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William Carlos Williams, in his letter to Nicholas Calas, dated 4 Dec. 1940, wrote, “All this fits well into my scheme. I don’t care how I say what I must say. If I do original work all well and good. But if I can say it (the matter of form I mean) by translating the work of others that also is valuable. What difference does it make?”  Translation is an art and translator an artist. With a countless number of languages and slangs around the world, localization and translation are the need of the hour for businesses, personal convenience and elevating the aesthetic feel of regional languages.
Devnagri is India’s first AI-powered human translation platform exclusively focused on Indian languages. The company has created a powerful cloud-based translation platform, which empowers products by enabling product owners, product developers and product marketers to reach Indian internet users in their regional languages. The machine is an AI-integrated platform, which promotes organized way translations with guaranteed timely delivery. Further, with the help of Indian translators and reviewers, the tool is an excellent offering to the Indian translation industry. The professional translation services are therefore now a reality as Devnagri comes with unique linguistic skills and per-domain translation expertise. Devnagri platform offers quality assurance features such as translation memory, glossary and proofreading, which ensures 100% client satisfaction.

About the Trailblazers
Himanshu Sharma, the CEO of Devnagri, is a great people person who has spent nine years as an entrepreneur and gained experience in all areas of business including marketing, operations, business strategy, business intelligence and more. He is passionate about technology.  Himanshu is an experienced strategist with an exceptional capability to simplify complex business challenges by innovative solutions for market differentiation. When he is not working he loves to play video games, watch cricket matches and loves to cook.

Nakul Kundra, Devnagri’s COO, is a renowned entrepreneur with over 10 years of corporate and tech start-up experience. Over the last decade, he has gained hands-on strategic experience in creating a start-up from idea generation to execution to POC model.
Nakul is highly skilled in strategic planning, business intelligence, AI/ML/big data conceptualization, establishing and growing Indian operations, mentoring start-ups and IT consulting, among others.

The Driving Factor
This is a century of innovation and now through technology, it is possible to book flight tickets just with the move of a thumb. Similarly, technology has also influenced the life of the elderly in a good way—they can schedule appointments with the doctors, set reminders for medications, book tickets and many more. However, Devnagri realized that despite the fact that India being one of the biggest IT-driven nations in the world, the convenience of Indian people is overlooked. Nakul asserts, “We have been making applications driven by the ideas and needs of our foreign clientele and we build applications and services intended to be used by their own audience, and here is the main point, in their own language”. If our parents or a grandparent wants to book a cab or order pizza online, they can simply do it in their language rather than depending on us to do it for them. This will make an Incredible India, Independent!

Devnagri realized that the simple fact of not being fluent or comfortable in a foreign language retains many Indians from actually making use of the wonderful benefits of technology and the modern mobile revolution. People are not open to use the modern services due to their fear of making mistakes that may occur if they use a banking application or any other similar applications in a language that they do not feel comfortable with. After thorough research, the team identified that there is a lack of correspondence between what a business or a facility provider can reach and what our elders or fellow countrymen can use—just because of the language barrier.

Unique Services
Devnagri’s team of highly professional translators possess a keen sense of style in both the languages and translate the scripts preserving the authenticity.  They conduct sessions for honing and mounting their expertise, which in turn, sharpens the awareness on the emotional impact of words and the atmosphere they create along with the social aura that surrounds them.

Transforming the translation industry, the unique professional platform provides translation services in a power-packed combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and human expertise. Once the content is translated, the translation is taken to the next level where it undergoes the justification process under the guidance of a human. After all the scrutinizing steps, the content will be delivered on time without any lag or delay.
Mobile gadgets and applications have become a part of human life. With 1.25 Billion increasing population, novel communication mediums are emerging day by day. Especially for businesses, mobile applications are inevitable. The customer base can only be built strong with app localization, which is easily achievable on Devnagri’s platform.

A website is a platform that attracts the audience and gives your brand a global recognition. But with no localized approach, very few global audience connections are established. With Devnagri, one can imply the importance of translation to the website and establish a humongous customer base.

Touching the Hearts
Devnagri not only utilizes the power of machine learning but the intelligence of human minds also to make its translations reach the hands and touch the hearts of the end users. Through the mission of Devnagri, the company is looking forward to build Indian translator’s community to empower women and housewives and bring a smile to their faces.
In addition to this USP, the company also makes an effort towards improving the experience of its Translators, Reviewers and Clients on the smart platform by providing and innovating on features such as Glossary, Translation Memory and a comfortable Dashboard and Editor for doing the translation and proofreading within the platform.

Unlike its competitors, it is laser-focused on regional languages. “We believe that in the modern technological landscape, our own Indian languages are under-represented and this is a cause of dis-engaged user base in India such as the elderly and the people from the non-metropolitan region”, states Himanshu.
Nakul adds, “English is an important part of the modern world but that doesn’t mean that it should be imposed on people rather, our aim is to enable people to engage with the benefits of modern technology within their own comfort zone and through something that they truly understand”.

An Evergreen Recall
In its entrepreneurial journey, Devnagri has etched all of its clients’ names in its heart, however, some remain more special and certain achievements are evergreen. One such prolific project was with one of its early clients, India App Stores, which is an Android App Store dedicated to the provision of popular applications in Indian languages and allows developers to create applications specifically for Indian language users.
The company localized the entire website on a timely-basis with real-time updates, into eight languages simultaneously and proofreading these translations at the same time, thus allowing India App Stores not to suffer through the long and slow process of going through the traditional route of arranging a translation provider – negotiating – proofreading – integration.
Devnagri has been the translation powerhouse behind the platform’s continual success in enabling people to use modern services and application in their own languages.  It offers timely translations and real-time updates to all clients so that they are aware of the exact stage at which their translation projects stand.

Go an Extra Mile 
The company follows a freemium model for Devnagri platform and targets the Business-to-Business segment of its user-base for the major portion of its revenue and marketing strategy—it invests in the relationship by going an extra mile for providing them with custom packages for not only their mobile and web applications but also for their developers by providing them hooks to automatically trigger app/website builds when a translation is completed.
Devnagri’s core values flow naturally from its mission statement that “We strive to bring a smile to our countrymen’s faces by enabling them to use their own languages in the modern world”.   
Future Endeavours

“We are looking forward to making a disruptive change in the way that the Indian translation industry operates”, says Himanshu.
Translation services are inevitable to the global economy and the industry is on the upsurge as numerous small businesses globalize. The rise of innovative techniques in the communications industry is having a huge impact on the human life as well. It has been made clear by Devnagri’s domain and product interviews that almost 90 % of the Indian translators,

  • Follows the tedious process of manually copy and pasting the content from source to word docs—opening many sites such as dictionary during the translation process—and then following an even more time taking process for proofreading
  • Works mostly as freelancers with variable income
  • Does not do any networking at all with their peers
  • Lacks a common platform through which they could get the opportunity to showcase their talents and to highlight their own languages

Though the conventional localization processes of the past required a high intensity of labour, Devnagri’s localization intelligence has made it faster and efficient with the use of latest software, automation, analytics and tools for data-sharing and leveraging. The company looks forward to assuring that the businesses are able to reach and provide their services to prospective users from the non-metropolitan cities and thus vastly expand their clientele and user-base.

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