Making driving safer, Roav by Anker announced its entry level DashCam A0 in India, priced for Rs. 5,490/-

Roav A0 DashCam | press release | Business magazine

Roav by Anker Innovations introduces Smarter and safer way to Drive, with its advanced entry level ‘Dashcam A0’ in India, engineered with Class Leading Panoramic Optics, built-in Wi-Fi, a dedicated App.

Roav A0 DashCam attaches to your windshield to track and record every drive in wide-angle thanks to its 170 degree wide angle lens. The Roav A0 when connected to the ROAV Dashcam App (Supports both, Android & Apple, using your smartphones Wi-Fi) streams video from the DashCam to your smartphone to View & Download, that aside, the DashCam’s set-up can be managed from the App than reaching for the camera itself. The recording starts automatically when the camera is plugged in to the car’s cigarette lighter socket

The Camera supports rich & Clear Videos, with an advanced chipset, 6 lens elements, and Wide Dynamic Range image balancing combined to record every drive in crisp 1080p HD resolution. Built to withstand extreme heat and cold for reliable use in virtually in any environment. Equipped with an f/1.4 aperture lens that enables Clear Night Vision & wide-angle views, it simultaneously covers up to 5 lanes of traffic.

The dashcam also includes a parking monitor mode (thanks to the built-in G Sensor & 240mAh battery), when your car is turned off, on accidental impact from the outside, the camera automatically turns on & starts recording a video. Packaged with an 8GB SD card (camera supports up to 128GB MicroSD cards), the A0 Dashcam ensures you’re good to go – right out of the box.

The ROAV DashCam A0 is already available at leading Automotive Accessories Retailers, Select Landmark stores, Gadget Retailers and E-Tailers

About Roav

Roav by Anker is focused on developing products that bring smart, connected services to any vehicle. Roav’s DashCam cameras, SmartCharge chargers, and VIVA voice control devices make every drive safer and smarter.

Roav is the collection of interconnected car accessories designed to improve everyday driving. Created by the pioneering minds behind the Anker brand, Roav is all about making your drive as simple and enjoyable as possible through innovative smart gadgets. From Advanced Driver Assistance System devices to dashcams and backup cams, Roav has everything you need to stay connected in your car.

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