Jai Mulani: Passion is the Key to Success

Jai Mulani | CEO | IBT
Jai Mulani | CEO | IBT

Pandemic has changed the business dimensions completely for every company. To rise above this adversity has become everyone’s agenda. This unprecedented challenge has placed mankind in a difficult situation. The very survival of human beings has become quite hectic. The same goes for businesses all over the globe. Many of the enterprises are being shut down, due to the losses and the misfortune of inoperability that has been struck like a thunder called Covid-19. Businesses are in need to adapt to the dynamic changes presented by the ongoing pandemic. Even with the vaccine mobilized, the after-effects of the pandemic have not completely left the global business paradigm.

Tackling these challenges head-on is a business leader Jai Mulani, the CEO of IBT. The company has always planned and spoke about digital transformation, but this situation accelerated it. It had to change / remove / add many strategies throughout this time and continue and still grow during these times.

“If you are able to move through the zones of survival, growth, sustenance, and crisis multiple times while retaining your people and growing your business – you are a leader”

Jai allowed all employees to work from home with same level of support, KPIs and SLAs delivered to all customers. To support customers, he also offered free support for a month up to three months for customers who were financially impacted hard by pandemic.

It was 2009, when Jai started his company with not much money in his bank account. The recession was at its peak when he started IBT and every month was a challenge till end of 2010 when he and his team moved out of survival mode and later it moved towards their growth trajectory.  My ambitions and my dreams are the source of my inspiration to work and raise the bar every day,” says Jai.

Jai’s business was bootstrapped and he did not go for any loan or raising funds from VCs. Due to this, he had to face the two most challenging aspects of the business he is involved in, namely:

  1. People: As the company was small, policies and procedures, office infrastructure and employment benefits were also less because of which retaining people that time was very difficult. Every employee wants to work for established business where they are more secured, processes are in place and their profile is more structured. Because IBT was small company in 2009 – 2010, it was difficult for Jai to retain talent. But he did his best to materialize his vision and explained it to people. “Today we still have some of people with us on board who joined during those times,” states Jai.
  2. Fund Management: It was very challenging to rotate funds and survive those difficult times when Jai did not have much cash in the bank account. During 2009 recession hit hard to every company so all large or medium business who survived recession wanted credit terms with lowered So, it was real challenging to evaluate projects and forecasting of payment cycle. But he was successful to manage and survive those times.

Dynamics of IBT

IBT is one of the largest Technology and Outsourcing Company in the Middle East. We offer end-to-end Technology and Process Outsourcing Solutions to medium to large enterprises,” describes Jai.  IBT has adopted very diversified and flexible culture to work with all its employees, customers, and stake holders. IBT has great potential to grow and become a global company. Jai envisions that happening in next 8 years from now. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the UAE with having more than 200 qualified professionals.

“We strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust resulting from meeting customer expectations,” says the team of IBT. The company facilitates its services over 1000 enterprise clients to outperform the competition. Having a digital genesis, the company works with agile and synergetic approach to devising customized solutions across the digital value chain. “Our broad expertise in technology and outsourcing makes your business more profitable and productive,” tells Jai. “Whether you need to drive your business more efficiently or expedite revenue growth, we can get you there,” adds the team of IBT.

IBT empowers global enterprises to facilitate a twin mandate:

  1. To make their existing operations productive as well as cost-effective.
  2. To fund innovation by unleashing new potential products across their organizations.

IBT is uniquely suited and qualified because of its intelligence to assist its clients in meeting both of the above-mentioned challenges. Jai helps them in intensifying productivity by ensuring that essential business functions work in a cheaper, better, and speedy manner. “Our capability to conceptualize, engineer, and implement new and expanded capacities allows clients to remodel legacy models to take their business to the next level,” concludes Jai and his team at IBT.

“Our vision is to change from one of the largest companies in Technology and Outsourcing space to the best company in that sector”

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