iNurture: A Formidable Force in the Edtech Space

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Ashwin Ajila | Founder | MD| iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited

Education and Technology both, are the type of streams which are very dynamic in nature. Personal growth as well as industrial growth, depends on the very balanced fusion of both of these sectors. Hence, with the advent of technological advancements in the educational sector and their dynamics altogether, the gap of quality skilled learning is getting narrower. There are some institutions that are facilitating a mix of these factors in-order to inculcate skill-based learning and enabling students a focused career path.

One such company or institution intelligently nurturing a workforce through industry-oriented pedagogy and advanced technology enablement is iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited.

It revolves around a university-industry partnership.

The company collaborates with premium Indian and global universities to power new-age undergraduate and postgraduate programs through industry-aligned curricula and advanced technology enablement. iNurture’s holistic knowledge-imparting model prepares students for new-collar jobs in emerging industries.

The firm, with its strong industrial associations facilitates guest lectures, internships, industrial visits, live projects, and placement assistance. The artificial intelligence-based platform of iNurture assesses the employability of a student and provides required interventions through on-campus career development programs and placement cells. It strengthens the ‘employability quotient’ across the entire spectrum of adult learning to students, from college to corporate lifestyle.

iNurture addresses the ‘employability’ problem that is prevalent in many industries around the world. It accomplishes this task by identifying gaps in skills and knowledge while creating a technology-enabled ecosystem that is in-sync with the futuristic requirements of industries. These industries demand professionals who are equipped with new-age skills in domains such as blockchain, digital currency, design, management, business analytics, and entrepreneurship. “iNurture, understanding the immense dearth of talented professionals across varied industries, offers next-gen programs that significantly bridge the employability gap,” says its team.

Technology-Enabled Education

All programs at iNurture are designed through continuous collaboration with the brightest and sharpest minds in the industry. A uniquely blended delivery model of the company helps it in delivering on-campus and in-association with various universities, autonomous institutions, and colleges. “Our programs are uniquely crafted and delivered with ‘The New 3Es of Education’ – Enable, Engage, and Empower, the key trends that have generated significant interest among learners and academia,” shares the team of iNurture.

The 3Es are described below:

  1. Enable – Enabling students to reach their potential through increased access to resources and experts that extend learning beyond the limitations of their classroom.
  2. Engage – Engaging students in rich and compelling learning experiences that develop deeper knowledge and skills, especially problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.
  3. Empower – Empowering students to take responsibility for their destinies and explore knowledge with unfettered curiosity, thus creating a new generation of lifelong learners and achievers.

The students get access to a rich and varied set of technologies and resources that provide gateways to new experiences within this learning scenario. The digitally-enabled experiences curated and facilitated by iNurture ignite a new, insatiable curiosity for more knowledge. Its a curiosity fuelled by the real-world context of the experience and the opportunity to collaborate with peers and experts while inducing participatory learning.

iNurture employs a multi-channel strategy for managing end-to-end student acquisition on behalf of its partners. “Our complete suite of well-crafted marketing services generates appropriate leads and enrolls a high volume of qualified students for our partner universities,” states iNurture’s team. Its range of marketing services is laid upon the foundation of intent and involves media touchpoints. The company conducts sophisticated, state-of-the-art campaigns and offers efficient contact center services, which are adequately designed to stimulate the interest of both national and international students. “Our advanced techniques ensure that the partner universities gain an edge over their competitors,” says the company’s team. The technologies used by iNurture have proven to expedite prospective enrollment through effective management of digital assets.

iNurture has developed a fully integrated career guidance app called CollegeNinja. It is an all-in-one model that helps students make informed career decisions. The app enables an exploratory vision of different new-age career choices. From course selection to college admissions to career development, this app manages the most crucial part of a student’s academic path in the simplest way possible.

The App also enables an open, direct line of communication between the college and prospective students. This helps students in posting any queries they have about courses the college is offering, along with its facilities, infrastructure, etc. and get immediate assistance. Thus, CollegeNinja, in particular, reduces turnaround time for student queries and expedites admissions.

KRACKiN for Students

KRACKiN is an AI-based, student engagement platform introduced and developed by iNurture that devises a holistic association between academics and industry. It materializes outcome-based education (OBE) through the estimation of curriculum efficiency and the establishment of a choice-based credit system (CBCS). It enables digital management of campuses through its platform ‘ACE,’ which facilitates paperless admission, distance learning through LMS and virtual labs.

KRACKiN ACE is an underlying proprietary technology platform for Outcome-Based Education. It assesses Employability Ranking, delivering Personalized interventions, and enabling Placement. It is a fully integrated digital platform for campus management that builds industry-preparedness for students by providing a classroom management system for professors. It also creates a student information system for administrators.

KRACKiN manages Skill-X. It is an end-to-end employability solution that enables students to identify changing skill requirements for various jobs. By using this, students get trained in industry-relevant skills resulting in an industry-ready talent pool. Skill-X enables this through attaining:

  1. Student profiling based on AI-driven detailed factor analysis.
  2. Recommendations on learning roadmap based on chosen career paths and student readiness.
  3. Skilling with a catalog of ready-to-deploy best-of-breed e-learning and blended modules.
  4. Assessment and employability ranking based on measurement of key employability metrics.
  5. Recruitment through a comprehensive showcase of student’s achievement and repertoire over the entire academic lifecycle.

A Multi-faceted Professional

Mr. Ashwin Ajila, Founder and Managing Director of iNurture is a pioneering entrepreneur who has used his innovative ideas and tenacious drive to create successful business endeavors. He is a chartered accountant articled and qualified from KPMG Peat Marwick, UK. His five-year stint with KPMG helped him develop an entrepreneurial drive, which led to the genesis of iNurture. Under his able stewardship, the company has risen to become a formidable force in the EDTECH space.

Ashwin has been at the forefront of forging strong partnerships with universities, colleges, and autonomous institutions of high repute and driving the organization’s growth over the years. In 2017, he partnered with Galileo Global Education, Europe’s largest higher education group, for launching world-class undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Design, Digital, and Management streams, in a campus of excellence that is being set up in Bengaluru, India.

iNurture and Ashwin were selected among the 50 Transformational Brands & Business Leaders of 2019 respectively. The ceremony was held at the House of Lords, Westminster, London on the 24th and 25th of June-2019. More recently, he was recognized as one of The Economic Times Game Changers of 2019. 

Other accolades received by iNurture under the leadership of Ashwin include Brand of the Year 2017 by The CEO Magazine and the Economic Times Best Education Brands 2019. Additionally, iNurture was among the 30 Best Indian Founded Companies by The Silicon Review magazine and was recognized among the 50 Best Entrepreneurs of 2019 by CEO Insights magazine.

iNurture is the reflection of Ashwin’s passion for education and his vision to ‘intelligently nurture’ the abundant talent in India. It is now the largest private educational service provider of its kind in India and a 360° EdTech powerhouse.

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