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As a service provider, your success depends on going above & beyond the simple infrastructure services to deliver superior application quality, enterprise apps, and industry-specific expertise.
To capitalize on new opportunities, one must tackle complexity, grow geographic reach, support local data privacy requirements, and deliver well-managed solutions for better customer experience.
ITC Infotech’s Digital Testing Offering is designed to offer Secure, Flexible, on demand and futuristic testing services that is powered to handle the latest technological disruptive trends. The company’s focus on early and End to End Test automation leveraging their Test Smart Toolkit & Framework ensures increase in Test efficiency 3X times.
Their Platform and Future Agnostic Test Automation framework offers disruptive features that help reduces automation scripting and maintenance time thereby accelerating test automation ROI. This enables test teams to automate their mobile apps, web apps, web services and integrate seamlessly with their Devops without requiring a coding background
ITC Infotech’s Digital Testing solutions have been curated to provide solution to the following 9 specific enterprise needs of the Digital World:

  • Customers are connected through a diverse range of device types. Is Testing being done effectively across all of them?
  • Applications are constantly evolving. Is the testing effort exceeding application development efforts?
  • BOT are built in almost all applications these days. Does the testing strategy ensure BOT conversation truly exhibit human like behavior?
  • Customers demand superior user experience. Does Testing verify if the apps are contemporary; comply with usability & accessibility standards?
  • Business demands Agility and continuous testing. Chances are that your test cycle still reflects more waterfall than Agile character. How can testing be embedded effectively in Agile and DevOps?
  • Business expects a robust and scalable application. Can the testing approaches ensure readiness for digital scale challenges?
  • Business cannot afford security breaches. Are your applications, data and infrastructure safe from threats and vulnerabilities? Existing & new?
  • Products include unique domain nuances that are very specific. Does your testing team understand these products and underlying domain process specifics?
  • Testing is big for you. And you have been doing it for ever. Are your testing processes state of the art and matured?

About ITC Infotech
ITC Infotech is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd. and is well-known for being the most admired company in India.
ITC Infotech is mainly powered by expert solutions which address critical business challenges, including: Industry 4.0 solutions, Customer Value Management, Loyalty, Trade Marketing & Distribution, Supply Chain Optimization, Data Engineering and Analytics, Digital Banking solutions and Digital Agriculture solutions. They also provide solutions to enterprises in Supply Chain based industries and services through a combination of traditional and newer business models, as a long-term sustainable partner.
As a flexible, trusted and sustainable partner, ITC Infotech have their footprints in Supply Chain based Industries like Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Manufacturing and Technology & Media and Services Industries like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Airlines and Hospitality.
The Fascinating Entrepreneur of ITC Infotech
Sushma Rajagopalan is the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of ITC Infotech. She is also the part of the Executive Council of NASSCOM, which is a premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industries in India. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Women’s Christian College, Master of Arts in Personnel Management from TISS and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.
With over 30 years of global leadership experience in the Information Technology industry, Sushma has led organizational transformations, headed strategy, and corporate development and has been responsible for several large deal acquisitions through planned strategic investments.
She is passionate about entrepreneurship and building a viable eco-system to promote new thinking and an innovative culture. She has identified groomed and mentored many start-ups in India and the US.
With a transformational leadership style, Sushma directs from the front and encourages the team members to realize their true potential by translating strategies into actions. A truly approachable leader, Sushma brings in tremendous clarity, passion, and confidence.
Sushma has been honoured with many titles which includes, “Innovator in Technology” in 2013 and “Best Technology Woman Leader” in 2011.
Delivering Best Solution to Satisfy Clients
ITC Infotech continues to strengthen their Digital Testing capabilities to align with digital technological advancements. ITC Infotech strives continuously in expanding their existing service portfolios enabling clients to organize their business with confidence. They are also capitalizing in testing areas such as Digital Enablement, Intelligent Test Automation and Specialized Product Testing. ITC Infotech boasts an enabled testing workforce to build the QA & Testing skills and competencies that can make them future ready.
The company had served one of the leading crop sciences clients to successfully embark their digital journey, where they worked diligently with the client from the solution concept to the realization phase by offering them end-to-end testing services. The client requirement was to advance a digital advisory mobile app targeted for smallholder farmers across India for select crops in their regions. Keeping in the mind the need for localization, demographics and end-user exposure to digital world, the Digital Testing strategy was carefully designed to ensure the company mimics the real world farming conditions across various combinations of devices, Operating systems, screen sizes and user preference.
With a strong foot print in the Airline Industry ITC Infotech’s has been a part of PSS (Passenger Service Systems) Testing journey for various global Airlines. The challenges encountered in the GDS implementation was overcome by their Test Data Creation Framework, Business Rules Injection Framework and API Automation Strategies which is now used as platform to serve many other aviation customer.
TMMi based Test Maturity Assessment was conducted for an International Service Organization. Their end to end Testing Maturity Consulting enabled them to enhance their testing efficiency and process maturity. Adoption of their key recommendation such as Quality focused Test Organization, Matured Test Strategy, Larger Automation and ROI metrics, KPI driven Test Delivery Methods and Institutionalized Testing Processes enabled them to move from Level 2 to Level 4.
ITC Infotech has built Testing Frameworks and accelerators coupled with domain-led best practices to help clients gain superior competitive advantage of reliable and secured digital solutions.
A Close Look on Industry Change
The company recognized that the digitalization & user-centric focus has augmented the expectation of reliability, security, and speed at an effective cost. This progressing digital technology trends help solves many unsolved problems of the business world. These innovative technologies have made it imperative to rethink the Test Strategy. It calls for Early Automation & Intelligent Automation to power and expedite operational activities. One of the growing challenge & opportunity also lies with the data security across multiple touch points to ensure superior customer experience across mobile, internet and cloud. Thus, ITC Infotech practices their Digitaligence@work and transforms testing to build their clients’ digital success.
Digitaligence@work of ITC Infotech helps ITC Infotech better understand their customer’s evolving preferences, and create differentiated value propositions. They have focus on innovation-friendly people culture, and empower every employee to be company’s brand ambassador and aims to provide each employee a wholesome and challenging job that effectively aligns individual aspirations and the organizational needs. Their leadership team helps to infuse purpose into passion enabling creation of value for their customers.
The company has invested in dedicated Innoruption Lab and Testing CoE that helps to commercialize the technology innovations and smart way of working. Their partner ecosystem further enables client’s access comprehensive future-ready solutions, to consistently win in a dynamic and competitive market. Moreover, Agile & DevOps continue to drive collaboration and pace of delivery. ITC Infotech believes that ‘collaboration’ is the foundation of digital success. So, to achieve it, their QA & Testing team is dedicatedly engaged to release superiority in software. Also, Innovative tech tools combined with the company’s Testing CoE assets helps reduce the turnaround time.
New World, New Challenges – Assured Quality Software and Customer Delight
ITC Infotech’ Digital Testing Solutions Portfolio – Powered by Digitaligence
Digitaligence@work is ITC Infotech’s differentiated approach to crafting solutions which deliver enduring value. The company pays particular attention to business specific challenges of each customer, across specific industry verticals.
Apart from their innovative work, the company has their own digital testing offering which is so uniquely designed that fulfills client’s specific business & technology needs. At ITC Infotech, TMMi Framework, flexible on-demand testing services, choice of tools & platforms, domain led test artifacts, best practices and their 850+ passionate testing people lay the foundation of superior quality software.
Because of the company’s “Early & Intelligent Test automation”, “Intuitive Test Engineering and Consulting” amalgamated with “Technology Change Testing Services” ensures 360 degree quality assurance for their customers. Their state of art Testing Labs such Mobile Testing Lab, Performance and Security Testing Labs, Automation and Innoruption Labs provide the required infrastructure to handle testing for all their customer needs. Our automation expertise includes industry specific testing solutions and collaborative delivery models with special focus on Automated Test Case Design,API Automation , Test Data Automation, Mobile Automation and BOT Assisted Testing.
ITC Infotech’s Digital Testing solutions enable their customers to accelerates their Digital Transformation journey through their TestSmart Toolkit and framework which comprises of following key elements.

