Meltwater: All Communications, One Voice

The media industry has immensely evolved with time and has taken varied strides forward with pride. The internet and social media have changed the way media industry used to work. An increasing chunk of the marketing budget has paved a way for the business world to taste the various flavors of the media industry. However, the important fact is, not many companies in the market give freedom to the clients to work without being limited by long-ended contracts.
Meltwater Experia, a Mumbai based advertising and marketing firm always ensure that only the best of the creativities are served to the clients while breaking down the constrained wall of long-ended contracts. Meltwater has gained reputation of an intelligent platform, helping its clients stay on top of online conversations, extract relevant insights and use them to drive brand perception strategically. Meltwater is renowned for creating highly transparent and tightly connected customer communications for their customers.
Pioneer in Integrated Marketing Communications
In between all the crazy speak about being constrained in boxes and whatnots, Prashant Rathee, Director of Meltwater saw an opportunity to shake things up a bit and that’s what brought to the formation of Meltwater.
Meltwater established in 2007 in Dubai, shifted its base operations to Mumbai in the year 2011, with wide interests in Delhi and Bangalore. Today, Meltwater is serving in India, Singapore and Malaysia. With eyes on the Asia Pacific region, Meltwater has already ventured into the prosperous city of Singapore offering 360° services in Marketing and Advertising.
Meltwater has been a pioneer in integrated marketing communications since its inception, which has become crucial to creating, nurturing and sustaining relationships with today’s customers, and Meltwater understands it well. Only truly integrated marketing communications can effectively reach these fragmented audiences, and that’s what Meltwater has always intended to do.
Delivering Impact and Effectiveness with Ease
Since, its inception Meltwater has delivered far more impact and effectiveness from every marketing communication which ties together everything into ONE consistent – cohesive message, much more noticeable and memorable.
The firm follows rich business ethics and strictly adheres to the basic principle of communication and trust. Moreover, Meltwater prides itself in offering a full-service palette to the clients.
In a world where everything’s connected and rooted together, they have got their fingers on the pulse of every platform of advertising and communication that’s out there. At present, Meltwater has branched out in every stream of Advertising and Communication.
Embracing the true potential of Technological Advancements
Digital transformation and advances in technology and infrastructure have changed the soul of the media industry, moreover, it continues to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed.
Discerning this, Meltwater brings expertise in strategy, marketing, communications and the digital media sector. Meltwater has helped many organizations, trade & membership associations and technology-driven companies, to improve their operating models and results.
Meltwater believes that they have had the privilege to work alongside various globally recognized brands, covering various markets. Their full roster of services gives them the ability to integrate Meltwater’s communications across all platforms and channels maximizing the benefit of their clients.
Paving to the heights with a long list of Clientele
Meltwater has come a long way, while helping clients master new skill sets and develop media management strategies that integrates their business models with the growth platforms of the future. While, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions, Meltwater perceives their client’s reality and delivers true results. Apart from that, they also align their incentives with the client’s objectives.
BMW Group Abu Dhabi, Samsung, Kotak, HP, LARSEN & TOUBRO, Citrus, Coca Cola, Dove, Bank of India, L’OREAL, GETINGE GROUP, British American Tobacco, British Petroleum, Radisson Blu Dubai, Abu Dhabi Ports Co., PZ Cussons, Crate & Barrel, Bridgestone Tyres, Virgin Group Middle East are a few names that have put their trust in this dynamic company.
Weighted track record helping deliver Exceptional Services
With over 15 years of seasoned experience in the Middle East, India & Singapore markets, Prashant has a weighted track record in brand development, advertising through-the-line, print and promotional support services, including technical production know-how.
Prior to Meltwater, Prashant has served in a nutshell, maintaining an engaging relationship and delivering an extraordinary experience to the clients.
Prashant is highly motivated, result-oriented, dedicated towards the success of the company. He operates things with a sense of purpose, while connecting with brands.
“I seek challenges, opportunities, creativity, passion and a promise of excellence. I make things happen. I embrace it. I feel it. I engage it. I indulge in it. This is the eccentricity that is me, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.” says Prashant.
“I seek out brands that encompass all of this and more; a brand that wakes me up every morning wishing I had the honour of being its creator and developer; a brand that ignites everything with a sense of purpose; a brand who’s core values simply overwhelm the senses.”

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