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Our education system gives the aptitude required for the job, whereas soft skills provide the attitude to retain that job. However, with the learners’ attention span decreasing significantly, there is a need for the content to be more concise so that it can be fed in bite sizes. It is also the need of the hour, to provide the content on the go or just in time, as and when needed.
Today we have SKILLDOM, the company that had already interpreted the scenario and has established a platform to deliver smart contents on a personal level to the learners.
Empowering through Strategic and Customizable Services
SKILLDOM has recently launched a next generation platform which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver laser-focused content to learners on-the-go. With advanced analytics and highly intelligent algorithms, SKILLDOM brings highly curated content, both for the enterprise and as social content to individuals in an organization.
An award-winning company with 5000+ learning hours, 13 awards, 100+ clients, 100+ products, 500,000+ users and 250+ employees catering to 150+ corporates, SKILLDOM provides learning solutions through the use of a fine blend of technology and learning strategies. Their services range from Consulting, Content creation, eLearning, Apps and Assessments.
SKILLDOM’s Portfolio-
Consulting Solutions: SKILLDOM helps organizations globally to achieve their business objectives—increasing efficiency, making better sales, increasing user adoption for new technologies or processes, imbibing the brand’s culture and values, etc.—by closely working with them to understand their challenges and providing learning solutions that alleviate them. SKILLDOM’s experience across industry domains, technology, and delivery gives them an edge to tailor learning interventions that align to an organisation’s unique ecosystem.
Off-the-shelf Course Library— SKILLDOM’s vast library covers a diverse range of practical and relevant topics designed with the help of domain experts and SMEs. These courses simulate real-life situations and case studies to help create deeper impact through practical application of skills learned.
Bespoke eLearning—SKILLDOM provides the best-fit solution that aligns with their customer’s delivery schedule, budget and the technology landscape. They have delivered eLearning solutions for organisations across the globe on a wide range of subjects/domains.
Facilitated Learning Programs—The most preferred solution for intense training such as workshops and role-plays; SKILLDOM helps create engaging face-to-face learning programs that focus on activity and workshop based on their customer’s business and performance objectives.
Mobile Learning— SKILLDOM provides knowledge and skills to your workforce at the point of need, wherever they are, with just a touch on their handheld device.
LMS and Learning Portals—The on-demand Learning Management System delivers turnkey learning and performance management solution on laptops, smartphones and tablets. Being a responsive LMS, it works on any device and with any operating system.
SKILLDOM provides:

  • Onboarding and Induction—With a focus on the three facets of workforce management – employee engagement, motivation and productivity— SKILLDOM design and deliver onboarding learning solutions using a blended approach.
  • Sales Training— SKILLDOM’s training interventions are mapped to specific job tasks, focused scenario-based learning, game- and video-based learning, promotional learning campaigns for the launch of new products and services, knowledge portals and on-the-job-training.
  • Finance and Accounting—These intelligently cater to managers from both non-finance and finance background.
  • Process and Technology— SKILLDOM’s learning solutions help promote user-adoption and reduce the time-to-competence of new hires and employees who are new to the organization’s process.
  • Education sector— SKILLDOM provides customized solutions for schools, higher education and for professional certification.

Talented Minds for the Challenging Times
SKILLDOM is founded and owned by a group of L&D and Tech savvy entrepreneurs. So we would like to mention the contributions of a number of players behind the success of SKILLDOM.
Praveen Rodrigues, Director and CEO, is a visionary in the eLearning domain and spearheads innovation through his pursuit of excellence that has bagged him many awards.
Ebrahim Mookhtiar, Director and CMO/CFO, oversees Strategy, Marketing and Business Development and is responsible for bringing in one of the next generation technologies to SKILLDOM.
Anirudh Gupta, Director and Consulting Head is a Learning Strategist with over 20 years of experience having led L&D functions of large organizations. He is an OD specialist, coach and leadership facilitator having consulted around 200 organizations.
The Right Blend of Strategies and Innovation
SKILLDOM brings in the best of consulting, technology and content experience that is customized as per different business perspectives, all under one roof. Over the past decade, adapting to change has been the most challenging as well as rewarding experience with content delivery moving from classroom to mobile apps and even virtual classrooms.
All their perseverance is focused to the needs of the customers within their budget and linked to real outcomes. Their biggest USP is in their belief that business and society go hand-in-hand. They are committed to building a global learning platform to improve people’s lives under the guidance of the three fundamental organisational principles of ‘People’, ’Purpose’ and ‘Performance’.
Advancing towards the Next Trend
SKILLDOM believes in a human-centric approach to business. With this approach, SKILLDOM has made significant investments in Learning Process Automation and its platforms using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to bring in the next level of experience in learning.

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