Launching Startups from Amazon’s Launchpad

Amazon recently announced that it is bringing its global startup product ‘Launchpad’ to India. The program will help startup to market, manufacture and deliver its product to their customers. Out of 400 startups launched through this program 25 of them are Indian based. The Amazon’s Launchpad for India is referred as ‘Portal Live’. Amazon has partnered with NASSCOM, Government of Maharashtra, Indian Angel’s Network and other companies for this particular venture. Amazon has started this Launchpad in seven different regions. Amazon will partner with this startup to help them to develop and deliver their items through Amazon’s e-commerce platform. The e-commerce giant will promote and market these items to build the customer base for this startup.
Amit Agarwal, vice president of Amazon India has said, “This opportunity will help many startups to sell and deliver their items not only in India but also in rest of world.”
Sphero and Eero were some of the startup which did find a required success through the Amazon’s Launchpad. The Launchpad on global platform have more than 1200 successful launches and 4000 are still in the waiting to be launched. Jason Feldman, Director of Global Innovations, “It has become a success story for us with the launch this startup program, it gives us a great pride and satisfaction.”
While Parv Sharma, who is an analyst at Counterpoint Research said, “The startup program has been a great step as it will be helping a number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to sell their product online on Amazon store.”
The many startups such as TrueSouth, provides customer with nutritious coffee powder in pouches, Seven Sense Technologies, serve its customer by providing them with a fitness tracking device. They are a number of examples to follow these successful ventures.
The Facebook’s FbStart, now Amazon’s Launchpad, there is much hope to hop around in the Big Indian Market for these startups.

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