Metas Adventist Hospital, Surat: Multi-Specialty hospital with State-of-the-Art Facilities.

Metas Adventist Hospital

With diseases on the increase and rapid technological advances, the healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace. A multi-trillion industry, it has transformed itself into a commercial venture, as a place where profits can be made. It’s a dark fact that we cannot escape it from being a caring and compassionate industry focused on curing humanity of its ills while becoming a big business focused on what will make money. ‘Service to Humanity’ is our prime motto – the satisfaction of serving is the reward we receive. Focusing on community development and upliftment, the hospital offers free medical treatment, performs free eye surgeries (Cataract Removal) and low-cost surgeries (General, Urology, Neuro, Spine and Joint Replacement – Shoulder, Hip & Knee) to certain sections of the society. In the past 4 years, the hospital has extended charitable treatment to the tune of Rs. 9 Crores ($ 1.39 Million) to the economically poor patients for whom, otherwise, healthcare would have been unaffordable and out of reach.
The Metas Adventist Hospital, on the verge of completing a century of existence, has been founded by Pr. O.W. Lange, an American missionary way back in the 1920s. It is a part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Organization which has its presence in 215 countries around the world.  Today, it is a multi-specialty hospital equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. With upwards of 250 specialist and super-specialist doctors who provide specialty medical services in virtually every known realm of medical treatment, that includes Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Urology, and Orthopedics. The hospital’s specialties are backed by experienced and well-trained paramedical staff. The Operation Theatre complexes are fitted with the Laminar flow, C-arm, latest OT lighting and monitoring systems. The ICU, MICU, NICU and 24-hours trauma centers have doctors round-the-clock to manage any emergency with facilities that include Ventilators, Modern Monitoring Systems, Syringe Pumps, And Defibrillators. The Emergency and Casualty Center is one of the busiest in the city. The triage time averages less than 10 minutes. Elegant patient rooms with modern amenities, an in-house 24-hour Pathology laboratory which has cell counters, auto analyzers, and an ABG machine. A fully functional Radiology Department with Digital X-Ray machine, Departmental Sonography, CT-Scan, and a 24-hour Pharmacy.
Intellectual Personality of Metas Group of Institution

Dr. Srikakolli Eliah is the President and CEO of Metas group of institutions. A most remarkable person, he has made pioneering contributions to the organization’s healthcare and education ministries. He has brought together all the threads of his life as teacher, Principal, academician, administrator, scholar, and leader and has shaped the careers of countless youth who have gone on to lead sectors, departments, schools, and hospitals. He has taken Metas to new heights. What drives him is his belief that there is no place for mediocrity in life; Success is, not an accident, but a choice. He has an uncompromising work ethic and dedication. An innovative leader and person of far-sighted vision, he is human-focused and always believed in the mantra that we must give back to society more than what we receive from it. This is the prime reason why he chose to enter the world of healthcare.
Challenges and Opportunities
Metas Adventist Hospital is highly committed to treating patients with medical excellence, care, and compassion. A patient is made to feel like he is at home. Experienced medical professionals enhance patient care through speedy diagnosis and treatment. Service excellence is achieved through an ideal blend of medical brilliance and personalized care. They provide ambulance service to the patients and a variety of pleasant, comfortable air-conditioned rooms equipped with nurse call systems, television, refrigerators, and phone facility during the treatment. Cuisine to suit all taste buds is an integral part of our service and the nursing care is of international standards.
Career and skill development are opportunities provided to all the employees and workers. The Hospital also serves as a training hospital for many resident doctors and nurses from the neighboring medical and paramedical colleges. Ranging from basic skills to advanced life-saving procedures (BLS & ACLS training) the hospital provides in-house training and development workshops and forums for all to attend.
A Unique take on Metas Adventist Hospital
They continually redefine the way they do business. Their prime goal is never to waver from delivering high quality, low cost, and highly reliable care. Their leadership remains focused and dedicated and demands accountability from all. Metas Adventist Hospital, Surat is open to implementation of the newest technology and there is a regular upgradation to their in-house facilities. Last year they were accredited by NABH for their quality practices and standards. They are aiming to upgrade ourselves to become the first hospital in the city that is accredited by the JCI Board and international accrediting body for quality services and standards. They are adaptable to change and prepared to evolve with the changing times and stay abreast of developments and innovation in medical services.  For us, the patient is and will remain the center of their care, everything else, including profits, comes second. 
Future Plans of Metas Group
The best part about the hospital is, they have never wavered from their commitment to providing compassionate, professional healthcare services for the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. They have been ordained to improve the health of the communities they serve. For nearly a century they exist in the industry, because of their dedication, commitment and against all odds have relentlessly pursued their accelerative impetus, driven by a single-minded goal of serving the ailing humanity with Christ-Like healing, making the curing of the sick a priority, providing a non-discriminatory access to healthcare by ministering to individuals and populations most affected by poverty, tragedy, hopelessness, and disease.
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