ITransmaster Solutions: Supporting Business and Linguistic Diversity

ITransmaster Solutions

Localization is the process of modifying a product to adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a different region. Translation solutions are often an essential component of localization. Providers offer several different localization solutions, including app, software, and game localization services.
Clients may utilize these services when looking to expand their product or service to other locations in a well-functioning form that adapts to the local language, culture, and regulations. For example, localization services may be used to modify a product for a new market that uses a different unit of measurement. Localization is essential for a product to be accessible for users with different native languages. In cases that do not involve a complete translation, localization is useful and welcoming to potential customers and possibly results in larger user base. In general, localization services intend to modify products to function as though they are created for the specific market in which they appear.
ITransmaster Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ITS) is one such translation and localization provider of the industry.  They are a group comprised of individuals who came together, brainstormed and decided to build a corporation that bridges the gap. With an ambition to give this industry a new dimension, ITS looks at innovative and creative ways to capture markets.
The company provides niche language and documentation services across industries. Their vision is to create content, technical and web-based, yet engaging enough to have a high-impact for an enhanced business image. They develop product documentation, technical support, and training materials. Supported by the best talent in the industry, their processes are ISO compliant with the highest caliber and with significant focuses on client satisfaction.
The Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest growing areas for the Translation and Localization industry. ITS’s extensive experience in this Industry, along with positive results, foresee the APAC region as the Industry leaders in Translation and Localization services in the future. The entire knowledge-based service and solutions Industry have shown excellent growth over the past years, starting with the multiple modalities of manufacturing techniques worldwide, today and ITS sees that the Translation and Content Services Domain has become an integral part of every business domain. From Engineering to Healthcare, Pharma to BFSI, IT/ITES to Education, there is not one Industry today that does not require Linguistic Services. As Globalization continues to reinforce, ITransmasters Linguistic Services offer an incredible opportunity to Businesses and Individuals alike, who are looking to reach out globally but with a Local Voice.
ITS is an accomplished Business Service Provider with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. They engage in planning language services and documentation strategies that can realign existing content by evolving a strategic plan that enhances brand image –all at highly competitive prices.
The Leader
Mayoor, Director of ITransmaster Solutions holds a BA (Hons) in Management from Webster University London. He is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner for the largest Hair extension company in India, a large-scale enterprise having over 1000 employees. He is also one of the promoters of a start-up enterprise in the cosmetics services segment.
Mayoor has created and implemented large-scale logistical, distribution and trade solutions for a variety of enterprises. He has consulted numerous companies in the areas of International Trade and Finance, and Global Strategic Management.
In his spare time, Mayoor enjoys playing squash and is an avid movie enthusiast. Also, he particularly enjoys the works of Noam Chomskyand Immanuel Kant, and frequently organizes and participates in various seminars and forums with other like-minded academia on the subject.
Distinct Services leading to Success
ITransmaster Solutions cater to domains in Healthcare, Information Technology, Media, Gaming, E-Learning, Publishing, Manufacturing, Transport, Legal, communication, etc. They work in developing Software, Website and application localization, User Manuals, UI localization and Testing, Marketing collaterals/ Creative translation, Patient diaries, Clinical research, Multilingual Voice Over, Multilingual Subtitling, Multilingual Dubbing, etc.
ITransmaster is a one-stop solution for any multilingual requirement for any domain this makes it a unique company in the linguistic industry domain. They have close to 5000 native translators empaneled with them who have 7+ years of professional translation experience in the domains mentioned above.
ITransmaster is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools, and efficient use of them helps them give better quality, Rate, and TAT to their customers. They are very proud to say that today, ITransmaster is known as one of the cost-efficient linguistic company in India without making any compromise in quality as that is their utmost priority.
Unique Values and Strategies
Various strategies helped them build a long-lasting relationship with their end clients. Not only they get the best of the rates in the industry but also the transparent knowledge transfer to them this helps them understand how the work happens in this industry. At ITS, they have always walked that extra mile and also entirely focused on client satisfaction for every project they have ever undertaken.
They believed that the only way to success is to walk that extra mile for the clients. Every project irrespective of the size and scope of work are treated with a lot of respect and utmost importance. They do not hesitate to walk that extra mile which could contribute to their client’s success. Mayoor strongly believes that their customers recognize these efforts and also helps them to retain their clients. The most significant proof of that is currently 80 percent of their turn over is from the existing clients.
At the same time, there are other aspects of the business that help them along with the values. They are up to date with every possible tools and technology available in the market. In spite of being a start-up, they have a dedicated R & D team based out of Bangalore whose sole job is to find out different tools and state of the art technology which can help ITS in the industry and implement them in the process flow. Mayoor feels very proud of the fact that these tools and techniques help their customers reduce the cost and also the turnaround time with impeccable quality standards.
Future Endeavors
ITS aims to efficiently use Artificial Intelligence through different tools and technologies, have a Global presence in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, and Singapore in the next five years and get equipped with projects related to manufacturing/ Defense as they expect India to be the next big manufacturing hub under the Make in India scheme.

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