Tania Shah: Shaping, Building and Designing Sustainably

TS Design Works
Tania Shah, Founder

Architects possess the ability to shape this world with their imagination. Not only do they influence the society at a large level but their work can have a profound impact on its occupants as well. From the layout of the space to the intricate material finishes, architecture contributes towards the occupant’s health, mood and productivity.

Tania Shah strongly believes that our surroundings define the way we live. Graduated in architecture 17 years ago, she now successfully operates and executes an architectural design firm TS Design Works as a Founder. The firm is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

An Architect of Her Own Life

Tania has been passionate about architecture and design from her school days and wanted to study from the best school of architecture in the country. Fortunately, she got a chance to pursue her graduation through Sir JJ college of Architecture, where she secured the only seat for the State of Jammu and Kashmir as the state did not have a school of architecture. “I interned with a renowned architect Brinda Somaya which was my first achievement to get employed in her organization,” says Tania. Brinda was an inspiration as a woman architect with lots of awards and fame to her name doing commendable work in the world of architecture.

After that, Tania pursued her Masters in Architecture from Rizvi College of Architecture and her interest in teaching architecture gained light. “I joined Rizvi College of Architecture as a lecturer where I am an Associate Professor at present,” shares Tania. Her first project was a duplex Pent House that she designed for a client in Mumbai which got featured under the category of debut designer. It was another moment of happiness that gave her a sense of achievement along with lot of confidence which inspired her to focus and be dedicated towards the practice besides teaching in a school of architecture.

As an academician and a practicing architect, Tania feels this dual role benefits both of her professions (teaching and practice). She gets to interact with young minds on regular basis which motivates her to learn new things. “In teaching, my Industry experience helps my students to learn practical aspects of Architecture, real career challenges and be prepared for them in future,” informs Tania.

Designing Excellence

TS Design Works surveys and explores the diversity of architectural practice and spotlights on the understanding of the client’s cultural and realistic needs, reflecting them into personalized designs and previews of their desired spaces. The end result is a guaranteed conversion of the clients’ commercial, residential and interior preferences into concrete structural reality, with colour palettes and structural nuances that self-define sophistication.

A number of individuals with diverse credentials to their names provide their comprehensive involvement into every stage of design. Structuring that consistently results in projects that have been recognized and appreciated for architectural innovation and quality. The firm maintains a diversified practice and has extensive experience in residential and commercial designs, interiors, renovation and restoration of old properties and bungalows.

TS Design Works is consciously limited in size in order to maintain and execute an innate degree of input and project execution on every project, abiding by its principle of impressionable deliverable quality rather than mediocre quantitative executions.

What sets us apart is our design philosophy. We are sensitive to environment. We try and design spaces that have a soul and are spiritual in nature. They are not mere ostentatious decorations,” shares the team of TS Design works. The firm along with Tania aims to build energy efficient buildings that respond to climate and are sensitive to the environment.

Crafting the Future

The firm has exposure to media where its team can see best practices around the globe. Tania and her team keep continuously evolving themselves by engaging in contemporary trends and issues. Every individual who contributes in her design project has their own strengths and she appreciates and highlights that using the best potential required for a particular task. “We welcome ideas from fresh graduates and incorporate them. We maintain a healthy yet competitive environment,” states the team of TS Design Works.

Tania along with her team always tries to add character to a space. Besides their involvement at each stage of design is 100 percent. They do not only design spaces, they undertake turn key projects where the involvement from conceptualizing to styling the spaces with minutest details comes into picture. “Designing, executing, material selection etc. all are undertaken by me,” states Tania.

Tania believes that designing a structure alone is not enough. Interior spaces, furniture, soft furnishings too need to be paid attention to. Sometimes they customize the artifacts also. So, handing over the project with a complete look to clients where they just have to enter their spaces and start using them is her regular practice. The firm’s clients build long lasting relationships with Tania and her team and they do not hesitate to consult her for anything in future. “For me, success is seeing happy clients and not many clients,” she concludes.

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