboratively with clients to develop critical business-parameters-driven and strategic BI solutions, meeting real-world and practical business needs. The company is harnessing this market by providing niche BI solutions and services. It helps the companies to improve their data-driven strategies and decision-making efficiency through innovation, advanced technologies and partnerships. Inteliment is strongly focused on the Indian market and selected overseas markets in APAC & US regions.
The Inspiring Entrepreneur behind Inteliment
Prashant Pansare, Founder and Managing Director of Inteliment is a well-respected name in the field of BI, Analytics and Data Science industry. Prashant deserted his corporate career to do something more, something innovative and started Inteliment as a bootstrap company in 2004. Prashant has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.E) and a Master’s Degree in MBA. He is recognized as the ‘CEO of a Fast-Growing Company’ by Deloitte, and was also invited to the Global Analytics Advisory Council by SAP Labs, USA. Being actively engaged with Research Groups and Practitioners who delve into Disruptive Technologies and the unique value they bring to the Industry, it is no surprise that Prashant is one of the most beloved and favorite names in the list of speakers at reputed institutions and industry forums alike. Prashant also dedicates his time in grooming budding entrepreneurs at various association platforms. He is truly an inspiring personality.
Prashant is on National SME Council of NASSCOM, and is a past Chairman of the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce, a Charter member of TiE Pune, former VP of Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP), Former President of Rotary Club, and is on the National Knowledge Committee of CII.
Under the leadership of Prashant, Inteliment has won many awards and accolades. Determined to contribute back to the society, he has institutionalized ‘Social Leadership Awards’ in Inteliment to encourage volunteers for their exceptional work and to support program initiatives towards the betterment of society. Inteliment has adopted a few under-privileged young girls for their education till post-graduation. He has also sponsored an NGO run by visually-challenged youth in setting up an IT Training Centre.
Sustaining Relationship with Clients
Inteliment works along with their customers and co-innovates while working as an extended arm of internal technology and BI teams. The company has also been fortunate to grab opportunities to work with innovation-oriented companies who are open to Inteliment’s ideas arising out of a solid and long experience and executing them to achieve towering business goals. Being a niche company in the areas of BI and Analytics, it helps to bring in unique and innovative perspectives and solutions to solve the business problems of the clients.
Inteliment is built around a unique culture of people inclusiveness. Inteliment’s associates are a part of the happenings and events at Inteliment and are actively involved in a way that they can share their ideas and beliefs openly and thus participate in their way in the growth of the company. Also, talent acquisition at Inteliment emphasizes on integrity, ethics and core values of a person along with their domain capability as Inteliment management believes that the differentiating factor helps associates to stand out with fortitude.
Scrutinizing Trends in Analytics
Organizations have shifted from simple statistical analysis to more advanced analytics. Whatever the subject, scale, and stage of business, Analytics has the power to help organizations stay ahead of competition using actionable insights.
In Advanced Analytics, Inteliment adopts the approach of Big to Smart Data as just having a lot of data is no longer enough or even necessary. The company understands this and helps enterprises in their data initiatives and helps them in sourcing and processing the right data which can offer actionable insights.
Every business is becoming digital, and it is the need of the business. Any digital business relies heavily on data and therefore, Inteliment believes that it is high time, where every enterprise needs to become a data-driven enterprise straightaway. Visual analytics helps represent data accurately and at a glance. The Visual Analytics of Inteliment are not only skilled in the art of design, but are also capable of analyzing data, its story, and its intended demographics to create the best solution. The company helps the customers to see data better that reveals the patterns within it, enabling everyone to become researchers and analysts.
Cognitive Intelligence brings together computer science, cognitive and perceptual sciences, interactive designs, user & interface design, and social sciences. Turning unstructured text into meaningful insights brings in great actionable acumen. Data is everywhere – CRM Feedbacks, Social Media, Blogs, Surveys, Emails, Texts, and Documents. This unstructured data has a tremendous potential to derive customer insights. Inteliment provides unique solutions to help organizations to quickly identify themes, trends and patterns without any need to read the documents and to explore the relationship between the content of documents or numerical variables.
Understanding what happened in the past can provide significant insights to improve the future. With Predictive Analytics, one can anticipate emerging trends, take preemptive actions to minimize risk, and make better decisions with much greater confidence. Inteliment’s predictive analytics offering is empowered by the experience they have in building solutions on open source as well as on proprietary platforms from the leading partners.
Attributing Values and Factors
According to Gartner, Worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market is expected to touch $18.3 Billion this year. There is enough of the pie for all. Each company has their unique value proposition and offering. The constant innovations and research approaches has helped Inteliment in staying ahead of the arch. Inteliment co-exists with their peers as the company is a niche Analytics Company aligning the offerings continuously based on the market trends and customer expectations.
The company believes in performing Business from Ideas to Action and thus taking Data to Value. Inteliment also believes that the Knowledge and Experience together cultivates creativity which in turn can help businesses disrupt their business models and achieve business goals.
Tackling Adversity with Erudition
With a focus on Analytics and Big data, Inteliment’s emerging focus is on Industry 4.0, AI, IoT and Smart City initiatives. We live in a connected world. People to places, places to networks, networks to people, people to things and things to networks, and it goes on. If used effectively, data thus generates huge potential to better our lives. At Inteliment, the initiative is always to stay close with what is happening around and how can the company make sense of it all with the experience they have and by arranging the data systematically in order to become a digitally responsible and digitally aware society.

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