Modular Profile Machineries: Pioneer of Manufacturing International Standard Machinery

Modular Profile Machineries

India is emerging as a global manufacturing hub with all requisite skills in product, process and capital engineering. Strong government initiatives such as “Make in India” and “Foreign Direct Investments” have further aided the growth of this industry. Over the decade, along with the growth, the manufacturing sector has become highly competitive. Maintaining high quality of products and services has become the market differentiator for organizations.
Modular Profile Machineries Pvt Ltd (MPMPL) is the team of highly motivated professionals who supply industrial automation solutions and machinery of international standards to manufacturing companies. Since 2006, the company offers the latest equipment to market with the best prices and finest quality. It is the pioneer in providing high quality and technologically advanced manufacturing equipment for overcoming the drawbacks of machining to save time as well as money.
An Ardent Entrepreneur
With the vision to provide high ends machines for industries with high-quality standard, Naib Hariprasad founded Modular Profile Machineries. Naib completed his diploma in mechanical engineering. With an aim to serve the aerospace and electronics industry, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2006 by starting this organization. Today, most of the aerospace components are manufactured and served by the company to well-known aerospace industries across the world. His dedication and commitment to the work brought the company to marvelous success.
Since its inception, the company faced various challenges in manufacturing market segment. Under the leadership of Naib, the company overcomes all market segment challenges and emerged as a preferred partner in the manufacturing industry. Apart from being Founder and CEO of MPMPL, he is one of most renowned tennis coach in India. He served as a coach for more than two decades for the country as well as abroad. Naib’s name is well known among the best coaches in India.
Professional Provider of Manufacturing Solutions and Machinery
Modular Profile Machineries is associated with Datron AG who manufactures highly innovative automation solutions & machinery for industries to increase production. MPMPL is the official representative of their hardware, software and integrated solutions in India. It helps out industries to achieve their aim by giving world class machinery and expertise which acquired from such global associations.
MPMPL’s machineries are designed by a highly qualified and very well updated professionals backed by R&D and CAD/CAM working environment. A well-constructed quality control apparatus oversee the entire process of our manufacturing at various levels to set international standards. The company assures high quality made to order equipment that is technically perfect. Its research team studies and prepares highly viable and cost-effective industrial solutions that are customized to appease market the needs.
MPMPL is specialized in undertaking industrial installation of the highest quality. The company ensures that every project is completed in time for cost-effectiveness. MPMPL designs and constructs automation for the manufacturing process and logistics to industrial units which executed with the high degree of perfection and care.
MPMPL is updated with all the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Today, it is one of the most reliable companies which serving the Indian industry where aluminum machining comes into the picture. Datron AG’s newly launched DATRON Neo+ is the most versatile machine for three-axis machining. It is very much suitable for soft material like aluminum, brass, copper, graphite, titanium, acrylic, and composite materials. It is High precision, High-speed machine with machining rate up to 28mts/min at 40,000 rpm spindle and has large working area of 500m x 400  mm x 175 mm height. It has an option for the fourth axis with latest generation software called “Datron Next” with a camera for setup and tool length sensor along 3 D probing, for easy setup and measurement.
Customer Satisfaction Upholds Upward Rising Curve
MPMPL is the pioneer of international brand machinery which produces quality material. The lasting quality of such machinery equipment has made it possible for the company to maintain a loyal and growing customer base. It is continually evolving to become the number one solution provider for upcoming industries seeking affordable operational advice. To achieve successful customer relation, the firm provides excellent technical support on industrial automation and accessories for best product output. Its Research & Development wing is constantly evolving to develop the latest technologies and new methods to ensure the productivity of customer which results in escalated production and high returns. The company has a well-established network with the highly qualified technical team who is working in line with the latest technology. Its aim is to reach the more customers and leverage them with innovative technology and products.
 Future Roadmap
The Indian manufacturing scenario is undergoing a phenomenal change over the last few years. According to an independent report; India has the potential to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025 and expected to rank amongst the top three growth economies and manufacturing destination of the world by the year 2020. The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will make India a common market with a GDP of US$ 2.5 trillion along with a population of 1.32 billion people, which will be a big draw for investors.
Progressing forward with a positive outlook for the future, the company is dedicated to designing Innovative manufacturing services. With expertise in this sector, it will continue to deliver advanced solutions for the client to increase their productivity and cost-effectiveness.
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