  • Framework for Static code Analysis
  • Automated Test Design Framework
  • Automated Mass Data Creation Framework
  • Test Maturity Assessment model
  • Usability, Compatibility, Accessibility Framework
  • Omni channel Testing Framework
  • Platform Agnostic Automation Framework
  • Risk Based testing Framework
  • Orthogonal Array Testing Framework

ITC Infotech applies their expertise to critical business areas where decisions are taken on hard facts, not on assumptions. From sourcing to presenting the most sought-after data, they open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, performance efficiency, and more.
Seamlessly fitting Testing landscapes, their solutions interconnect with multiple integrated data sources to increase value from all the information at hand.
ITC Infotech’s ‘5D’ framework of excellence enables the company to offer tailored solutions to clients:
Domain Led: Solutions and Services are powered by deep domain understanding and practitioner’s led expertise in focus industries.
Data infrastructure to insights to interventions: From infrastructure to insights, it leverages the power of data with actionable insights and perceptive analytics.
Design Expert: Provides UI/UX, high-end engineering design solutions and services to market-leading engineering organizations worldwide.
Digital Ready: Provides digital solutions to help in the client engagements.
Differentiated Delivery: With excellence forming the cornerstones of each engagement, they deliver customized, outcome-based, BOT, JVs, as-a-service and subscription models.
This 5D Framework supports not only the critical pillars in creating a compelling value proposition for clients, but also provides a clear competitive advantage to the company.
Marching to Rule the Market World
ITC Infotech loves what they do and are always looking to improve through powerful R&D, continuous internal education, and regular visits to industry events. They build relationships based on openness and honesty, and they entrench those values into their flexible, low-risk testing process. The company makes it a point to ensure that every client has maximum visibility into the project.
For ITC Infotech, earning trust means taking full responsibility for what they deliver, until the job is done and beyond.
The automation will have a profound impact on the global IT sector in the future. And to deal with this future need, ITC Infotech has invested in developing deep and distinguished capabilities on Automation Testing, Digital Enablement, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Recommendations Engine & BOTS.
Faithful to the company’s agile mindset, they are always ready to accommodate a changing scope, ramp up the team, or master a new tech if the client’s vision calls for it.

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