Maruti Suzuki to increase production of Swift and its siblings

Maruti Suzuki has decided to take some major steps in its production and launching part. Recently, there is news that Maruti (OEM) has decided to stop the production of one of their not so successful models ‘RITZ’. According, to the statistical data available it has been observed that this car model of the popular brand has failed to create the magic on customers in India which has sequentially dropped market value of the same.
And, this has actually compelled the owners to take the decision to stop its production. According to the Trade Pandits, the usual life of any automobile model lasts merely for 3-4years; which are successfully covered by Ritz to mourn over losses. The production of Ritz was expected to seize by the emergence of this year but was not possible and production produced 28,000 units more; so it got postponed to the upcoming year. The move would probably be profitable to introduce many other car models into market, paving way to newer styles of luxury.
Maruti Suzuki’s Swift can be considered as one of the most successful models launched by Maruti so far; being economically affordable and comfortable to the Indian market. It rose to popularity majorly because of its high end features along with looks. The company is now considering launch of other siblings of Swift in market on emergence of 2017 with advanced attributes. These newer car models will probably be made at larger and faster scale, considering the company to start a plant at Gujarat along with their Manesar and Gurgaon ones; Suzuki has invested approximately 8,500 crore to setup the new plant. This will facilitate consumers with more choices in automobiles at affordable range and subsequently company making its profit.

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