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The human life expectancy has almost doubled over the last few centuries. This feat has been achieved due to the efforts and research put in by scientists, doctors, pharma companies and all those involved directly or indirectly with the healthcare industry. Ingestible, vaccines and other forms of drugs and medicines have a big role to play in the overall improved health and lifespan of human beings.
Contributing proudly to the healthcare sector is Micro Labs Limited, India, a multi-faceted healthcare organization with a proficient marketing team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and R&D centres at par with international standards. All of this, robustly backed by a strong distribution network and path-breaking research work that has placed it amongst India’s fast-growing transnational healthcare organizations. Built by a vision to being not just the best, but a leader in the development, manufacture and sales of premium pharmaceutical products, today, Micro Labs is amongst the top ranking companies in the pharma sector.
A Visionary Leader

Mr. Dilip G. Surana currently serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Micro Labs and has over 20 years of rich experience in pharmaceuticals. Born and brought up in Bangalore, his family hails from a small village of Balrai in Pali district, Rajasthan. He completed his schooling from the prestigious Bishop Cotton Boys high school in Bangalore and achieved his Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts) degree from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.
He took over operations in 1983, from the reigns of his father, late C.M Surana, and is aptly supported by his younger brother Anand Surana who joined him 1993 and currently holds the Director’s position in the company. Speaking fondly of his father, he says “My father’s ability to pick up the chemistry of a drug was amazing. He lived and breathed business and inculcated the same values in us.”

The duo brought in fresh ideas, definitive aim and a bigger vision making Micro Labs one of the few companies in the mid-1980s to have separate strategic business units that focused on areas such as cardiology, neurology, dermatology and nephrology. Buoyed by his constant will and dedication, Micro Labs has evolved over time into a diversified pharmaceutical manufacturing company with products ranging from oral solids, oral liquids, to topical and injectable.
Creating Valued Products
Headquartered in Bangalore, Micro Labs is regarded as a pioneer in many ways as it has introduced various molecules for the first time in India. Its brand portfolio includes some of the topmost brands in various specialities like Cardiology, Diabetology, Anti-infectives, Ophthalmology, Pain, etc. It has 14 world class state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities covering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms as well as infrastructure for new drug discovery. Amidst its proud achievers is Dolo, an award-winning brand highly prescribed for fever management.
The manufacturing units are designed to meet the current global standards of Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) and safety standards for personnel making it as possibly the only company in the country having stand-alone, dedicated facilities for the handling of sensitising and potent products. The company is committed to doing world-class research that develops bio-equivalent generics and is leading the accelerated growth in the pharmaceutical sector. A focused effort in clearly defined areas and a lasting interest in new technology are key features of its efforts to develop Novel Drug Delivery System(NDDS) & innovative combination products in the medium-long term. Its research team comprises of Scientists, Pharmacists, Analysts, Chemists and Microbiologists engaged in product & analytical development.
The Growth Chart

Mr Surana has instilled the most stringent quality standards in his pharmaceutical enterprise. As a result, Micro Labs has to its credit, all the international regulatory approvals including US FDA, UK MHRA, MCC, South Africa, Health Canada, WHO, Geneva TGA, Australia Medsafe, New Zealand PAHO (USA), IDA (Netherlands) and many regulatory bodies of emerging markets reflecting the high standards of quality and regulatory compliance of research and manufacturing facilities.
Micro Labs and its associate companies now score an annual turnover of approximately INR 2500 crores, including global business and exports that contribute 40 per cent to its revenues. From Rs 30 crore in 1987, It has come a long way and continues to progress in leaps and  bounds carrying zero debt on its balance sheet. The company, with a strong focus in India, has its presence in thirty countries across the globe with around thirty thousand products.
Micro Labs is a pioneer in speciality marketing and nurtures teams of experts that are built around speciality customers. Currently, its marketing is structured into 19 divisions each of which is customized to deliver a promotional message to a certain class of speciality customer. Its 4,500 medical representatives cover over 250,000 doctors & 180,000 pharmacies. It has a dedicated team consisting of Registered Patent agents, & External Consultants with strong pharmaceutical expertise help in bringing new products (and processes of course) from bench to site.
Sowing Contributions, Reaping Accolades

For his hard work ,dynamism and contributions Mr Surana has been bestowed with prestigious awards such as the “Asia’s Top 100 Greatest Leaders 2016 “ by URS Media and Pricewater Cooper Ltd, “Asia’s Most Admired Business Leader”  by White Page International, “Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year 2010”. He was honoured as the “Great Son of Karnataka” by Governor of Karnataka his Excellency HR Bhardwaj in 2011, recognized as “Most Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year” 2013 and “Entrepreneur of the year 2014”. He is a regular participant in various international seminars and summits relating to the pharma industry.
Micro Labs was awarded “Best Concern for Health 2016” by World CSR Day-National CSR- Leadership Congress & Awards and has received IDMA Quality Excellence Awards for multiple times. Its brand Dolo and Amlong won the Brand of the Year 2014 Gold and Bronze Award respectively at AWACS Marketing Excellence Awards.
Social Responsibility

Besides being a spearhead and a frontrunner in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr Surana and Micro Labs is at the forefront of social contribution, striving to be a model corporate citizen in terms of Social Initiatives with significant contributions in the areas of education and health. He also runs a foundation since 1994, which includes educational institutions – an undergraduate college and a management college, besides helping several schools and hospitals. He is instrumental in inducting Senior Pharma veterans in the company, to bring in the much-needed professionalism in the company.
Leading by Example
Mr Surana’s determination, fighting spirit, and simple living attitude is a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs who want to enrich the pharma industry. As a piece of advice to them, he says” I think what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is the ability to fall off your bike, get back on and keep riding. It’s very hard to achieve success but it’s even harder to maintain success.” He believes that through determination, grit, and a bit of luck anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success.
Miles to Go
There are many Pharmaceutical majors based in India, but few have the calibre to match or replicate the steady rise and growth of Micro Labs. The company has expanded to 14 manufacturing facilities across India and one plant in South Africa, employing over 9,000 people. While Micro Labs has achieved a commendable position in the domestic as well as global market, they are hungry to do more and constantly innovate. With eyes on future and expansion, the company has been aggressively investing to increase capacity and boost exports and is also planning to set up manufacturing units in the UAE and Indonesia. Mr Surana is targeting sales of $1 billion by 2020 and poised to achieve unparalleled status in the global pharmaceutical industry in the near future!
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