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Kiran Ramakrishna

20+ years of PLC, PnL, and Business Development experience. Lived and worked in London, Paris, Seoul, and Bangalore. Started three companies – all of them doing well. Loves solving problems through robust processes, technology, and people, at scale.

Triumph Since Inception: The Saga of Our Reputed Business

Text Mercato was conceptualized to promote and implement the gig model for content writing services, which was not very prevalent in India until some time ago. Having worked in major cities worldwide, I realized that the global content industry was thriving. To incorporate the gig model in India and contribute my share to the emerging startup community was the idea behind Text Mercato.

Unwavering determination and passion for excellence fueled our journey and helped Text Mercato emerge as a prominent name in the content creation industry that has relentlessly innovated itself, providing excellent quality work and staying client-centric.

Our comprehensive suite of content solutions has its backbone in the team of skilled writers, editors, and strategists who drive our achievements, delivering captivating and impactful content that consistently resonates with the target audiences and the clients’ requirements. Our adaptability has enabled us to forge long-term partnerships and foster a loyal client base.

Once we established ourselves as a bankable content company, we further ventured and expanded into the cataloging needs of businesses with, whereby tech solutions enabled us to deliver cost-efficient content at scale. As we kept exploring newer arenas, we found a foothold in AI-powered full-stack solutions that offered and delivered solutions at scale and lightning speed. The startup,, is a recipient of the “Idea2PoC / ELEVATE Award”, A Government of Karnataka initiative.

Accolades and accomplishments don’t measure our success but the verdicts of our clients. The saga of Text Mercato so far is our determination for excellence and adaptability, which helped us move to the forefront of the content creation industry.

Inspiring Business Ventures: Unraveling the Source of Entrepreneurial Inspiration

As a professional with extensive experience in PLC, PnL, and business development, I can comprehend the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment that thrives on the internet, which, in turn, relies heavily on quality content. The importance of clear and compelling content inspired me to establish a brand that effectively communicates with the target audiences and articulates my clients’ business message. Undoubtedly, great content drives business success when combined with expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit.

I saw the immense potential and growth opportunities in content creation and ventured into this business, leveraging my team’s expertise and gig writers as my tangible asset. Once we settled with core content, we kept experimenting and expanding into newer arenas of content creation based on industry needs and changing landscape.

Conquering Challenges: Elevating Business Success!

Like any other startup, even years of expertise in business development couldn’t defer facing various challenges. Our main challenges in the initial stages included building a robust reputation for our brand. Facing skepticism or criticism from potential clients while constantly delivering high-quality content requires excellent resources and expertise that can garner positive feedback and exceed clients’ expectations.

Being a client-centric business, we have to be neck deep in active communication with our prospects and, at the same time, adapt our practices for different industries to deliver them nothing less than the best.

Our team has to be continuously evolving, learning, and research-oriented to keep up with the latest technology and trend and deliver unparalleled projects to build trust and loyalty. As content is a human-oriented niche, we had to streamline the ever-expanding workforce and manage scalability. Since we wanted to establish a gig model, we were always looking to add professional, advanced, and SME writers to our pool. Building a robust community of bankable gig workforce required substantial efforts of trial and error.

When we expanded to AI-powered products, building the right solutions and offering the full suite to cater to client needs was essential. This required us to delve deep into market requirements and existing solutions available, so as to create more refined and user-friendly products that can be upgraded with changing landscape and integrated with multiple platforms used by clients. More than anything, they had to be user-friendly and scalable solutions for varied business needs.

Also, making strategic financial decisions was indispensable to our growth and operational sustainability, which alone can help us persevere in business.

Key Professional Values and Qualities: Understanding the Client’s Perspective

Creating meaningful and accessible content is the most crucial aspect that has helped build trust with Text Mercato’s renowned clients and their target audiences, which helps gain our business recurring clients.

Businesses look to partner with a founder and their brand if they can develop an innovative approach to the content. Text Mercato’s ability to think outside the box added unique perspectives and fresh ideas to the content that helped our brand emerge as a value leader who understands industry trends and incorporates best innovative practices.

Text Mercato has always valued clients’ requirements and constraints while articulating ideas. Hence, we share smooth collaboration while contemplating and completing our project goals and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

Our professionalism and risk calculation perfection instill trust and confidence in our brand, resulting from agility and adaptability in building a stellar business reputation.

Unveiling Our Industry-Catering Brand’s Distinctive USPs!

Text Mercato’s USP that set us apart, include niche and subject matter expertise from our strength of 10,000+ gig writers and managerial staff distributed across borders, working in a hybrid environment even before the pandemic made it a norm, and from different fields of specialization to create unique and well-researched content while understanding the intricacies of requirements.

A customized approach to our client’s requirements helps us align with the client’s brand voice, target audiences, and business goals.

Our skilled professionals add versatility and help us position ourselves as thought leaders demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of this industry.

We value time and constructively incorporate feedback to exceed clients’ expectations and retain long-term partnerships.

Transparency, upgradation in our working methodologies, communication, and regular update sharing have helped us evolve, and our clients stay informed with active participation.

Words of Wisdom: Stepping into the Business World

Building a successful career in any industry requires time, perseverance, passion, and dedication to fight against all odds and challenges. One has to remain committed to delivering exceptional quality and follow a strong work ethic to carve a rewarding career out of any business.

A strong team open to learning and improving skills is more valuable than the workforce headcount because any industry requires discipline, focus, a firm grasp of market trends, and the ability to meet deadlines.

Also, strong relationships with the clients develop by delivering exceptional services and always being available for conversation and criticism are the key to earning a reputation through word of mouth.

Proactiveness to adapt to emerging technologies, trends, and platforms can help stay relevant. Networking with industry leaders and learning under mentors can help you embrace failures as a learning experience and refine skills and approaches. Being open to learning and embracing changes is the path to being knowledgeable and versatile.

Embracing Innovation: Envisioning Operations with Emerging Technologies

Levering technology is like combining the vision with the winning formulas!

We envision emerging technologies and automation tools for content creation complementing our services. By incorporating innovations and progressive approaches, we look forward to leveraging technological advancements to ensure efficiency, streamlined work processes, and enhanced deliverables.

The advent of AI/ML and other automation tools will help us develop more creative solutions, faster turnaround times, and enhanced client satisfaction. We could use AI algorithms to resonate with audiences and increase customer engagement, creating tailored solutions, following the audience consumption pattern, and sharing content for better results, all at scale and a fraction of the cost.

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