Rainbow Children’s Hospital: India’s Largest Tertiary Pediatric & Prenatal Healthcare Organization

Rainbow Children’s Hospital

There is increasing disparity where the ‘well to do’ and the ‘increasingly affordable middle class’ can get the most advanced care for their sick neonates. The underserved urban poor and those in the rural areas still contribute to the overall high neonatal morbidity and mortality in India. The recent government initiative, the India Newborn Action Plan, is the step in the right direction to bridge this gap. Globally, newborn health is now considered as a high-level national priority. The current neonatal and infant mortality rate in India is 29 per 1000 live births and 42 per 1000 live births, respectively. The last decade has seen a tremendous growth of neonatal intensive care in India. The proliferation of neonatal intensive care units, as also the infusion of newer technologies with the availability of well-trained medical and nursing workforce, has led to good survival and intact outcomes. There is good care available for neonates, whose parents can afford the high-end healthcare, but unfortunately, there is a deep divide, between the poor rural populations which is still underserved with the lack of even basic newborn care in a few areas. A strong public-private partnership and prioritization are needed to achieve this goal.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital is an Indian chain of Pediatric Hospitals headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The Hospital further expanded its branches to Karnataka, where it has achieved the milestone of being the number one Children’s Hospital. It was incepted with an aim to provide high standards of care for the mother, fetus, new-born, and children so that none of them are deprived of a tertiary care facility. Their clinical staff includes a strong team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, a dynamic team of residents and fellows, well-trained nurses and paramedical personnel, and the highly motivated team of full- and part-time employees.

Comprehensive and Trained Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Rainbow Children’s Hospital is founded by Dr. Ramesh Kancharla on 14th November, 1999 on Children’s Day; their main focus is pediatric and maternal healthcare services. He has a long stint in the UK working at some of the most prestigious tertiary care hospitals for children in the world.

Neeraj Lal is the Cluster Head and Vice President of Rainbow Children’s Hospitals, Bangalore and Karnataka Region. A post-graduate in Hospital Administration from the renowned Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, he holds a degree in Medical Sciences from PGI Chandigarh. He is one among the four Indian individual members of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) based out of Dublin. He is also an approved Surveyor for ISQua’s International Accreditation Programme.

The purpose of the hospital is to reduce the learning curve and establish a network of paediatric specialists, which Rainbow seems to provide the best. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, was branched in Bengaluru in April 2015. There has been a long felt need for dedicated Pediatric Services in Bengaluru and surrounding regions which was filled with the emergence of Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Teamwork is the very soul of the entity as Rainbow Hospitals Group.

An Ideal Platform for Committed Experts and Services

The state of the Art facilities and infrastructure at Rainbow Children’s Hospital provides an ideal platform for offering advanced comprehensive care for every child in need; from the period of conception to adolescent period. The hospital is increasingly recognized as a one-stop destination for a needy child who may need critical care services, surgical interventions and care from various pediatric specialties under one roof; with the help of a team of committed expert. Rainbow Hospital is Bangalore’s first stand-alone pediatric hospital designed, equipped & staffed exclusively for offering Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Hemato-oncology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Nephrology and Pediatric Neurology under one roof. Apart from the Pediatric Services, Rainbow Hospital also comprises “Birth Right by Rainbow” that offers comprehensive care for pregnant mothers and newborns – pre & post-delivery, fetal medicine and neonatal care. The services include pregnancy counseling, child birth preparation classes, Breast feeding support, post – partum care, etc.

Initiatives Taken towards Care

Rainbow hospital Bengaluru has done 3000+ deliveries, 16,600+ admissions, and two lac+ OPD’s. A few initiatives started in Rainbow Children’s Hospital Bangalore are NICU Retrieval Services, Outreach Super-specialty Clinics, Pediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Center and Child Development Center which beliefs in helping out little ones achieve the best of their potential through our multidisciplinary team approach that would maximize their development. There is special emphasis on the use of technology-based tools like the insulin pump, continuous blood glucose monitoring as well as teaching about flexible meal planning approaches like Carbohydrate Counting at the Pediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Center.

Appreciation and Awards Achieved

  • Neeraj Lal received the Award of Excellence for “Outstanding Contribution in Healthcare Sector” by North Gujarat University, Patan (2011).
  • Rainbow Children’s hospital has been awarded “Best Children’s Hospital in the country by CNBC, TV 18, and ICICI Lombard at Health Care Awards in 2010.
  • Ranked among the “Five Best Children’s hospitals in India” by ‘The Week’ and ‘HANSA Research’ for the year 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  • Rainbow Hospitals also received the “Six Sigma Healthcare Excellence Award” at first Asia Pacific International Conference.

Source :-The 10 Best Super Specialty Hospitals

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