Parvathy Hospital: Providing the Best-in-Class Ortho and Trauma Care

Parvathy Hospital

Parvathy Hospital was initiated with the objective of providing the best- in-class Ortho and Trauma care. The hospital was inaugurated in the year 2004. In order to provide overall trauma care the hospital had to scale to become a Level 1 trauma centre. (Capable of providing comprehensive care, the highest of five levels)
Reaching this benchmark in just a span of 3 years since inception, the hospital installed the whole body CT scan which empowered the arrival of a diagnosis on the victim’s injuries in 60 seconds and equipped other specialties like Plastic Neuro, Vascular, Ortho, Oral and Maxillo Facial with a 24/7 availability of consultants and surgeons along with well-equipped operation theatres.
Treading steadily from there, the hospital moved towards standardization to provide quality healthcare for every patient and so thus introduced many innovative techniques to improve surgical results. As a 100 – bed hospital today with a full NABH accreditation, it offers its patients comfort and care of international standards. Scaling its healthcare standards the hospital was recognized as one of Asia’s best Healthcare Brands in 2017 by the Economic Times.
The medicine world is constantly re-defining itself with newer techniques in surgery and path-breaking researches. When Navigation was rarely used or used only for complicated cases, Parvathy Hospital used navigation for every knee to achieve a high precision and ensure the longevity of procedure. As they move towards allograft, they have met its demands by setting up a Bone Bank. And they would soon move towards the setting up a Cartilage Bank too.
The hospital believes in transforming the lives of its patients, which becomes the prime factor in fostering better client relationships while inspiring and encouraging its doctors to provide better healthcare.
The string of clinical achievements to its credit also include:

  • One of the few firsts in the country to bring in the Brain- suite iCT (Intra-operative CT)
  • The first in the state to perform the minimal invasive spine surgery
  • The first in Asia Pacific to navigate a Total Hip Replacement Surgery
  • The first in the state to perform a titanium cranioplasty

Parvathy Hospital now is a fully equipped multi- specialty hospital offering the services of Orthopedics which is a Centre for Joint Replacement Surgeries; an Institute for spine surgeries; Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine care; the Foot and Ankle center along with comprehensive care for Upper and Lower limb trauma. The hospital is also completely equipped to serve trauma with Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Vascular and Oral & Maxillo Facial surgeons.
The Impetus of Parvathy Hospital
Parvathy Hospital was founded by the visionary Dr. Muthu Kumar, with the objective to provide trauma care to accident victims. The hospital is on the GST road, which ranks highest in the number of accidents in the state. With just 10 beds and two operation theatres, Dr. Muthu Kumar and another assistant used to receive trauma patients day and night. Quicker and definitive treatment – the goal, minimizing damage to the quality of life – the focus and above all saving lives – the passion! Dr. Muthu Kumar moves steadfast along with his team, with a profound belief of improving the life and mobility of patients who have serious challenges either because of a disease, disorder or trauma.
When talking about the advancements in the area of Joint Reconstruction Surgeries, Dr. SMK says, “Today a person with a well –done Hip Joint can play rugby, do acrobatics and gymnastics. These activities are possible because of the anatomical evolution where the joint was recreated with a big cup and head which was fully locked inside allowing the person to even bring the knee to touch the face!
As for the knees, high flexion implants today enables the patient to sit on the floor, follow their religious practices, perform yoga even do the Surya Namaskar. Some of my patients play tennis, are captains in the navy, seamen and civil contractors.
This functionality is possible with the ceramic-on-ceramic implant. Total Knee replacement has evolved allowing us to give a much better anatomy than the previous ones”
Challenging Phases of Parvathy Hospital
Some of the biggest challenges faced by the hospital during the initial days were the handling of trauma victims and Medico-legal issues. Equipping Trauma Care with Intensivists, Vascular, Neuro, Plastic and Ortho surgeons round the clock was also another big challenge they faced.
Patient Care
A patient at Parvathy Hospital is not just happy and satisfied, but experiences delight. Every patient interaction aspect and process is standardized, tested, implemented and constantly improved. This ensures the best reception, in-patient and out-patient experience, treatment and surgical care.
Protocols – The hospital implemented protocols at every specialty with a view to alleviate any re-surgeries and ensure superior treatment outcomes. Specialization – Every specialty and sub-specialty is attended only with consultants who fulfil a requisite. This practice of privileging doctors according to their expertise, knowledge and skill base was another significant milestone in the quality of clinical care provided.
Way forward at Parvathy Hospital
The best part of Parvathy Hospital is the “Employee First” attitude of the management which enables everyone to work as one big team. Every employee of Parvathy Hospital embodies characters of ownership and commitment in the different job roles they perform and work together as one family.
They also keep upgrading technology and this experience is delivered through our highly satisfied employees which ensures patient delight guaranteeing high quality patient experience. And this is their biggest strength they would use build their future.
Source :-The 10 Best Super Specialty Hospitals

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