Women Legal Rights- For Every Single Women, A Shield and A Sword of Destiny

Women are poorly apprehensive about the legal rights they have, and this scenario does not seem to be different for any other part of World even today. With passing time it can be considered as a need for every women to know and educate themselves with laws enacted for them in society.
Indian government has gone a step ahead, proceeding with a brand new concept and lauching a website for women to educate themselves with the legal proclamations and their rights. This is a milestone in itself because 92 percent of women out of total population are unaware about their legal rights because of which they face various domestic and professional problems.
This act of awareness is being supported and encouraged by Tasmania-based  Women’s Legal Service. They have reportedly, collaborated with TRS law office(India). The project is supported by the Austrailian government.
www.girlsgottaknow.in is the website one needs to visit, this particular website consists of different area explored like relationships, partying and trouble, housing and renting and many others among the few. These conventional topics are briefed in simple ways to inform one, about it and there are situations and legal actions that one can take in accordance. Indian women tend to have less knowledge and cognizance, which drags them into problems. Also, you do have a facility where you can question about laws and rights or anything that you are confused and unaware of. You’ll be contacted in some time for queries and answered accordingly. However, the information contained on the website should be considered as general information rather than the legal advice.
“Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is excited to be collaborating with TRS Law Offices and see this as a fantastic opportunity not only to see an innovative Tasmanian project adapted to Indian market, but to play a small but supportive role in the huge work being undertaken in delivering information to the young women of India,” Susan Fahey, CEO of Women’s Legal Service Tasmania, said.
This can be considered as an important opportunity to educate women in a genuine and explicit manner.

-Yogishwini C. Solanki


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