Seema Seth: Empowering Creative Women through Interior Design Education

Seema Seth| Design Brilliance Blueprint
Seema Seth | Founder,|Design Brilliance Blueprint

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia.

This statement precisely sums up the notion of how we can change our own lives through what we learn. Change is what every other individual yearns for. How absurd would it sound if we say that we don’t want to make our lives any better than they are right now? You stop living a life of independence and satisfaction when you stop learning. Wouldn’t you agree?

To provide you a sense of reassurance we bring to you, the story of Seema Seth, the Founder of Design Brilliance Blueprint who, at the age of 40, decided to take up formal education in the field of interior designing and subsequently start a venture to impart that knowledge to talented and creative young women.

Possessing a never-say-die spirit, Seema has always been passionate about working where she can proudly say that her work gives her energy. Amazed at the short span of life, Seema decided that she will pursue what she had always wanted to and took a dive into the interior design field and never looked back since then.

In the following interview, Seema shares pieces of wisdom from her journey as an entrepreneur and also her opinion on why we should never stop learning.

Let us delve into her story and relish the value that we are about to receive!

Brief our readers about your journey as an entrepreneur and interior designer and also a brief about your venture.

We, Design Brilliance Blueprint are in the field of interior design since 15+ years. I initially started off designing and manufacturing teak wood furniture and later on moved to doing turnkey luxury interior projects.

Currently, I train creative women to become financially independent by teaching them interior designing skills on an online platform. I run specialized and customized courses related to interiors. Many women who are passionate about interior designing have been benefitting by the individualized programs we run.

Tell us about Design Brilliance Blueprint’s vision and mission.

We are on a mission to help 10 Lakh creative women become financially independent by training them in the skills of interior design online. We are passionate about making this world a beautiful place by creating beautiful surroundings.

What was your source of inspiration to venture into the Interior Design segment?

Always having the desire to be financially independent, so that I can take my decisions independently and keep the reins of my life in my hand. While working, I saw that many of my female clients had a creative bent of mind and the journey of creating beautiful homes with them was a very enjoyable experience.

They all showed their interest towards design but didn’t know how to go about it. That’s when I decided to impart my knowledge with the women who wanted to achieve something in their lives but never got an opportunity to do so.

These women have got time on their hands as their kids are growing up and showing signs of independence and don’t need to be given as much attention while husbands are busy with their work life.

Hence, utilizing this time, they can devote some time not only to learning new skills but also to be able to generate income out of it. And our program doesn’t end here. Once they have started making money, they are also trained in how to handle finances, how much to save, where to invest so that they have sufficient income not only in their retirement days but also they are financially free for their entire lives. All this gives them self-confidence, increased self-esteem, and a heightened sense of self-respect. Their parents, spouse and children feel proud of them.

While doing the assignments they are encouraged to do the exercises with their children, so this works as a bonding activity and kids are incredibly happy that their mum is doing her homework with them. They are able to make from minor to major changes in their home surroundings and are encouraged to bring out the changes starting with their friends & relatives etc.

What kind of unique interior designing solutions or services are offered by your company at par with the current industry standards?

We do luxurious yet ecofriendly interiors for sustainable living. We are creating a niche for creative women while showing them way and joining hands with them to help them achieve financial independence.

How does your venture deliver safer, economical, and more artistic interior designs to the customers?

By listening to the clients and understanding their requirements, their choices, preferences, lifestyles. Having started much needed online courses in the testing times of COVID-19, we have been able to tap creative women’s potential and help them get on the track to start their business using their creativity that they can operate from home that leads them towards financial independence.

What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the interior design industry?

It’s very essential to move with the times. We had recognized the need for imparting education on an online platform and it helped us during the lockdown period to focus on developing the course design and come out with marketing plans.

Understand clients’ requirements and deliver the interior which is aesthetically appealing and functional yet suiting their pockets.


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