Jeelani Marine Products: A Globally Renowned Exporter of Seafood and Aquaculture

S. H. Aboobaker | Managing Director | Jeelani Marine Products[seafood, seafood suppliers, Jeelani Marine Products, seafood trading firm]
S. H. Aboobaker | Managing Director | Jeelani Marine Products

India’s marine product business has emerged as a dynamic foreign exchange generation sector, creating employment opportunities for both large and small related sectors. Several factors attribute to this major shift in the country’s fisheries structure, including growing urbanization, globalization, rapidly changing lifestyles and eating habits, trade liberalization and the emergence of a new market.

Such growth wouldn’t have been possible without the industry-leading players like Jeelani Marine Products (JMP). JMP is one of the leading suppliers of sea-caught and aquaculture material in India. Nestled in the picturesque West Coast of India, Ratnagiri, the company is known for its prominent export work in domestic and international markets. The corporation has a staff of more than 450 people who contribute in all areas of the enterprise right from purchase to operation, quality control, quality assurance, packaging, delivery, marketing, customer service, etc.

Meet the Visionary

JMP is the brainchild of a visionary personality S. H. Aboobaker Managing Director. He commenced his career as an employee in a seafood trading firm. He served the industry for over three years gaining extensive knowledge and forming strong connections with people.

Later, in the year  2011,  Mr. Aboobaker followed his instincts and ventured into the seafood trading business. His exploration overseas was a direct result of his passion and dedication towards the business. With the honorable aspiration and will to supply fresh catch to seafood lovers, he paved the path for seafood export. Consequently, today, under his leadership, JMP is one of the most sought-after seafood and aquaculture exporter in the country.

Esteemed Services

JMP provides fresh and premium quality Fish, Cephalopods, and Crustaceans both sea-caught and aquacultured. It is one the best seafood exporter from India and with a wide variety of products, including Indian Mackerel, Squid, Cuttlefish, Ribbon Fish, Croaker, Sea-Caught Shrimps, Vannamei Shrimps, Black Tiger, etc.

The company serves countries such as the USA, Japan, Thailand, China, South Africa, European Union (EU) Russia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Egypt, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and UAE. The firm satisfies the needs of international seafood lovers through competitive prices, quality control, consistency, on-time delivery, and premium services. Regarding the quality of services, Mr. Aboobaker says, “We always aspire to enhance our product quality and update our export variety. Also, we are committed to using latest technology right from the raw material sourcing to processing, packaging and delivering superior quality products to international market.”

Sound Infrastructure

According to the firm, the best thing that has ever happened to it is the location, which is just three kilometers away from Ratnagiri Harbor. This is the perfect set up for any seafood industry.

The facility is HACCP certified, EU approved,  USFDA certified and adheres to different International Quality Norms in all its processes. JMP has two Block Ice Plant with a combined production capacity of 250 MT per day. It also has an in-house Flake Ice Plant with 50 MT per day production. For freezing, two Plate Freezers are available with a combined capacity of 30 MT per day and Blast Freezing with a total production capacity of 65MT per day.

Finished Products are stored at its State-of-the-Art Cold Storage wherein temperature is maintained between -18 c to -22 c all the time. The Cold Storage area has Ultra-Modern Facilities, which facilitates ease in material handling and also has good systems for effective inventory control. Consequently, the products are fresh for a long time.

State-of-the-art Fish Processing Unit is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure needed for processing quality products at the least possible time. Further, the in-house Water Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plan treat the industrial Effluents before discharge.

Industry Collaboration

JMP has a good strong linkage with the Fisherman, Farmers, Self-help groups, Fisherman Co-operative society, and diverse Farming groups. The firm has formed this vast networking sourcing whole India. It procures fish from Fishing Harbors in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala, wherein it has its own collection centers equipped with all necessary infrastructure and trained workforce. Further, the firm has aquaculture farming contracts in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat alongside an excellent processing center with fish cleaning and cutting facilities.

Future Lookout

In forthcoming years, the firm will continue to provide the best of services related to the seafood industry. However, with the technology playing a prominent role in shaping the industry, JMP is looking forward to incorporating future technological trends and invest heavily in research and development. It is also looking to expand its infrastructure, even more, to contribute to the phenomenal growth of aquaculture.

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