Jyothy Laboratories: A Venerated Firm Bestowing Excellent Lifestyle Products

Jyothy Laboratories

In the fast paced life, household chores can be a tedious process. In order to help the mankind, FMCG companies are providing solution-oriented lifestyle products and bringing an ease to the daily work. Hence, the companies grind for the consumers requirements and deliver products that are beneficial and reasonably priced.
One such company with a mission to provide brands with superior quality, to touch and positively impact the daily lives of consumers is Jyothy Laboratories Ltd (JLL). The company is well-known for its products which are cost effective, conveniently packaged, extensively distributed and supported by strategic communication. It strives to reach untapped markets with its innovative approach to create products that caters the common man. The company proudly states that it has become household friendly. Growing over the years, the company now has 6000 potential employees and thirty-two manufacturing units spread across India. Due to its sheer contribution and principled work ethics, the company has come a long way.
A Persistent Leader Leading the Organization
A diligent and determined entrepreneur MP Ramachandran, is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director at Jyothy Laboratories. After completing his master’s degree in finance management from Mumbai University and having an experience of over a decade in accounts and finance department; he decided to establish JLL as a proprietary tiny industry in 1983. Initially he started with the commercial production of revolutionary fabric whitener by the brand name Ujala. Over the years the company has grown into a multi-brand and is greeted as one of the most trusted brands around the country.
JLL was Ramachandran’s dream project, which he started with a mere sum of only INR 5000. With the right blend of his dream, passion, research, and work ethic, he has successfully achieved great sales for each product. He introduced multiple products in various categories with distinctive functional advantages for consumers in the FMCG sector.
Helping him along the way was K.Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director who played a splendid role in the vision and growth of JLL. The team at JLL has a highly qualified group of professionals. Guiding and leading them all the way, Ramachandran has created a knowledgeable and a committed computable force for the progress of the organization. He embraces a hands-on management style and believes that employees are the powerful driving force.
Enriching Lifestyle Products
JLL works with an approach to stand-out amongst all and outshine competition. It offers top-notch products in an expedient manner to satisfy the target consumers. The company has also attracted investments from private equity players which include Baring India Investment, CDC Financial services and CLSA, ICICI bank Canada, and UK which helped the organization to expand faster. JLL manufactures and distributes various brands across product categories as diverse as Fabric Care, Home Care, Utensil Care, and Personal Care.
The company acquired FMCG business of Henkel India Ltd, which had technologically advanced brands like Pril dish wash products, Henko Fabric wash products and other premium products such as Margo, Mr.White, Neem, Fa, Check and many more.
Due to its extensive work in the past few years, JLL has strengthened top brands like Ujala, Maxo, Exo, Henko, Pril, Margo, Mr.White, Neem, and many others.
JLL exports its products across the globe in various countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Mauritius, West Indies, Suriname, US, Japan, Taiwan, Fiji, Philippines, Republic of Belarus, and Srilanka. It has also established a subsidiary in Bangladesh known as – Jyothy Kallol Bangladesh Ltd in 2013.
Winning Prestigious Honors
JLL is dedicated to provide the highest quality of differentiated products and sets high performance targets to achieve it.
As such, it has won several prizes and has built a brand name in the market. The CMO and Director M R Jyothy was voted amongst the ‘50 Most Influential Women in India Media, Advertising and Marketing 2016’. In 2013 the company won the Emerging India Award organized by CNBC TV18 & ICICI Bank and Product of the Year 2013 Award for Exo Dish Shine Round in the Dish Wash/Utensil Cleaners category.
In the year 2014, JLL won the Indian Marketing Awards, India Star Packaging Award and ASAISTAR Packaging Award for the product Henko and also IDC Insights Award 2014 for Excellence in Transformation in Manufacturing Vertical.
One of the greatest memories to cherish for the company was when M. P. Ramchandran won the Lifetime Achievement Award on the occasion of 6th brand icon awards held in Thiruvananthapuram. He has also won the V.C Padmanabhan Memorial Award for business excellence leading to development of society & DHANAM LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2017.
Serving the Purpose
JLL’s purpose is to serve the communities with products which make their daily chores an easy task. This purpose till date remains intact and effective measures are taken place to work accordingly. The company’s constant endeavor is to offer people with solutions rather than just the products. In order to keep up with the purpose, the company has consciously ventured into product categories that provide simple but tangible benefits to consumers through a portfolio of value for money brands.
JLL deliberately considers their costumers feedback and insights as it is of utmost importance. The company works on the key acumens from costumers, market research and sustained in-house analytical processes. The company’s constant research and development helps it in offering innovative products while confirming a greater value for present brands.
Sharing his key motto Ramachandran said, “The fact that each brand from the Jyothy portfolio makes a positive difference to the lives of millions is our greatest inspiration – egging us to do more.”
Milestones Achieved in the Journey
The company is been running since three decades and has achieved some milestones which are praiseworthy. In the year 1983, it signaled the start with the lauch of Ujala. The leading year, Jyothy Laboratories first marketing team was formed, which promoted Ujala in hometowns like Trissur and Malappuram of Kerala.
In 1997, the national roll out of Ujala was held and within the next two years, Ujala become a brand worth INR 100 crore. In the year 2000, the new millennium saw JLL diversify into household insecticide and utensil care segments with the roll out of Maxo and Exo. The year 2003 was pleasant as Maxo won AAA brand Performance award and Ujala washing powder was launched in Kerala. Within the next year Maxo crossed INR 100 crore mark becoming a leading brand.
In 2005, Ujala Stiff and Shine was launched in Kerala. Within the next two years, the company went public with its IPO (initial public offering). In the year 2008, the company shifted its registered office to its new building ‘UJALA HOUSE’ in Mumbai and also launched Ujala Stiff and Shine nationally in March.
In 2009, the national roll out of Exo was held in the phased manner. In 2011, JLL acquired controlling stake in Henkel India limited & subsequently it was merged with JLL.
Present Times of the FMCG Sector
The market is constantly swamped by chemical additive products, which may lead to harmful effects on human health and other living organism present on earth. As the lifestyle among communities has transformed, the people are growing their concern for natural and herbal products. These products are on the swing, due to their popularity and also their beneficial features. Over the years, the demand scenario in the rural regions has changed and currently it’s in a good condition than before. A boom is seen in certain RM prices, due to an increase in crude price and fall in rupee which is common to all.
A Broader Vision
JLL is led by a corporate philosophy that represents the virtues and objectives that determine the way the company conducts their business. The company ensures that its brands, business operations and corporate policies transform the core philosophy of offering value for the money spent to experience its products. The company makes sure that its people, processes and products reflect the ideals of integrity, ethics and professionalism.
Exploring New Directions Ahead
The company has achieved an enormous response over the years. It strives to incorporate strong innovations across its portfolio to deliver growth. It works on strengthening the sales distribution platform backed by IT network. In this upcoming period of time, the demand scenario is also heading in a positive direction.
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