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Fidel Softech
Fidel Softech

Localization is one of the fastest growing areas in India with a global market of around forty billion USD. The industry is seeing demand with the proliferation of SaaS & Cloud-based software. The legacy software users like banks & insurance firms are increasingly competitive and hence reaching out to customers in local languages has become mandatory for better customer acquisition. Further, with an aim to bridge the digital divide and create more opportunities to the underserved segments, the government of India has taken various steps such as Digital India, Jan Dhan Yojna etc. where localization & distribution of contents in Indian languages will further lead to a massive demand for localization.
An ISO9001 & ISO 27001 certified firm, Fidel Softech Pvt. Ltd is the leading Translation and Localization Company with cutting edge technology driven solutions & services. It works with local as well as global companies to connect them with their customer in local languages.
A Technocrat Leader of Fidel Softech
Sunil Kulkarni, CEO is a bilingual technocrat with a vision to extend the frontiers of Indian entrepreneurship in Japan. When Sunil was working between Japan & India, he realized that there is a need for a boutique technology-driven firm which addresses the local language needs. With a core team of Mandar Inamdar (COO), Sushrut Potdar (Chief Delivery officer), and Rajeevlochan Phadke (CTO LinguaSol & Technology Product development), Fidel is poised to deliver world-class localization solution & services to the local and global customers.
Sunil has expertise & interests in domains like enterprise software, fintech, IoT & localization among many others. He is responsible for international business development and global partnerships.
Solutions that Amplify Messages across Oceans
Fidel localization Services (FiLoSe) offers translation and localization services in more than eighty plus languages. FiLoSe ensures that the project is handled by translators having particular domain knowledge for a high quality of a translation. FiLoSe is fully equipped to undertake the projects ranging from simple website, marketing brochure or name card translation to highly complex technical projects such as localization of an internet banking platform or translation of salary slips in an HR software or data translation (eg. beneficiary names) for govt agencies and many more. Fidel’s linguists are trained in specialized CAT tools & all projects are delivered only after passing through the quality assurance tests.
LinguaSol (a Fidel group company) offers a patented solution Linguify that can localize the user interface of any web, mobile, desktop or enterprise software to any language without the need to modify the source code or database. Since the code is not modified, this as the most secure, speedy and cost-effective way to localize the software application with very less involvement on client side. This is a complete externalized solution and hence meets the regulatory & compliance requirements for banks, government agencies & public sector companies. Apart from Linguify, the firm’s portfolio of solutions includes LinguaMT, eXtract and LinguaMate.
LinguaSol further specializes in translation of data & customized reports which is significant as many enterprise software applications though code-localized are unable to cater to translation of data.  Linguify translates the user interface as well as the date, currency formats can be changed using customized services, thereby delivering a fully internationalized software.
Fidel is making continues efforts to provide innovative solutions to their clients. Its clients benefit from the firms’ focus on expansion in different markets, continuous development of new products & services while maintaining existing products. At present, it is working with few banks as well as public sector firms to meet their internet banking & e-governance application localization needs respectively. In addition, the firm is exploring disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain & micro-APIs with an aim to further strengthen its capabilities and deliver cutting edge technology solutions in local languages.
Fidel with its emphasis on high-quality work, privacy & data security, cutting edge technology driven solutions, continuous staff training, faster turnaround time and pursuit of client satisfaction differentiates itself from other translation service providers & is poised to be the leader and a preferred partner to clients in India as well as global firms.
Gathering Trust by Overcoming Challenges
Fidel is growing at a very fast rate so one of the challenges for the company is to find the trained translator with necessary tool and domain knowledge. Fidel regularly trains freelancers or host workshops on latest tool and technologies as well as partners with fellow companies to create an ecosystem around it.
While many software product/application companies are still seeing localization as costly, cumbersome, time & effort consuming, Linguify can practically localize any web/cloud or enterprise software application in six to eight weeks without the need of any involvement of IT staff from the client side.
The Company believes to be someone who places customers and their needs at the forefront while developing and managing their information. Talking about the most challenging and satisfactory moment with client Sunil says, “A global player wanted to do a market entry in Japan and had to localize their software in Japanese in 4 weeks but the parent company was not interested due to less traction. We were able to deliver it in the said duration helping them a successful market entry into Japan” The company feels it as a real proud moment in the delivery of the project with the help of their team.
A Look into Future
Fidel sees India as a growing hub for localization services. Localization Industry is affected and shaped up with the advent of AI, automation, and machine translation trends. The company is continuously investing in technology, linguistic training, and domain-based specialization to deliver best class translation & product localization services.
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