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Kshitij Group entered the real estate sector with a vision of providing affordable Housing solutions. In its 25 years of existence, the organization has developed and delivered around three million square feet of project area around Mumbai, Maharashtra. It counts its successes, not in terms of financial gains but the number of satisfied customers it has catered to and is known to deliver its promises in its TRUE spirit.
A Rooted Foundation
Pagur Desai, Founder of ‘Kshitij Builders & Developers’ has been involved in the construction industry for more than two decades. He is instrumental in making Kshitij group a well-established name in the real estate domain.
The group epitomizes contemporary artistry, aesthetics and personalized lifestyles. The entire expanse of development not only reflects exclusivity but also reaches out to an ethereal world full of life, vibrancy and serenity. In all its projects, deliberations go into every aspect with an objective to utilize every inch of the available property to its fullest. The buying process is made easy by its transparent norms, easy finance from Banks and a host of other Offers. Customers are its greatest asset and the Customer Help-line service facilitates arrangements, for a host of requirements to make their life at comfortable, physically, ecstatically and financially!
Shaping Dreams
Fulfilling the dream should not be restricted to a niche class. At Kshitij, everyone believes in empowering all those other segments of the society who want to effectuate their dreams. It fulfils the dreams of Mumbaikars, by constructing their dream home. It constructs tailor-made villas, where from elevation to the budget, everything is customized.
Currently, the company is working on two projects.

  1. Kshitij’s Woods: A customized bungalow scheme where every structure is specially customized to suit the client’s lifestyle and budget, displaying an individual’s elegance and anomaly.
  2. Kshitij’s Grandeur: Exclusive Farm Lands for the Elite, it is a bouquet of dream property, with secure, peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Industry Dynamism
Pagur opines that Maharashtra real estate reflects a narration of the ever evolving Indian real estate. There is a positive trend in the Maharashtra real estate market due to some very obvious reasons like rapid urbanization and high employment opportunities. Other factors that have played a vital role in increasing the demand in the market are the torrents of construction activity and the initiatives taken by the government for affordable infrastructure growth.
The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) have provided much-needed relief for home buyers from the unorganized real estate sector. It was a much-awaited piece of legislation which brought about sweeping changes in the real estate sector and also regularized the home buying process with proper checks and balances. RERA has changed the real estate scene for the better with accountability and transparency being the pillars of the Act. Access to any project information like master plans, financial and legal details of the developer, a check in delay of projects by mandating a corpus fund, providing legal remedies to buyers and developers are some of the significant highlights of RERA.
Imbibing Technology
The real estate sector has been impacted by technology in varied ways, specifically the commercial side of the business.
For one, it has dramatically reduced the time it takes to close a transaction while enhancing the professional’s ability to market a property like never before. Sites equipped with leasing tools are making jobs for professionals more efficient. Having floor plans, availability and data all organized in a mobile app is a game changer for the sector putting information essentially at people’s fingertips whenever they need to access it. Broadcasting marketing message, getting visibility has become easier and more cost effective. Pinpoint marketing and targeting using big data also means that the days of “spraying and praying” are over in a marketing sense
The flip side is that this information overload also makes decision-making more challenging. As a result, the real estate industry is also offering high degrees of personalization and customization to create memorable experiences.
Keeping it Clean
Team Kshitij believes that all the natural energy has to be harnessed properly if you have to take proper care of the environment. Many traditional building materials are bad for the environment in both the manufacturing and construction processes. However, there is now a huge range of affordable sustainable building materials available. And many of them offer greater strength and durability which are now used in its projects.
The energy audit is in its DNA. Utilization of natural energies goes into its planning right from the early stage. This has sizably reduced consumption of electricity in most of its structures. It has become a standard practice to use solar energy in all the common areas of its projects. It believes that to bring change in the mindsets of the people for them to value an environment, having a first-hand experience is a must. Complementary landscape garden and plantation are the part of its standard package. By this, it is introducing the people directly to nature. The basic idea behind the green building is to carve out fine techniques and skills to bring down the effect on the environment and human health to a lesser degree and by promoting the optimal use of renewable resources. Pagur and the employee force at Khitij really feel that this is the ideal way forward.

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