Masks to manufactured in a TV factory

Masks manufacture

Sharp had plans to mass produce face masks at one of its factories is Japan. This was a move to counter the increasing need since the corona virus outbreak. The Kameyama plant was been used for manufacture of LCDs and assembling TV sets. Sharp had plans to manufacture 150,000 face masks a day. This number would rise to 50,000 face masks a day. This facility was an ideal environment due to its cleanliness and high production standards.

This Foxconn owned establishment hasn’t yet decided on the pricing and other factors such as distribution plans for the face masks. These face masks are a common sight in Japan. People had been seen wearing face masks in winter to prevent the spread of illness. Since the outbreak of corona virus , these masks have been difficult to find as commonly as tissue paper. The basic idea behind mass manufacturing of these masks was to provide the public masks in a pack similar to whole sales.

In many countries outside of Japan, these masks are not available at local stores and therefore the sellers have hiked the price per mask. These masks have been a problem since the widespread disease and so much so that hospitals were not being able to provide them to sick patients which was indirectly putting everyone at risk. World health organisation also stated that healthy people should wear masks only if they are treating someone who is sick.

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