Social Media platforms to keep Sports Channels despite the price hike.   

Social Media platform | YouTube

Sports fans finally don’t have to worry about their favourite sports team disappearing from YouTube. On the night of 1st March YouTube agreed to keep the Sinclair Broadcast Group on the terms of a temporary contract . Sinclair Broadcast Group owns many of the Fox Branded regional sports networks RNS and Yes Network. This was done in order to honour the long term mutual agreement.

Earlier, YouTube tv had emailed its customers that they would be taking down the sports network due to low renewal talks. This was a decision taken due to the rising costs of the sports content and many other tv channels had taken down the Fox Regional Sports Network due to this very reason. This outraged Sinclair as they claimed that they had provided YouTube with the best terms and conditions for them to continue their regional sports network.

They also stated that they had kept forward the best deals possible when compared to their competitors. It had so happened that YouTube had rejected this deal to extend their channel due to inflation in the price of the sports network. It had been a long time since they hadn’t a heard from YouTube. Finally, they had accepted their offer for an extension and had stated that they would respond with an update as soon as the deal was in place.

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