Kanishka Software: Transforming Present and Future Together

Snehal Desle Umbarkar | Director | Kanishka Software Pvt Ltd.
Snehal Desle Umbarkar | Director | Kanishka Software Pvt Ltd.

The Indian market today has lots of opportunities for tech-based services. There is a good future for technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and new coding techniques. The companies have started comprehending the power of digitization which is definitely going to flourish in the coming days. The government of India has set an aim to become a five trillion-dollar economy by deploying and developing through key initiatives like Digital India and Make in India etc. Indian market is flourishing at a rapid rate and proving to be an oasis for the new start-ups. The country has been blessed with a unique talent in tech-industry. Hence, it has become natural for tech-enabled start-ups to sustain and grow in India. The rise in tech-based start-ups is revolutionizing the industry on a whole different level resulting in people moving more and more towards the techno-based processes and businesses as a whole.
Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd. focuses on providing opportunities to the young minds and giving solutions to the organisations, and thus facilitating exponential growth and sustainable gains.
“With a combination of talented team members, our vision is to enable continuous development of unique process-oriented solutions,” stands the motto and vision of KSOFTPL. “It’s always a pleasure to work with the young brilliant minds of startups and serve them as our clients. The company definitely gets benefited directly working with them!” the team adds. The company aims at providing personalised solution to every client of theirs. and hence satisfying their customers is their primary objective. Its progressive tailored solution offering has been able to retain customers as well as generate new ones with more than fifty reputable organizational clientele, in a very short period of time. The company believes in nurturing talent by providing a healthy working environment with inclusivity.
The Industry Enablers
An Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering graduate; Snehal Desle Umbarkar – Director, KSOFTPL has established herself as an entrepreneur for which she was working hard, from past 5 years. With additional 7 years of job experience in the core Info-sec industry, she has associated herself with a myriad of entities such as Ernst & Young, Mahindra & Mahindra, NII Consultancy and D-Link. Her expertise in handling respectable clientele for more than 11 years in all types of industries & working under pressure for deliverables proven to be a strong base for her start-up at KSOFTPL. Snehal was already playing an indispensable role of a wife and a mother to a toddler in personal life when she decided to step out of the comfort zone of a 9 to 5 job and expand her wings in a challenging role as an Entrepreneur to fulfil the dream of establishing her own business. “With KSOFTPL, we are set to revolutionize the traditional approach followed in the process of designing & bringing forth a digitized platform, where management & employees can come together and quantify the need against various options,” opines Snehal. “KSOFTPL is truly set to be ‘everybody wins’ platform which a lot of companies will appreciate as well as benefit out of it,” Snehal adds.
Vinay Singh – Director KSOFTPL; started his career working as a pre-sales consultant in Network & Security around 8 years ago. He was tasked with handling major accounts given his quick go to the market attitude. He has an engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication which served as a base, along with natural sales knack which assisted him in establishing his roots in the organization. However, it was just not enough to complete the vision this navy brat had envisaged. He wanted more from himself. After a while, Vinay moved on to his own venture and became one of the think tanks who contributed to the emergence of Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd. Apart from his other ventures, he has been very instrumental in building KSOFTPL to a level where it is right now. With his business acumen, the firm has been able to define new solutions and frameworks for optimizing customer processes. “KSOFTPL products serve as a framework that prospective corporates and their employees can utilize to get the best of what the market has to offer. But it also serves as a hidden tool to grow oneself in terms of becoming a good business strategist,” explains Vinay.
Serving the Purpose
Ours is a client-oriented company,” says Vinay. The firm develops products that are tailor-made as per the client’s requirements. We believe in designing and customizing frameworks according to the customers’ vision and their internal flow of the business process. “Our framework products like QUALUS, REALUS, PERFECTO, MEDOC, VASCO VMS, ACTIF, FODDISOFT, AND SMART RABBIT-Thermostat have been specifically designed to fulfill the client’s necessities,” he adds.
ACTIF is used for tracking all the company assets of both admin and IT department. This yields optimum results and a better management system. On the other hand, QUALUS is a facility management suite with a ticketing mechanism, scoring board, performance analysis, escalation matrix and IoT based devices to save facility-related manpower and costs for customers. Also, the product MEDOC is a doctor-patient application that keeps records of patients’ prescriptions added by the doctors. It acts as an e-prescription and provides timely notifications to the patients for their medicine consumption. “We are the budding yet promising service providers of Software Development, Business Process Management and Business Consulting to few of our prestigious customers,” describes Snehal. “We believe in tailoring our products as per the needs of the customer by making sure that our data analysis gives them better transparency in their processes,” she further elaborates. She sheds some light on a few of the notable factors to keep in mind while catering to clients, explaining:

  • Optimizing the processes which are highly error-prone.
  • Reduce scope for human errors.
  • Ensure SLA for the workflow attached to the timelines which are needed to be followed properly.
  • Ensure maximum visibility and devise a plan of action for shortfalls.

The culmination of all the above steps helps customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve their internal deliveries. For example, even if there are two clients who are competitors to each other but their processes would be entirely different. Hence, different solutions to each of them would be realized. There is no “one shoe fits all” theory for us.
Overcoming The Challenges
“Actually there were not just one, but many challenges in the beginning,” claims Snehal. During the initial days of the business when it was still a consultancy firm, it was difficult to envision a hassle-free option since the company was going to build a thorough process. However, without the actual software framework to follow through, it was difficult to win complete trust of the (potential) customers and make them understand how automation could replace the manual process. However with the wave of digitization already hitting the Indian market, it had become relatively easy for customers to see their business flourish with Mobile Tech, AI, IOT, etc. Nowadays, things have changed for the better.
With KSOFTPL growing and expanding the branches of its tree, is converting its framework app to work with IoT-based devices. With all-around development in the world and smart cities budding up, the firm is also enabling smart cafeterias in some of the spaces. “We have developed prototype IoT device for Food Temperature monitoring for which, we are preparing to apply for a patent,” proclaims Vinay proudly.
Imparting some inspiration, Snehal shares insights to budding entrepreneurs and states, “Solutions to your clients does not only mean coding. Instead, it’s more about understanding your client’s requirements and then building a solution that is more apt for them, which helps them in solving the real problem.”

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