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India is a country of cultural & religious diversity and these factors are also very well reflected in its cuisine. This cuisine consists of a wide assortment of regional and traditional cooking that is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is a sheer image of the rich 8000+ years of history, which is evident from the dishes that we enjoy today. The range of diversity in soil type, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations has had a substantial impact on the cuisine. The major components that come to the mind while talking about Indian food are spices and herbs. The classic sizzle of mustard seeds is common throughout the Indian kitchens.
Thomas Keller once said, “A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” This fact is clearly showcased in the food served by Charcoal Eats. Charcoal Eats is a tech-enabled, Indian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) venture that delivers high quality, modern Indian flavors to its patrons. When it comes to delivering delicious lip-smacking food, there is not just one little thing that matters, it has to be a perfect amalgamation of numerous little things put together.
The Leaders with a Passion for Food 
The idea behind Charcoal Eats was put forth, when the duo Anurag Mehrotra, the CEO and Krishnakant Thakur, the COO, met Mohammed Bhol, the CPO. Bhol is a chef, with product expertise in biryani, and coming from experience serving at establishments across UK and India.  The trio soon realized that there was no full-stack QSR venture for consistent, hygienic, and authentic Indian food to be served. Having had this epiphany, they realized that through standardized processes and recipes, they could achieve this consistency and quality while eliminating outlet level dependency on chefs.
Charcoal Eats was instituted by Anurag, Krishnakant, Gautam Singh, the CTO, and Mohammed in September 2015, in Mumbai, after which there has been no looking back for this eatery brand. The founders have a very deep rooted philosophy which they abide by, “the food we serve to patrons is the same food that we serve our own children.”
Distinctive Services & Wide Range of Delicious Food
While taste is paramount, the company also cares equally for the wellbeing of its consumers. Each and every ingredient that goes into the food is carefully selected. Charcoal Eats has enforced a strict ban on use of harmful additives such as MSG, preservatives, and colors. Food is made with high quality ingredients using stringent process and hygiene control in ultra-modern kitchen facilities. The company’s primary offerings are focused on full meals as well as all day snacking options at various price points, in dine-in, takeaway, and door delivery.
At Charcoal Eats, delivery-based orders are an important component of its business. In addition to its direct channels for delivery orders (, Android &iOS apps, call center number), it has also collaborated with all leading food delivery/ aggregator platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Foodpanda, and Dine Out to give the widest set of convenient options to its patrons.
In addition to the consistently high quality &delicious food, customer convenience is the focus at Charcoal Eats – from multiple options to consume (dine-in, take-away, delivery), to ordering options for all age groups (web, app, phone number), to a wide set of payment options (cash, cards, wallets, UPI, net banking, Sodexo), to packaging that is designed for ease of consumption, on the move.
Awards & Achievements
Charcoal Eats has already achieved the revenue targets, which it had set for the fiscal year 2018, with an 80% year-over-year growth. It has served over half a million customers in the last two years, with an average order value of approx. INR 500.
The company’s Customer Satisfaction Rating is over 92%, resulting in a repeat business of 52%. It has been recognized by Radio City, a leading PAN India FM radio station, for its Excellence in Food Retail, in 2018.
“Delicious, Wholesome & Quality Food at an Affordable Price”
Charcoal Eats feels that access to delicious, wholesome, and quality, yet affordable food is crucial in a growing economy with high disparity in income levels. It works with this basic objective to provide customers with convenient access to delicious, wholesome, and quality food at a great price. The team at Charcoal Eats believes that it“should be able to feed the food we make, to our children, without hesitation”. They also believe that they should be able to offer consistency of taste and experience to their patrons across time and geographies.
Future perspective
“Our vision is to be recognized as the most aspirational Indian QSR brand offering innovative, delicious, modern Indian flavors, at great price”. With this strong objective, Charcoal Eats serves the nation. Being a part of this industry for the long term, it is focused on steady consistent growth with a strong emphasis on food and service quality at all times.
Charcoal Eats has achieved wide-ranging consistency, be it taste, quality, portion sizes, and delivery which are major challenge for Indian QSRs. It currently operates with thirty outlets across eight cities, and plans to take the number to sixty outlets across ten cities by December 2018. These outlets will either be dine-in or express (take-away) formats, with both providing door delivery.
Source :-The 10 Best Customer Friendly Food Startups in India

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