Kompress: An Art of Storage and the Science of Space

Kamlesh and Rajesh | Directir_Kompress India Pvt. Ltd
Kamlesh and Rajesh | Directir_Kompress India Pvt. Ltd

While the storage industry may not precisely be an impossible-to-live-without category like, say, Pharma or IT, it still is in much demand and will always remain so – all things remaining

equal, businesses and different industry verticals cannot do without storage space. There are very few sectors that do not need storage solutions of any kind. This is true regardless of size (small or big) – retail, food, manufacturing, pharma, legal, BFSI, IT – even government and institutional clients.

Anybody in business – manufacturing or services needs storage. In fact, in manufacturing, the need is felt even more acutely, mainly because each storage need is almost unique – storage for components and finished goods. In both cases, it can be highly challenging, unable to be left to mere mortals. Extend that to any sector or category – as diverse as automobiles to courts, entertainment to FMCG, airlines to education.

Kompress India has catered to all the above sectors, and the future holds even more promise. “Kompress will remain at the top end of the curve simply because it offers all kinds of services within its domain – all the way up to turnkey projects,” says the Director of the company Kinjal Gandhi.

Redefining Brilliance

Conceptually, Kompress is in the business of ‘Creating Space on Earth.’ In today’s space-starved world any space is invaluable real estate. Hence, Kompress is effectively in the business of freeing up real estate for its clients and enabling them to monetize this space.

Literally speaking, though, Kompress is a leader in providing innovative and intelligent solutions for institutional storage, warehouse storage, and automated storage. Between these verticals, the company offers space-maximizing solutions such as mobile compactor storage systems, heavy-duty racking, pallet racking, lockers and filing cabinets, warehouse software and storage solutions, mobile handling equipment, and storage systems.

All these solutions are inspired by international concepts, curated by a highly experienced research team, and supported by world-class design and manufacturing facilities.

The Successful Duo

Kompress was launched by Rajesh Gandhi and Kamlesh Shah. In 1989, the entrepreneurial itch led them to take that great leap of faith of creating what would one day become a global brand. Rajesh Gandhi – an Architect by profession, and his cousin, Kamlesh Shah, an Engineer by qualification, launched Kompress – a brave business decision given that, until then, there was absolutely no concept of intelligent storage solutions. In every sense, they introduced that concept into the country.

Rajesh Gandhi brought his brilliant architectural mind to the business. His ability to perceive space and evolve it into anything he wants; was the bedrock upon which Kompress was built.

It was his instinct that helped bring India the revolutionary concept of mobile compactors. Kamlesh Shah’s technical acumen, attention to detail, and ability to break down complex

problems into simple solutions were significant for Kompress’s growth and diversification into multiple sectors.

Leveraging his precision skills and production knowledge helped establish Kompress’s manufacturing facility of international standards. Their vision for product use and adaptability was pivotal in expanding the brand internationally. No wonder they are called ‘The Pioneers of Mobile Compactors.’

Organized Journey

Kompress was launched in 1989, at a time when storage solutions for even the biggest offices meant nothing more than appointing a local carpenter to fit together the required number of racks, shelves, and slotted angles; purchasing steel cupboards and filing cabinets, and then proceeding to cram every possible storage unit into the available space.

The impetus for Kompress to foray into this business was a challenge that Reliance Industries threw in 1989: Create a unique, revolutionary system that would offer maximum storage in minimum space.

The team did a recce of the site, analyzed the issue from various angles, researched innovative solutions from around the globe, and finally came up with the idea of a motorized compactor – a revolutionary storage solution that not only compacted storage into a much smaller space but also made access to everything stored far easier and with minimal effort. It ended up saving (or releasing) something like 50% of space – the same volume of stored items now compactly yet intelligently and efficiently stored in half the space.

The development of this solution itself came with huge challenges – for example, many components required for this revolutionary idea were not even produced in India at the time and had to be sourced overseas. The Reliance project became Kompress’ calling card, and once its reputation spread across corporate circles, the big names came calling.

Solving Every Spacing Problem

As mentioned earlier, Kompress provides solutions for institutional storage, warehouse storage, and automated storage. Kompress also takes on specialized and turnkey projects

and has executed a few high-profile clients in extremely challenging situations.

Surpassing the Impediments

When asked about the challenges faced by the team at Kompress, Kinjal says, “To begin with, resistance to change! The old adage rang true: ‘Old habits die hard.’ Most companies

did not even apply thought to the concept of storage and hence remained stuck in the mindset that creating storage was a low-involvement job that was best delivered by the

friendly neighborhood carpenter.”

So, initially, the biggest challenge was about changing mindsets and opening eyes to the amazing benefits that scientific storage solutions offered. People had to be converted from conventional ways of thinking and primed to accept the new order.

But even that was only half the job. There were other challenges like making clients understand that quality comes at a cost. Over time though, the sheer innovation and intelligence of Kompress’ offering, coupled, of course, with the vast benefits they brought, turned the trickle into a flood. Today, solutions like what Kompress offers are the go-to rather than the exception for big clients.

Defending the Pandemic

As was the case with most businesses, the pandemic hit Kompress extremely hard as well. Perhaps harder than others, because so much of business and industry had shut down or was operating at extremely conservative levels. Storage solutions were not exactly an urgent requirement during the pandemic.

Yet, despite all the challenges, Kompress did all it could to ensure it was business as usual – naturally, to the extent possible and while honoring every pandemic protocol. The company

also realized its responsibility towards its workforce and ensured that the factory stayed running within the parameters of the constraints.

But the very nature of business is that it cannot completely shut down. And so, there were still clients with storage solutions needs. For example, the pharmaceutical sector and IT were perhaps busier than usual and still needed storage solutions. In its tradition of putting the client above all else, Kompress ensured that no client was left disappointed. Wherever they were in the country, the company fulfilled all projects – thanks to the commitment of its own corona warriors.

Admirable Advice

When asked to give some advice to the young generation, the team said, “Commitment and focus is the key to success. This is true, regardless of what you are doing – academics, business, entertainment, sport – to succeed in any enterprise or mission, you must first have the ability to visualize beyond your immediate environment and perceive how what you are currently doing can impact the future – yours, your family’s, society, your country, and the world.”

“It is very important to have the big picture in front of you all the time and be motivated by it. And it is just as important to be cognizant of what is happening around you at each step of the way. In other words, one must always embrace and leverage ever-evolving technology. Without that, one will soon be left behind and become obsolete,” adds the team.

Aiming High for the Future

When asked about the company’s future goals, he said, “The world, as it was when Kompress launched back in 1989, is completely different from what it is today. In particular, the past two decades have experienced such a churn that the rate of change during this, the period has perhaps been greater than that of the entire rest of human history – at least technologically speaking.

Add to that the curveball thrown by the pandemic, and we live in times almost unrecognizable from any other in the past – and hugely more challenging.”  “Having said that, the entire idea of life is to embrace change and see opportunity in every challenge,” they expressed.

“Lensing that to our own business, we are completely seized by the fact that automation is the key that is true of any business, but definitely so in many of the products Kompress makes – like mobile compactors,” they added. The team does not consider them merely a national brand but a global one. It has already been staked beyond boundaries but is consumed by the potential across the globe.

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