Hunger Must Die: Assuring Succulent Food with Gen Z Customer Service

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Hunger Must Die is one of those unique establishments which want to be different from the rest with some exceptional ideas. When online food has become part of urban sustenance, only varieties in food and decor cannot save the game. The most important part is to understand the customer requirements, to get a good hold in the market. Among the list of outnumbered brands, Hunger Must Die is making a difference with its extremely customer oriented services and lip-smacking food. This ‘delivery only’ kitchen is at its services, in the odd hours of midnight to help out those who want food in the most exceptional situations.
The Groundbreaker
An ‘out of the box’ thinker Varun Anand, is the Founder and CEO of Hunger Must Die. He is one of the fertile brains who know how to make a difference as a next generation entrepreneur. He had some exceptional ideas when he started his dream project in March 2015, and as a true visionary he says, “We wanted to brand us as the ‘All night Solutions’ instead of just being ‘All night food service’.”
Hails from a businessmen and lawyers’ family, Varun always had a keen target for a new business venture. He took a long time in his preparation before starting HMD. He looked out for new ideas and services, and what more can be done to make a difference in service business. To know the business from the scratch he learnt to cook, and for other knowledge took help from Google. He even assisted some of his competitors in the initial days to get himself on his toes.
Marching with Zeal
Varun says the initial days were not that simple and to sustain the competition was a great challenge. But with the ‘try till you die’ attitude and zeal to stay in the run, Varun has come a long way since the start.
The brand started with the basics with around 50 items at first and now offers bigger and better options with different cuisines including Indian, Mughlai, Italian, American and Chinese, with over 200 unique menus and infinite customization options to choose from.
Hunger Must Die has a strong base of over 800 regular customers and around 1800 new customers add onboard almost every month. These figures are rich testimony of the success of the brand.
Staying Uniquely Competent
Standing tall amid a tough competition is all about upgrading and updating itself adjusting on the market demand. HMD knew from the initial days and had always walked on that trail. Tying up with Zomato and Swiggy to enhance the business and to add visibility was one of the many attempts which gave the business a positive boost. Marketing the brand is another aspect of getting into limelight which worked for it and Hunger Must Die is perceptible now through online banners, Google keywords and SMS campaigns most of the year round. Their Facebook page has more than 4.8K likes.
Varun has always been appreciative to the efforts of his team and stuffs. As a matter of fact, he is very easy and friendly with them to get the best out of them and he always tries to create the fun environment in the kitchen too, to make the work fun and energetic. Counting the team the pillar of his success, he has proved himself as one of the best entrepreneurs who believe in the cumulative growth rather than an individual success.
Focusing on the utmost services has kept Hunger Must Die in a very unique spot. He believes in the hassle-free refunds and replacements, discounts to regular customers, membership cards facilities (Black and Gold, and Gold is for the customers with more than 20 orders), keeping exact change for seamless cash on delivery services, tracking order facility and so on. He adds gifts like Chocolates, pens, and coupon, with orders and maintains Premium give-out menus as a little extra effort to impress the customer and connect with them better.
The Advice of the Benefactor
As a first generation entrepreneur, Varun has acknowledged the fact that there are few brands which stand the test of the time to reach the status of the successful business. Thus for the future entrepreneurs, he has some great advice to stand focused and he says, “Start with what you have, as I started with very limited resources, and when the cash flow starts, strategically use it for marketing.” He suggests that it is very important for an entrepreneur to value the money and he always prefers to spend it on quality of the products, service, and marketing rather than property and show-off kinds of stuff.
It is very important to provide healthy products while taking care of the cost and budget to keep up with the business, and thus it is crucial to bargain and make the deals properly with big FMCG and supplying companies; at the same time it is important being strict with the stuff to maintain the hygiene.
Appreciation and Acknowledgment
The brand has featured in “The10 Best Food and Beverages StartUps 2016” in the Silicon India Magazine November 2016 and in The CEO Magazine, Cover Story of December 2016. It has also become the Cover Story of StartUp City Magazine, of January 2017 that highlights ‘With figures such as 80% repeated customer base, something unheard of in the F&B industry, it’s clear how HMD is the GAME CHANGER’. The brand is also featured in various food-blogs which wrote about its success.
Future Aspirations
Taking Hunger Must Die to the zenith of success is the sole motive of Varun and he is marching slowly towards success and one of the successes is proudly announced by him, “We have now obtained the license to operate 24/7”. With time he has some more plans to conquer the food startup market and to be an example for the budding entrepreneurs and the toughest competition for the competitors.
Source :-The 10 Best Customer Friendly Food Startups in India

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