Maliha Mohsin: Learning Specialist at Sitel® India

Maliha Mohsin

Maliha Mohsin completed her BBA in 2021 and has been working in Sitel® India as a Learning Specialist. Ever since her Graduation commenced, Maliha wanted to start working early, which is why she entered the corporate world at the age of 18. Belonging to Mumbai, Maliha always dreamt and worked hard to achieve all her dreams. She comes from a business-oriented family, and seeing her parents, she’s always visualized being in a managerial position. Her parents have transformed Maliha into the courageous, brave, and strong woman she is today.

Maliha realized her Ikigai – the purpose of living, the day she decided to impact and inspire at least one person. She is a determined person with a zeal to learn new things no matter how big or small their takeaway is. Her hobbies are reading books, making doodles, sketching, and taking a walk on a bad day, as her interests know no bounds. 

Talking about her professional career, she started working as a Customer Service Representative and was soon promoted to the trainer role. She always had this persistence to win, to stand out, and to be the best version of herself. Her work stint was boosted by the supportive Managers and mentors surrounding her in Sitel® India. They always believed in her capabilities and helped her manage her exams with work. She believes the office is her home, and that’s because of the beautiful co-workers she has.

Receiving the HRAI 30 Under 30 Award is one of the most significant milestones that Maliha has achieved. She’s grateful to everyone who has been a part of her journey, from Family to Managers, seniors, and everyone. Maliha says this award will always be the biggest and dearest to her as it will always serve as a reminder to her to achieve more and never stop learning, experiencing, and growing.

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