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Chrome DM
Chrome DM

Data and analytics have spread their long-reaching tentacles across businesses of all sectors, making businesses intelligent, efficient and better at decision-making. With granular data being abundant, the need for technology integration has become inevitable. Chrome Data Analytics and Media, aka Chrome DM, is one such company which has established dominance in the primary research and data industry within India. Conceptualized by a team of industry professionals, Chrome DM holds an impressive research infrastructure comprising 32,000-panel homes across 3,300 towns and 2,15,000 villages in pan India.
Establishing itself as an Industry Leader
Chrome DM owns a range of proprietary broadcasting products, as well as its data analytics services. These tools aim to fill in the gap between broadcasters and viewers by giving them viewership and channels insights across different regions in India.
Since its inception in 2008, Chrome has established itself as an industry leader in strategic consultancy and 3rd party audit services for distribution in broadcasting. With over 400 clients, most of the Indian broadcasting industry relies on Chrome DM’s TV related consultancy services to optimize their distribution. Its flagship product, Chrome Track 2-0, conveys a channel’s Opportunity to See (OTS) on a pan-India, Individual head-end basis, among other offerings.
Rising Above the Challenges and Competition
Prior to their proliferating rise up the ladder of success, Chrome DM had to face various challenges, such as:-

  • Accumulating granular data from remote areas of North East, LC1, Rural India and various others.
  • Advancing with the continually evolving television industry – from the analog auditing days to the ongoing digitalization phase.
  • Upgrading from being a distribution auditing to television strategy consultants and then becoming India’s largest primary research and data analytics company.
  • Another challenge for Chrome DM was integrating technology with a huge infrastructure.

The company overcame these challenges and now holds dominance within this ever-growing industry. Chrome DM stands out among its contemporaries by delivering first-hand quality data for brands, advertisers, and broadcasters. With their immaculate strength in infrastructure across the country and a highly-qualified team of researchers behind its back, Chrome DM strives to be the industry leader in providing primary data driven results across different verticals.
The Leader who translated his Passion into Paycheck
Belief triggers passion and Pankaj Krishna, Founder and CEO of Chrome DM, derived his passion for analytics through his belief that data and analytics are making the world an intelligent place. With over 17 years of extensive industry experience, Pankaj has imparted his knowledge and expertise to lead Chrome DM to where it stands today.
After pursuing O Levels from the University of London and Executive Programme from Harvard Business School, Pankaj began his corporate journey by working for some of the leading media channels in the country, such as National Geographic, UTV Entertainment and India Today. It is also worth mentioning that Pankaj has been a frequent and eloquent speaker at various international industry forums and has had several publications in reputed journals.
Tackling the Industry Changes
Chrome DM believes that there will be a considerable shortage in Data Analytics staff in the near future and will expand from analysts, researchers to data scientists in the world of analytics and management. To tackle with the same, Chrome DM conducts regular internal training along with intensive recruitment process to develop competent personnel. Currently, there are two essential trends that Chrome DM looks ahead on:-

  • Predictive Analytics – It is an extension of data mining, wherein it refers to the extraction of significant information from the existing data store. This is done to predict future probabilities with an acceptable level of reliability, including a few alternative scenarios and assessing the possibility of risks.
  • Real-Time – With consumer behavior and purchase patterns of customers evolving from time to time, real-time analytics has gone on to become the need of the hour. This, in turn, helps businesses to cognize the purchase behavior, profile and even customer churn.

With big data pooling in, Chrome DM realizes that it is highly imperative for analytical companies to digitalize as well as centralize their data. Their recent market launch named Chrome Connect – a centralized online repository of channel distribution of information – is a 24/7 digital support system that offers live updates on distribution tracking to broadcasters. The tool helps to enhance the overall distribution monitoring, analytics, and strategy with its latest technology and innovation. Some of its cutting-edge benefits include real-time updates, faster data processing, and customized reports, which brings-in large scale transparency in distribution monitoring system across the country. In addition to its latest developments, the company’s new tool ‘Chrome Ratings+’ is a 360 degrees solution for broadcasters that enable them to maximize time spent per viewer & reach, and thus overall channel share. These tools ensure better decision-making and planning to broadcasters.
The Future is Technology
Chrome DM firmly believes that the future is in technology. Having invested in creating a strong in-house R&D team over the years, the company has been actively patenting technologies to create effective solutions for clients. Right from automated data collection to creating online repositories, Chrome DM believes in 100% technology integration in all their products and services. The primary research and data company is constantly in the works on making data available for their clients at their fingertips in real-time. Chrome DM uses data and research integrated with technology; these technologies provide their clients with disaggregated information, thereby enabling them to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

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