Livinguard joins hands with Sourav Ganguly, leading India’s protection during new normal


24th November 2020, National: Livinguard AG, the globally renowned hygiene brand has partnered with legendary cricketer, former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and current President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly to be its brand ambassador for masks and gloves. As a leader and role model in the world of cricket and beyond, Sourav Ganguly exemplifies the ethos of the Livinguard brand – to prioritize the protection of people and the planet. Livinguard’s revolutionary products have the ability to provide the ultimate protection and are available in three variants, the Street, Pro and Ultra, the masks are reusable for up to 6 months. The limited edition Sourav Ganguly masks treated with the Livinguard technology have been proven to destroy >99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Together, this association aims to create awareness around this unparalleled protection provided by Livinguard treated products and its value towards protecting the environment. India’s beloved “Dada” has always led by example, both on and off the field – by partnering with Livinguard, he has showcased this once again. By choosing the ultimate protection as he navigates this “new normal,” Sourav Ganguly paves the way for others to follow suit. This association with Livinguard AG reinforces “Dada’s” commitment towards the safety and wellbeing of the entire country. Livinguard AG is headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in India, as well as Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan, and South Africa. The announcement of Sourav Ganguly’s association took place through a virtual press conference in the august presence of Mr. Sourav Ganguly, Mr. Sanjeev Swamy, Founder, Inventor & CEO, Livinguard AG, Ms. Victoria Banaszak, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Livinguard AG and Mr. Ankit Mital, Director & Senior Vice President (Sales) at Livinguard, Asia. Through this association, Livinguard will also be launching a limited edition autographed Sourav Ganguly Street mask.

Commenting on his association with Livinguard AG, Sourav Ganguly, stated, “I am delighted to start the innings with Livinguard. Facemasks and gloves have become an extension of our daily attire. While doing my research on the right personal protection measures, I found that most face masks and gloves were either only preventive in nature or single-use. Livinguard face masks and gloves on the other hand, are not only preventive, but also protective. Livinguard technology has been proven to destroy 99.9% bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Furthermore, they are reusable and washable up to 6 months, effectively replacing 210 single-use masks. This made my choice clear – Livinguard masks and gloves provide the ultimate protection to the user, safely and sustainably. At a time where we need to wear the right masks and gloves to protect ourselves during this “new normal”, we must also remain conscious of the impact it has on our planet. My ethics completely match with Livinguard’s vision and purpose. It is an honour to associate with a brand whose top priority is the safety and wellbeing not just of people but also the planet.”

Mr. Sanjeev Swamy, Founder, Inventor & CEO, Livinguard AG, stated, “When it comes to continuous disinfection, no other facemasks are created with the same care and intense R&D as we do at Livinguard. Ammonium, benzalkonium, chloride, silver: these are the toxic substances which masks available in the market commonly use and once it leaches, it can cause irreversible damage to our vital organs and the planet. Livinguard’s top priority is the safety and wellbeing of people and the planet. Livinguard masks are trusted because they rely on unique continuous disinfecting properties, which has been proven by some of the world’s leading scientific institutions. Freie Universität Berlin and The Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, scientifically confirm our technology’s antiviral properties. These third-party researchers confirmed masks treated with Livinguard technology kills greater than 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, and many other common viruses. On behalf of the Livinguard AG family, I welcome Sourav for entrusting us with the special edition SG mask.”

The limited edition masks possess the same advantages of Livinguard which inevitably creates the able differentiators when compared to other masks. Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and ITA RWTH Aachen in Germany have confirmed the efficacy of Livinguard’s continuous self-disinfecting technology to permanently destroy the novel coronavirus when applied to textiles or surfaces. This testing was conducted in the context of the EIT Health Project ViruShield, supported by the European Union, with the objective to discover alternative filter materials for face masks in light of tight supply and globally imbalanced supply chains for personal protective equipment. Similarly, the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, USA conducted laboratory testing on fabrics treated with the Livinguard technology and confirmed that the technology permanently deactivated greater than 99.9% of the human coronavirus. When microbes come in contact with the most arduously scientifically driven textile surface, it has a strong positive charge, the negatively charged microbial cell, is destroyed leading to permanent obliteration of the microorganism. Unlike heavy metal-based solutions, such as titanium, silver, zinc and copper, this novel technology has been found to be safe for both skin and lungs. Moreover, Livinguard Technology destroys continuously, which significantly diminishes the risk of transferring them to the user and to other surfaces. The mask is reusable up to 6 months; if worn daily and washed weekly, Livinguard treated masks replace 210 single-use masks with no compromise on safety or efficacy. Livinguard AG believes that the future is tied to sustainable solutions that treat our world kindly and the entire product portfolio from Livinguard AG makes no exception.

Ms Victoria Banaszak, Senior VP Marketing, Livinguard AG, added, “Mr Ganguly is an international cricketing icon whose grit and determination along with leadership capabilities are part of the Indian Cricket legacy. He is a respected leader in his own right. We are proud to be associated with India’s beloved Dada, since we recognise a common connection: Restless innovators, driven to reinvent and never content to let things be, because we know that there is a better way. For this reason, our association makes perfect sense. Livinguard has been working tirelessly to bring normalcy to your everyday lives, and sporting events are no exception. We are certain that we can support Sourav’s mission to bring normalcy “back to the pitch” with our ground breaking antiviral Technology. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, the places we go, everywhere in fact!”

Mr. Ankit Mital, Director & Senior Vice President (Sales) at Livinguard, Asia, stated, “Announcing “Dada” as the official brand ambassador for India, will help us reach a wide spectrum of consumers, currently cluttered with an overload of information on safe hygiene practices. Just like his exceptional cover drive, which would get past tightly set fielding and rarely miss the boundary, our association with Sourav Ganguly will ensure we drive home the right information to our consumers to make an informed choice about their personal protection during this pandemic”

The limited edition autographed Sourav Ganguly mask will be launched at the end of this month. It will be available by sending an email to or on popular eCommerce platforms like Nykaa and Flipkart at INR 1490.

About Livinguard AG:

Livinguard is an environmentally friendly hygiene technology platform based in Zug, Switzerland. It is the first company in the world to empower textiles and other materials with self-disinfecting properties, it licenses its patented technologies to companies from various industries to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers. Livinguard AG operates in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan, India, and South Africa. The ever-increasing levels of pollution, global travel, shared mobility, and the prevalence of drug resistant microbes have led to growing threats of infectious disease. The company sees its solutions as essential safeguards that can offer enhanced safety and better health to billions of people. Livinguard believes that our future is tied to sustainable solutions amidst non-degradable wastes that threaten our existence on this planet. Their commitment is to develop highly effective technologies that also minimize waste and use of resources. The company views personal and planetary health as inseparable imperatives and the foundational base of everything that they do. Livinguard is committed to bring good health and well-being to people and the planet. Livinguard is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Innovators Community.


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