MaynardLeigh: Using Theatre to Improve Organisational Performance

With the wish to combine psychology, theatre and leadership & development tools, MaynardLeigh Associates use experiential learning solutions to unlock potential, to inspire greater impact and to engage, inspire and empower people. It’s a culmination of a group of people passionate about bringing change in the way people think, feel and behave in their organisations. What makes MaynardLeigh stand out is their ability to bring tools from theatre and psychology to create change in organisations. As opposed to following the conventional teaching methods of ‘chalk and talk’, MaynardLeigh follows a rather informal and interactive method, where they would ask participants to get up, rehearse and give feedback to enable them to apply their learning back at work. Using powerful tools like psychodrama, insightful coaching, etc., they bring interesting and measurable difference to their client’s challenges.
Started in 1989 in the UK, MaynardLeigh gradually expanded its horizons to India and finally also to the US with the aim of pioneering the use of inspiring ideas from theatre to bring about rapid changes in companies and people. The company makes an endeavour to maximize each person’s effectiveness and improves organisational performance by developing people’s cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills. Their primary focus is upon: Culture and Change Management, Presentation and Communication Skills, Leadership, Team Building, and Executive and Boardroom Presence.
Deep involvement in the client’s way of doing Business
MaynardLeigh’s uniqueness lies in their ability to blend theatre and psychology very conspicuously. Although, they believe it is imperative to understand how this blend works in order to truly understand how it is exclusive. Similar to how one carries out character study in theatre, they do an in-depth study of the organisation before developing solutions for them. Sometimes spending days studying how people in the organisation interact, lead, use systems in place and the impact of the problem on their business, etc. With their immense repertoire of leadership & development tools and theatre activities, MaynardLeigh creates instances of experiential learning for our clients. The training program allows them to go beneath the surface of people and not merely stick to the exterior.
Another distinctive dimension accompanying them is creation of a rehearsal space. By providing the participants a place to repeatedly rehearse, applying their learnings and giving them development feedback, MaynardLeigh has created a workshop for themselves and also for their participants.
Leaders of tomorrow
MaynardLeigh India is a well-recognised and sought after community of engaging professionals, led by a group of inspiring entrepreneurs. The company was started in the UK back in 1989 and was brought to India by Vivek Arora, Co-founder & Director and Steeve Gupta, Co-founder & Managing Director, who continue to be the major shareholders of the Indian entity. With an experience of 12 years in the area of development & consultancy, Vivek has coached, conducted workshops and trained over 40,000 employees and consulted companies both in India and in the US. In the capacity of a practicing psychologist and an executive coach, he works with some of the senior most leaders in organisations.
Steeve is a principal consultant in the Delivery Team. His deep insight into people’s behaviour, his experience of working with thousands of leaders, commitment to create an engaging, experiential & partnership based learning environment and focus on ensuring that businesses and individuals gain from the time spent in workshops are some of the aspects that makes Steeve a great asset to MaynardLeigh.
Investing in their own people
MaynardLeigh has always kept their people at the heart of the company, a company truly – ‘by its people and for its people’. This means bringing equally talented and committed people on board. Hence, they go through hundreds of resumes, 4-5 rounds of selection processes to bring the finest talents on board. This investment means that MaynardLeigh continues to be represented by “their people” in every interaction.
To maintain their legacy and growth, MaynardLeigh started investing in young talents and allowed them to take ownership to create a strong leadership pipeline. Not only do they hire quality talent, but also invest in employees to create valuable future leaders.
Following unconventional methods
The traditional classroom trainings weren’t producing the results that were expected by every organisation out there; something MaynardLeigh realized too. While the conventional methods were great to extract amazing feedback, post workshop sustenance or behavioural change among the participants was minimal. Therefore, over the last few years, organisations are adopting two routes for their trainings. One, by moving towards e-learning for functional needs, which can be pursued at one’s own convenience. They enable easy scalability, fast paced learning and economical solutions. While for behavioural training, which includes Presenting, Communication, Leadership, Executive Presence, Leading Teams, Team Building, etc., experiential learning solutions are being adopted. Organisations have realised that behavioural change happens through practice and first hand realisation which only ‘get up and do’ interventions are able to deliver.
Culmination towards a transformative future
Within the next three years the company plans to unlock people’s potentials through diverse mediums. Envisioning a future inclined towards becoming a more technology-enabled organisation, MaynardLeigh plans to use technology to create experiential learning solutions. They also plan to reach out to the diverse masses using theatre. The company will be focusing a lot on research and development, wherein they will do further research on what creates a transformation in people.
MaynardLeigh exists to promote humanity, vitality, and meaning in the workplace. The company has a deep belief in these values and they feel that organisations around the world should strive to cultivate these values as well. “Our belief gives our work, meaning, inspires us every day, and, we hope that it inspires our clients too.”

Source :- The 10 most valuable Learning and Development Solution Provider Companies

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