Isha Manekia: Channeling Creative Instincts to Create Unique Spaces

Isha Manekia
Isha Manekia | CEO Takeaway Interiors

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That makes different people perceive beauty differently. And this difference is what makes them stand out as unique identities. When designing a space, understanding these differences for customized solutions is what interior designers aim at to create unique and beautiful entities.

Founded in 2013, Takeaway Interiors, a brand under M/s. I Takeaway Interiors (registered company), intends to revolutionize the field of interior designing by providing the best value-for-money products & services with n number of themes (look and feel) using technology. Added to that it looks out for giving personalized designer touch.

Isha Manekia, Founder, Takeaway Interiors, started her professional journey in 2005 to beautify the places. Soon, it became her passion to transform the spaces.

She says, “It amazes me that interiors are required anywhere & everywhere- whether we realise it or not. It’s not only for homes and offices, it’s part of our day-to-day life; like we go to malls, cinema halls, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, salons, schools, Kirana stores.

Another thing is that it’s universal, I mean its utility size etc is the same everywhere & all the people require it.”

Isha loves the unlimited creativity that her work offers. Everybody likes different things; people have different taste. Here’s how she takes care of the differences to create creative spaces.

What are the different products & services provided by your company, setting you apart from your competitors?

We, as most of the interior designing company, is a one-stop solution to all the interior related needs for the clients.

But what sets us apart is bringing out the best possible value from the product like creating a customised wall mural out of balance material on-site & that becomes the centre of attraction of the entire house. Customised wall clocks, murals, partitions, photo frames, curtains with beads, pop designs etc which is completely customised & real value for money as its exclusive for that particular project.

Using different types of lights & arranging it in such a way that creates 6-7 different ambience/mood in the same space. Educating clients about materials with complete transparency, how to choose accessories for their home in the future etc.

Most of all, we try to give an experience of joy & excitement to clients. We involve & educate clients & try to make the entire process exciting & memorable.

We are client-centric (as one of our clients told us in testimonial)

With the massive tech-enabled advancement, what are the opportunities & challenges evolving with it?

Like every invention, it has pros & cons. I believe technology is to make our lives better & more comfortable. It has made the world smaller & closer in the past decade. As people are evolving, so as their needs & vision. Technology does help us to minimise the communication gap as interiors is a very creative field but still it’s very personal. But I do believe the interior is very personal. I believe every space reflects the personality of its owner. So, to create something so personalised that involves the individual’s lifestyle, personal preference, utility & look & feel of space- you need human touch!!!

Share with us your company’s contribution to its sector in the industry and how it is helping its clients in their business growth?

Interior Designing is an unorganised sector. We are trying to make it organised by giving as many details as possible along with material specifications, brand etc. With complete transparency, the client is peaceful and enjoys the process. We try to keep a very transparent environment for the betterment of clients and us. It’s a win-win situation.

For project: In residential projects; we try & design the home which is upgradable as far as technology & appliances are concerned. For commercial projects, we use logo, shape, colour, products & highlight the decor. In a way, it is branding for them.

How do you motivate creativity and innovation in the workplace while maintaining a healthy work environment?

Creativity is a very huge term. It means different to different people. For me, creativity is the process itself to create something considering different factors like utility, decor, budget, function, time, availability of raw material/hardware etc. It’s all about integrating many things & creating something unique & personalised. And challenges do come when we try to innovate. Sometimes it takes more time than expected, sometimes raw materials are not available, sometimes skilled labours are not available. But we try to use the expertise of the particular agency & somehow manage to create something exclusive.

When I see a spark in the eyes of the client, all the efforts are paid off at that moment. I work for that.

Brief us about the current scenario of your industry and your company’s future plan?

The demand for interiors was there, is there & will always be there.

People are evolving & their lifestyle is upgrading. Our future plan is to create a system that caters to the mass market but with the personalised touch of a designer. To provide an economic solution to most of the people who wish to live good. I believe everyone has the right to live good. I want to make it believable & possible for people.

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