Manoj Agarwal: Redefining Trust in Real Estate

Manoj Agarwal

A home has a lot of emotions attached to it. It’s a place where a person spends a larger part of his/her life and has memories attached to every nook and corner. Deciding to buy a house and settle down with one’s loved ones is a big occasion. When one zeroes in on a house, one wants the space to be available as per the specifications given at the time of booking the house. Even a slight change in the plan, looks and delay in delivery time hurts the sentiments of the house owners.

Finding Order in Chaos
-Real Estate Industry is looked at with distrust. People are facing shoddy services and over promises which make them view the entire industry as untrustworthy. While everyone saw the gloomy conditions, one man saw the need to provide high quality services in an organized manner and that too within the agreed timelines. Manoj Agarwal founded Agarwal Estates in 2012 with the primary objective to bring about a paradigm shift in the industry, and build a transparent platform for the property buyers and sellers to do business, and provide one stop solutions for the customers.

Manoj has varied experiences in IT and Telecom industry, and has worked in the top-notch companies like Cisco, HP and TCS. He has worked across different geographies and has knowledge and experience in PMP, ITIL and Six Sigma. Being in a competitive industry that runs in an organized manner and on deadlines helped him use the same principles, standards and methodologies in the real estate segment, and endeavor to make it an organized and disciplined sector. He focused on implementing processes, service delivery standards and standardization of methodologies.

Redefining the Sector
Manoj founded his company Agarwal Estates to change the perception of the real estates’ services industry, and provide world class services to the customers. He set out to “Redefine” the “Trust” by investing in professional process management. Through his company, he introduced world class documentation practices, standardization, checklist and processes which are unheard in the industry. The key to earn trust was to become transparent in the dealings and sharing all the information with the customers.
An Uphill Task
The first challenge was dealing with the distrust that people were harboring towards the real estate sector. Having correct information, making the right choice and not being forced to choose was a new and defining experience for them. Acquisition of clients was a hard task initially, but fortunately it started out well and the company focused on building the client base gradually. Within five short years, the company moved on from a new and unknown entity to a trusted and acclaimed organization due to its focus on KEY (Knowledge Empowers You) and goal to empower the customers with all the right information and enable them to make an informed decision.
The Key to Success
Manoj’s decision to make the processes transparent became the secret –ingredient, USP and the core strength. As a one stop solution, his company has expertise in varied aspects of real estate business such as, real estate investments, buying, selling, renting property, property and tenant management, home loans, home decors and interiors and more. In addition, the enterprise offers allied services such as property tax, electric meter transfer, painting, cleaning to name a few. His strategies were quite successful as the customers became the marketing person, and referred it to prospective buyers and sellers.
The Current Scene
Speaking about the current market scenario, Manoj acknowledges the urbanized lifestyle, fast economic growth, financial independence and attitude of modern consumers as the changing factors with regards to savings, investment and consumption.  The urban consumers are more demanding, well informed and are looking for a life style. The new generation consumers want all the available amenities, club house, sports facility, technologically advanced safety and security solutions, smart homes governed by AI and home automation and such new age tools and facilities. Double incomes, fast-economic growth, ease of home loan and migration from rural to urban areas have enabled the consumers to invest in the real estate and fueled the market.
From the regulatory perspective, it has become easier and better than before, but hindrances do exist. Recent changes like demonetization, GST and RERA have hit the market adversely and brought the process down making them more affordable. People are looking at properties as an investment especially in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.
Marching into the Future
Manoj advises budding entrepreneurs to live their dreams. He says,” I plunged into the world of Entrepreneurs without knowing what the future holds for me, buoyed by the support of my family and well-wishers”. His advice is to never give up on dreams, and dream big. Every risk met turn into an opportunity, and every failure lays the foundation for a roaring success when one persists. “Your efforts, passion and belief will help you tread ahead even in the darkest of the time. And never ever do anything unethical and compromise on your values”, he adds.
And always remember there will be thousands to discourage you and paint a picture of dismal future, but there will be few who will always encourage and support you – so keep your well-wishers near.

Future, as per Manoj, is exciting. Innovative and customized solutions have made his firm a major player and he plans to carry on the momentum. The company is CRISIL verified and features in the top ten lists of most leading magazines. It is growing in all verticals. He will continue to simplify the complex process, and make it seamless and easy for the customers. Manoj and his company’s journey into the future continue with the vision to “Redefine Trust in Real Estate Services“.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Real Estate Tycoons

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