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Amit Singh | Director of MSF

Security has always been an important aspect whether at home or in business. This has opened up a prodigious demand for guaranteed security of businesses, schools, banks, and other important places. Stepping up, private security companies offer affordable option s for organizations and individuals to effectively defend themselves and their assets against any malicious intent.

The Security and Intelligence domains in a nation are as fundamental as a functional heart in a person’s body. Well, India has various security organizations that pay attention to both analysis and intelligence spaces. These organizations protect different establishments and areas including Personal Security, Corporate Security, Hospitals Security, and so on.

Modern Veer Rays Security Force (I) Pvt. Ltd. (MSF), is a leading national security firm. The company offers protection to customers by delivering driven solutions via professionally installed mobile apps, and digital-based offerings for large companies, residential, medium, small, and micro enterprises, and other commercial customers.

About the Foundation

Founded in 1985, MSF is ever vigilant in helping the customers across twenty-seven states meeting their greatest enterprise demands and mission challenges for security needs.

With a PAN India presence, the company today manages a workforce of nearly 40,000 plus employees in 52 offices across India.

MSF takes pride in having an impressive clientele in distinct spheres including Infrastructure, IT Parks BPOs, Hospitality Industry, Retail, Logistics, Banking & Financial institutions. It also caters to corporates, industries, medical institutions, malls, multiplexes, manufacturing units, and educational sectors.

Distinct Facilities and Services

Besides its core business of secure solutions, facility management, and security systems, MSF offers a range of services including:

  • Static and Mobile Manned Guarding
  • E-Surveillance
  • Special Events Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Canine Squads for events and other preemptive security checks
  • Transport Security
  • Security Audits
  • Threat and Risk analysis
  • Security Consultancy
  • Multi-level investigations
  • Facility Management Solutions

The prestigious Modern Veer Rays Security Force is recognized as a progressive, modern and emerging security organization contemporary with modern day requirements in security services.

The Erudite Leader

Mr Amit Singh is the Director of MSF, leading the firm with determination and vigilance. Mr. Singh’s extraordinary leadership at MSF for over 18 years, his pioneering role in the security solutions company, and his unique contributions have made him a distinguished leader. He has successfully demonstrated that businesses can be successful while being committed to integrity.

He is a professional who has backed his staff to take the decisions that would go on to make the security services provider what it is today.

Under his leadership, MSF has developed innovative and differentiated technology offerings aimed at serving their customers, delivering sustainable growth, and driving its business value.

Leveraging Technology

The firm has successfully designed an application by the name of M-AUDIT that improves operational efficiency of the field staff.

Another incredibly designed and practically implemented app is RAKSHA, the app. It can be used during “Social Emergency” to alert nearby police, patrolling officers, PCR vans for any emergencies related to women safety, terrorist attack, accident, robbery or any other kind of human rights violation or unlawful activity in the public and private premises.

Most notably, efficiently integrating technologies like Modern Infra Solutions & Technology (MIST) for Retail Branches, Modern Urban Services & Technology (MUST) testifies Mr. Singh’s relentless work and perseverance.

These security solutions have incorporated advanced technology content, answering the needs of a wide range of customers acting in many different industries and segments.

Quality Standards Ensuring Transparency

MSF strives to deliver qualitative services while complying with the motto “The first time, every time”.

The company’s standards are authenticated by top quality certifications. It is ratified by ISO 9001:2016, ISO 10002:2014, ISO 14001:2015, SRM 8000, and OHSAS 45001-2015. MSF is one of leading Security organization having PSARA license for more than 28 States.

Distinguished Eminent Members

MSF is backed by a strong leadership team, including elite senior professionals and retired defense personnel. Their contribution has shaped and built MSF into a successful, ethical and socially responsible organization.

The MSF guards, due to their exceptional services have been recognized for their exemplary duty and have received service excellence certificates, and rewards from the clients.

The team at MSF abides by the mission statement:

  • Committing to give quality, first class professional services, without compromise.
  • Inculcating values like excellence, transparency, compassion, honesty, empowerment and discipline.

Surviving Adversities

MSF has acquired an expertise that effectively tackles the problems like increasing wages and services being consolidated. It operates a State of Art Security Operations Center that offers customized and integrated services to the clients as per the requirements.

Some of the important challenges MSF sees is un-employability. The team at MSF with personal and collective commitment to overcome it has invested in various government run schemes to up-skill the resources.

Strong Commitment to the Welfare of the Nation

Corporate Social Responsibility becoming increasingly important, MSF engages in diverse range of social responsibility goals and initiatives like offering employability, health and education. Some of the notable initiatives are:

  • Adopted three Tribal Villages taking responsibility of education for more than 200 tribal children.
  • Has launched free ambulance service
  • Free medical and doctor check up
  • Renovated schools and its Infrastructures

Racking up Commendable Awards

Every day, clients experiencing the unfailing high professionalism, dedication to duty and security with the MSF protection, elite organizations have conferred several honors to MSF.

To name a few recognitions, ‘Best Electronic Security Agency – Distribution and Integration – 2019 conferred by ‘International Institute of Security and Safety Management’ (IIISM), ‘PRIDE OF MAHARASHTRA and UP’.

It has won the prestigious Security Excellence Award for ‘Best Manned Guarding Agency (Large) 2017’ for its outstanding performance in managed security guarding operations. This award to MSF was bestowed by Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law & Justice and Minister of Electronics & Information Technology (Govt. of India).

Last but not the least it has also won the “Mumbai Radio City ICON Award 2018” for ‘Excellence in Security Services’.

Talent Acquisition

Mr. Amit Singh deems, recruiting and hiring the right people as the most important aspect of any organization’s business plan. He says, people are the largest investment any company will make into its future.

Underscoring the importance and a deep analysis for the need of talent in any organization, he says, when a company doesn’t have right people in place, business may struggle. He points, if productivity is hindered, it might seriously harm the ability to maneuver in a competitive market.

He strongly believes, when a company has right people in place, business will gain an edge in the market. When the right people will have the skills to ensure that work is being completed, the business decisions are sound. They’ll also be more motivated and more productive in the workplace. All of this translates to an advantage in the market, he adds.

Sharing his learnings and advice with the emerging entrepreneurs Mr. Amit Singh says, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

He further adds, “work becomes more interconnected, interdependent and project-based, employees’ shared commitment to quality is vital to an organization.”

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