Rahul Chawla: Seizing Opportunities to Develop Seamless Real Estate Solutions

Rahul Chawla

When a business grows, it doesn’t grow in just one direction. There are many other fields and services that get impacted. Moreover, the sector’s own needs change and it needs services from other sectors to help absorb the huge demand that has been created. Last decade, the Real estate Sector was riding a high wave. Property prices were going great and people were purchasing property not just to reside but also as an investment.

The Natural Entrepreneur
It was during this high in 2004, that Rahul Chawla, a techie, entrepreneur, and a natural problem solver, saw the need for a Real Estate software platform that would work towards unifying a Real Estate Developer’s workforce. His own interactions with Real Estate developers made him realize the lack of a single platform product, that was cost-effective and easy to use, and that made operations efficient. This realization paved the way for establishing In4velocity as a focused effort to build a vertical solution for the Property Development market to manage complex construction activities and customer related sales transactions.

Rahul, the Chief Executive Officer of In4Velocity System, is a visionary and a charismatic leader. He holds a degree of B.A. in Computer Science & Economics from Brandeis University, U.S.A. and has played semi-professional Golf representing India in Tournaments at St. Andrews. He started his career in 1993 in the United States playing a crucial role as part of the team credited with establishing Cambridge Technology Partners (CATP), a global IT consulting firm.
The year 2000 saw him starting Orbit-e Consulting, funded by Warburg and dedicated to Business Strategy Consulting and offshore development. In 2003, he merged Orbit-e into a Bain-funded company based in the US and China. Finally, in 2004, Rahul started In4, which is India’s foremost Real Estate ERP for Property Developers and Infrastructure players. He then established ArrowPS, in 2015, which is a top Professional Services Automation software company.
Unifying Real Estate
In4’s proprietary product In4Suite® (as in – “Information Suite”) is an integrated product platform that helps Real Estate developers streamline their operations and optimize the business processes leading to an increase in revenue and shortening of cash-flow cycles. It also accommodates Rental/Leasing customers, as well as Property Management companies that benefit from automating maintenance and management thereby enhancing customer experience. It brings all key processes of a real estate organization on a single platform by combining a group of integrated modules that together provide a comprehensive and complete solution. It digitizes the complete value chain – from the purchase of Land to the communication to customers to delivering the construction of their units and managing all their transactions and relationships via one single platform. This builds hyper-efficiencies and impacts the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Making the Most of Today
Speaking about the current real estate scenario in India, Rahul emphasizes that the sector has entered a revitalization mode where the teething problems posed by various regulatory reforms (like RERA, GST etc.) have started settling in. These have now instigated a healthy ecosystem infused with greater transparency, accountability and customer assurance. Active promotion of digitization and enabling ICT based infrastructure solutions through initiatives like ‘Smart City’ is letting them explore new opportunities. They are now looking to develop building automation and resource management systems for commercial and private spaces to maximize comfort, environmental quality, and sustainability.

As a serial entrepreneur, Rahul is enjoying every moment of the current startup fever that has caught the country. About the budding entrepreneurs, he says “I believe everyone is born an entrepreneur- they just need to develop certain skills and behaviors at an early age to grow into truly successful and effective entrepreneurs.” He shares his set of eight traits that are needed to develop business and are true for life alike. The set includes Learning from failure and getting back up; Ingenuity, creativity, and critical thinking; Dedication and commitment to productivity; Curiosity and an appetite for knowledge; Confidence and conviction; Compassion and emotional intelligence; Positivity and optimism and Engaging the community.

Improvisations for the Future
Under Rahul’s leadership, the company has garnered several awards.It is the only software company to get “CREDAI’s seal of approval” and be selected as a CREDAI Preferred Partner for consecutive three years. Other industry accolades include “Best Product Startup”, by Silicon India, 2009, “Red Herring Top 100 Winner”, 2011, Asia & “NASSCOM Top 50 Emerging Companies”, 2011, amongst others.
These awards just fuel the desire to excel in future. As a leader, Rahul is capable of communicating the vision of the company to inspire employees and customers. The future, he insists, belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. He adds, “Our Vision will drive our Future.” Standing in the inspiring vision of future, Rahul and his team are ready to boldly take every step large and small with courage and intent. Increasingly moving into a digital world, every organization will need to move from physical processes to automate and software-enabled processes. Keeping this demand in view, Rahul, along with his efficient team, continues to look for new ideas and platforms that can help the real estate sector provide better services and delighting customers always.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Real Estate Tycoons

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