Terabay: Transforming Learning and Development Potently

Terabay follows “Business improvement and enhancement” philosophy to enhance Learning and Development portfolio that covers multiple programs for different service sectors like manufacturing, service, personal care, Telecom and IT in all the areas like Product, Sales, Channel Management, Operations, Production/Manufacturing, Customer Services, Supply Chain, Quality, Six Sigma, Lean etc.
Sunila Ahuja, Director at Training & Development, is a National Six Sigma Award winner-driven professional with 15 years of rich experience in the Customer Relationship Management, Process Re-engineering, Six Sigma methodology, SLA management, ERP implementation, CRM implementation and project management. With such a diverse and well rounded experience and a team of experts across industries, Terabay cover all areas of the business and operations for organisations to ensure that they are a one stop shop for their development needs. Terabay training vertical conducts trainings to improve the operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue for employees at all the levels of organisation and businesses with understanding the issues and concerns faced by people in the organisation.
Current Trends in Education Sector
There are many trends that are rising like: more than 70% of organisations cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges. A few trends that Terabay is mentioning here:

  • Large organisations considers individuals to be leaders based on their impact, not on their authority or position and they constantly want to empower their people with better skills to ensure that they contribute more to the organisations. Also, leadership programs are being retooled for globalisation.
  • The demand for “Big Data” skills is growing sharply and employees need to sharpen their analytical skills to process these complex data which will help them achieve the organisational objectives consistently.
  • Management teams are now assessing how to create a culture that fosters initiative or risk-taking. They are focusing on change management, ability to influence and build coalitions, critical thinking and problem solving, which will help their teams be more pro-active and also take up challenges at their workplace.
  • Organisations find themselves ill-prepared for rising turnover, so there is a need of programs that engage incumbent employees to ensure that the best talent pool is retained and working efficiently for them. There is a growing focus on developing individual contributors instead of high potential candidates from the management ranks.
  • Organisations are willing to spend on training and development to overcome the “skills supply chain” Now, there is greater demand for programs that develop communication skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity – all of which aim to improve long-term employee productivity.

Passionate Leader with Decisiveness
Anup Gupta, Founder of Terabay. He has seasoned experience in building the business globally and penetrate into new geographies and markets and enhance business different verticals. He until most recently served as the VP and Business Head for Africa and Europe, where he was responsible for developing and executing strategy to maximize business profitability and enhance customer satisfaction for all the Data and Voice Products in Airtel’s Global portfolio. He has 17 years of extensive and rich experience of in nearly all the areas of business and management and has led many initiatives across business lines.
Being in the telecoms and technology space for many years and with exposure to both the Indian and Global markets, Anup realised that in the complete ecosystem, large companies who were doing business with each other had a lot of vendors supporting them. But there wasn’t any company that helped these companies enhance or improve their business. This triggered an idea of “Terabay” to Anup for helping companies in different segments build their business or “Creating pathways for your business.”
Involving Clients for Better Services
Famous lines from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Terabay truly believes the same, and tries to create and develop all learning experience/programs for clients by involving them and also getting involved i.e. all the programs are suggested after doing a Gemba study.
Fun, Reflection and Learning are three factors for Terabay’s training programs. Subject matter expert with experience in different industries are their instructors. The methodology for their training cycle is: Pre and Post training assessment to understand the effectiveness of the program using various methods (Questionnaire/interviews/creation of plan of action/identifying projects). We help organisations in handholding, implementation and reviewing and thereby checking the impact of the training intervention.
Conquering the Success
Terabay considers all challenges as opportunities to better themselves to meet the needs of customers. The main challenge is that organisations don’t always look at training and development as a constant need for their businesses. When times are a bit tough they cut down on the same, whereas that is the time, skills and processes need to be sharpened to ensure that the same is resulting in them meeting the need of the hour. They ensure to not just advise and leave, instead, they become a part of the fabric and ensure the results which keep them going. They are always happy to solve newer problems and challenges of customers.
Future is Customer Satisfaction
The main focus of Terabay is to help customers and to expand their own services into new industry segments and verticals. They continuously dedicate themselves towards learning as it is a constant. Customers are their future and at every step Terabay is meeting their objectives.

Source :- The 10 most valuable Learning and Development Solution Provider Companies

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